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  1. If you want me to pay you, why did you accept Lazaro's money first? lmao, You say I lie but where is the evidence that I lied?
  2. Lazaro paid you and you put me on the blacklist anyway ... why don't you say that? I didn't bet with you and I don't care about your shit list
  3. Name: EpicVerde Team Tag: LØRÐ Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Scizor Theme Colors: Green & white Type of Artwork: Animated Sign surprise me ;)
  4. I'm sorry I see that really hurt :,( ( it was a joke ), the only kid here is you. I was in Aw before you came in asking for a coach. P.D. : I will not answer more.
  5. I'm sorry the truth hurts :(
  6. Lmao, I love your bipolarity
  7. I can see the salt in you
  8. Obviously it is not relevant in this thread or in any other, it is reflected in the states of the tier currently... good job!
  9. Something more beneficial for the competitive would be to add RU and resuscitate NU... instead of discussing this nonsense.
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