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  1. This was a small project I did way back, it was my first attempt at using photoshop in PokeMMO. There is better edits but this is my favorite one.
  2. Bless. For a solid minute I was wondering why he would want himself banned
  3. My PokeMMO Platinum Account got banned. ----> PokeMMO Platinum Ban Appeals?
  4. I can be found most the time in Vermillion, come find me or shoot a whisper if you need anything. IGN: RexXx
  5. Good to have you here, Lebho! Definitely swing by Vermillion on Ch.2 and say hello!
  6. It may be a problem with your device. Be sure that you have the right items in the correct file.
  7. Above is the Translation of the post in English via Google Translate.
  8. Excellent job! Will be recommending :D
  9. Made 4 pages worth of GTL flips, and made 1.1mil off of berries this weekend. I bought a really nice comp Darmanitan for a nice price! ^^
  10. Was unable to ignore. Looking forward to the final product, friend!
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