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  1. Discord links don't take more then a minute to type
  2. It's not like there's a reason behind this or anything also how would voice chat help this
  3. Did anyone show up tbh
  4. Kill yourself using teh in 2017 smh I know this is gonna be deleted but still cmon also @aftershocker is a god
  5. @notmudkip0 this cyber bully needs to learn
  6. No if you scammed you'd be banned, and you expect people to trust you because you said to
  7. Yes that's correct except you're saying that scamming people's real money is ok because it doesn't say I cant
  8. What your argument is basically is "stabbing animals is ok so stabbing people is also ok because I don't see any documentation saying otherwise"
  9. I bet you think sans is ness too uguu can we ban him yet ????
  10. You're comparing stealing a Pokémon to stealing actual money ?????????????
  11. Well I guess I'm just gonna steal me mums credit card and join
  12. Nobody is going to spend bitcoin in mmo also about you saying you aren't making money, if each player spends 5$ in bitcoin and the winner gets 10 then that means if they're more then 2 people you make profit sorry if math wrong blame @notmudkip0
  13. Why are you arguing with staff nobody was gonna join you anyways
  14. Is this also a prank
  15. All jokes aside friends I'm excited to meet you guys there and especially my boy xatu if u see this man it's me xd