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  1. Nice guide but It would be more easy and comfortable to see pokemon number , name and location ..... Instead of finding it on your own :(
  2. Same problem , when selling my useless pokemons I have to keep them in Party otherwise they will not appear in chat (If you Copy/Paste).....So I support this Idea.
  3. add a cloak please ! when you run back side of cloak fly in air <3 
  4. Farhan


    Dead from 15 july >.> Hello Guys
  5. I already know about EV and IV but Nice guide , easy to understand Good Job  ;) I am tired of water pokemon for my EV training can someone give me list of ground pokemons for EV training ?  -_-
  6. Thanks alot Bro  ;) You just make my life :D found all of them.
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