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  1. Thanks dad
  2. Colors: brown and green name: PlazmaX render: big smoke
  3. No no no I'm comparing you saying that we should donate because 5 dollars is pocket money, why would I donate to a game when I can buy a new one, and no this game has no end game content, end game content is for everyone, comp is not
  4. So let's see I have 5 dollars, steam is having a sale, I can donate to a free game with no endgame content or I could buy multiple games with long lasting content
  5. You're comparing real economics to a mmo full of selfish people, if they're willing to spend money for a item they're not going to sell it cheap
  6. You are still implying that people aren't gonna realize this item is so valuable that it can be sold for over a mil
  7. That's not pay to win no comp player is dumb enough to buy something with irl money also that's not pay to win that's like selling rp items is paying to win like if I sell one of my vanitys for money I'm paying to win?????
  8. Fam where u getting pay to win from like there are no comp items you pay for like Jesus Christ don't say amnesia brace nobody fucking uses amnesia brace
  9. Stop trying to use "support the game" as a argument nigge it's not working and it's still pay to win for somebody, somebody paid for it so you can win. Not everybody will have access to this way to win. This would be the first rp item that affects comp, and of course it souls change the entire game and make it impossible for people with less money to play bc they couldn't afford something that gives you a extra iv and makes your mon 100% better
  10. >enjoy hahahahahaha another way to fuck the economy by making mons with a extra iv point with hp bc each will sell for over 2mil
  11. Can I pay 10$ for extra 1mil pls
  12. Would still be very pay to win bc some people like to waste a lot of money on this game and are willing to spell 50 dollars to increase a stat lets leave gen 7 to gen 7 ok?
  13. Nothing really needs to be said about how bad this is its actually just making the game pay to win staff gonna delete this in 20 min tops
  14. Or u could stop being lazy and just release your trashmons
  15. When will posting a escape rope in ch result in the person being banned because I feel as if they are cyber bullying me and I get triggered