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  1. Can you get us shiny zoro? i have it since release.. but still there is no support for it.. and its my baby ;-: Pretty please? ;-:
  2. Doesn't have support for shiny zoroark \:, can you please add it :(?
  3. Can we have shiny zoroark added in the mod.. If not asking much.. Have it for almost a year, there was an a mod i asked to add it in and i could see it, but i cant seem to find that mod, so if possible update this one, my zoro is not to shy to come out of the pokeball :(
  4. Can we have an update with shiny zoroark in it? :D that would be awesome!!
  5. Would it be possible for it to have a feature to count double battles? that would really help me out!! I'm currently hunting drifblim and there are a good ammount of double battles in route 14
  6. Follower sprite, i can't have her behind me only regular version, not shiny version
  7. So early this morning i caught a shiny zorua, her sprite isn't available yet, regular zoruas come out, but shiny zorua is to shy apparently, a fix would be pretty nice ^^ Thanks in advance, keep up the good work
  8. Went to teach knock off to my ludi (red shards has it says in guide) did not worked, keep checking saw it has knock off on yellow shards, worked for me? so uh, i think is something wrong
  9. Just to tell that in route 13 (speed and atk) at night u cant train<<<
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