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  1. I mean it's a suggestion, but you didn't even take the time to tell how it would work, how would we get to trade, be able to log on multiple or open random windows or
  2. Nice job just reading my first sentence instead of reading the rest of my response, which indeed, did have context about the suggestion, but ok
  3. Pr sure no one in the community likes this or it would have upvotes, just a thought, also, adding more content > making the game community driven, also something say needed, would be a berry shop or such but that's no longer a option, also this suggestion is useless as I said before it would be better to have everyone meet up and use normal, or as @notmudkip0 said, just bring back silph co, or even just make a spectate chat, no reason at all to teleport people
  4. If you're going to suggest something make it something actually needed and worthwhile
  5. It's not like the devs are adding a entire region or smtn, ofc it isn't needed right now
  6. Tfw "brings back litness" is a pro lmfao nice try but this isn't exactly needed right now and you might aswell just have people meet somewhere and use normal chat
  7. Nobody was being trolls tbh the suggestion was just bad
  8. Discord links don't take more then a minute to type
  9. It's not like there's a reason behind this or anything also how would voice chat help this
  10. Kill yourself using teh in 2017 smh I know this is gonna be deleted but still cmon also @aftershocker is a god
  11. @notmudkip0 this cyber bully needs to learn
  12. Colors: brown and green name: PlazmaX render: big smoke
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