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  1. some people would prefere to kill the game just to keep it like it was 10 years ago..
  2. I think it would be great. People don't log in games just for reward, they may do it for a few days but if they are not playing the game they will give up for sure. But fine, if thats a concern just pair it with daily quest and you get your prize only after completing all daily quests. This game has been comp based for too long. Yeah a lot of people like it, and it can continue to have comp, but not everyone likes it. I don't, and I can't be the only one. I hate it, after finishing story mode theres not much to do; and I also don't like guilds, I like to play by myself, without a "leader" telling me how many hours a day I have to play to keep my damn spot in his guild, as if it had so many people in there. I already have a boss irl, i don't need one in game ready to fire me at any second. I would much rather have a few quests from the game to complete and get something out of it by myself; and it can also push us to do stuff out of comfort zone in game; like hunt for a especific mon; catch 300 camp mons, breed a mon with 3*31, and so on. Yeah I know, its a MMO its not supposed to be played by yourself, but thats just how it is, my friends will came and play for a few weeks, maybe a few months and they will leave, and I will play by myself, or I will leave too. Thats just how it is, so why not make the game a little more enjoyable? They can give us quest points for each completed quest and we can trade it for stuff when we have enough. And I'm sure they can come up with a fair amount that wouldn't affect economy; Hell they don't even have to give us anything expensive, I would be happier getting a dumb badge/achievement saying I did something lol Or prices can be gifted and we can't sell it or trade it. So it would be nice to have a more encouraging system; people complain that new players don't stay in the game very long, they would if they were properly encouraged, this is what gaming is about, challenge and encouragement balanced. I brought 5 friends with me when I got back to the game last month and they are all gone already, happily playing mario kart all day long.
  3. @hannahtaylor would you help me with a few more itens? I've been trying to change colors of the following itens but I can't find them: If you know how to fix any of those problems I would appreciate your help very much!
  4. Hello, can somebody provide me some information on how to change my login screen these days? I've found a few info on that but they all seemed old and people said it wasnt working; I also tried with a few themes just replacing the background image for my own but nothing worked so far Help??
  5. - Sorting box by pokedex number and pokemon name - Johto pokemons
  6. that would be awesome, catching mons on mobile is a pain, I just dont do it, if I'm not on my computer I wont catch anything
  7. Best service in town folks :)) 3 mons breeded and 4 EV trained exactly as I asked (and I asked a lot btw) Thank you!
  8. What does Stadium cries sounds like to you? I tried it before but I can't say if it was working properly, it sounds like my pokes were dying lol
  9. After reading all that economy classes I would like to vent a little about the topic. I just got back to the game, after 3 years. A lot has changed, I mean A LOT. And I've read every single guide in forum about everything. Leveling up is way easier than before, I remember struggling so bad after lvl 50, and now rematchs are compatible and give a lot more exp. That good, thats great. But man... money has me crying. I'm not 15 anymore, I don't have all day sitting on my ass to farm for itens, catching dittos and whatever, I can't believe most of old base players still has all the time in the world to do it, unless they have gained in lottery or something irl. I just ordered a breed that I will be paying with Rp Voucher because I know I will not be making any money in these game after playing it for 2 weeks. I'm also aware that I will never find a shiny poke with my available time in game, and with the money farm being so hard, absolutely never buying one either. And if you have all these shinies pokes on your signature you can't tell me that's one of the best part of the game. I found two shinies in my life and I was really good at killing both of them lol Anyways, I don't think the game should be easy, but it could be less time consuming somehow.. I would like to play and have fun on my free time, and I'm currently having zero fun trying to make some money in a game on the 3h I have off my real life job where I also have to make money (also hard bro LOL). Making amulet coin and eggs consumable was a hard hit for everyone, by far the worst news I got since getting back. I want new regions, but I don't want the game to get even worst...
  10. Best guide for begginers, I've read a lot of others and yours was the only one I could really understand. Thanks.
  11. I pm you in forum hannah if thats not much trouble
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