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  1. I'm waiting for the new host rule to reverse these results, for example if your team loses 6-0 your team advances to the semifinals ;)
  2. Gg dude, you are the best player to evade defeats
  3. IGN: EpicVerde Country: Venezuela Tiers signed up for: All
  4. If you want me to pay you, why did you accept Lazaro's money first? lmao, You say I lie but where is the evidence that I lied?
  5. Lazaro paid you and you put me on the blacklist anyway ... why don't you say that? I didn't bet with you and I don't care about your shit list
  6. Name: EpicVerde Team Tag: LØRÐ Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Scizor Theme Colors: Green & white Type of Artwork: Animated Sign surprise me ;)
  7. I'm sorry I see that really hurt :,( ( it was a joke ), the only kid here is you. I was in Aw before you came in asking for a coach. P.D. : I will not answer more.
  8. I'm sorry the truth hurts :(
  9. Lmao, I love your bipolarity
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