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  1. Looking forward to another fantastic event!
  2. Draco Meteor - Opelucid Tutor (4x Dragon Fang)
  3. This is a pretty good idea actually. Sometimes it feel like rain lasts forever, this would be a great way to gauge where you were in terms of turns for the weather effect or buff to end. Very simple yet so very good.
  4. This does seem like a very good idea, and I have sometimes even wondered myself why there is not a watchlist. It could be very handy for if you are looking a specific pokemon, but don't quite have the right amount to buy it. Especially when the pokemon on GTL don't have an OT name beside the pokemon listed, which makes the pokemon you were looking at hard to find again. Although I feel that this could be a really good option later in the future, I also feel that it would be easier for the devs to label the OT's name next to the pokemon they're selling. I can assume that it is less work development wise but who knows. All in all its a fantastic idea for later down the road.
  5. Here is my idea for an amazing addition to Pokemmo, If the legendaries in Hoenn and Kanto were to rotate every month or so. For example, instead of the Mewtwo catch event; have it rotate to another legendary such as one of the legendary birds for a month or a few weeks. For Hoenn, Groudon or Kyogre instead of Rayquaza. All the while following the same rules as the Mewtwo/Rayquaza events (Max IVs, Diverse Moves, Lvl 100, PvP). I feel that this would add some spice to the world of Pokemmo, and quench the player base's thirst for more events. This would also be a great opportunity for players to continue their Dex's.
  6. I really like them too. The first time I saw SecretDjinns I was like O_O
  7. Outstanding work once again!
  8. Name: Rhexx Team: None Background: None Render: Something like the signature you made for SecretDjinn except maybe sky blue If you can make this for me then I will be in your debt. ~
  9. I have to keep the tradition of posting atleast once per year.  Sunday, April 15th 2018 

  10. Giratina simply because he's a 4th dimension ghost dragon with 2 forms
  11. Who needs Pokemmo when you got its forumz ^^

    1. Bilburt


      I do

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