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  1. I’m just gonna @ you in this old thread so you can remember and read all of this
  2. Whoever put in this work, I just wanted to let you know that I acknowledge you and love you.
  3. I was in a very dark place in my life, full of depression and anxiety. Then i went to the forums and saw this poll. My life totally changed and I'm in a much darker place now.o
  4. Would you like your smoked brisket to be moist, lean or favorite?
  5. Oh how the mighty have been reborn
  6. RhExX


    Look how they massacred my boy
  7. Beautiful Model here @Darkshade


  8. Horsea will always take 1st place as my favorite Pokémon period. But if we are referring to starters, Bulbasaur is my buddy
  9. One of the many things I miss in PokeMMO is when Channel 2 chat used to be the only chat that anybody used. Global never caught on until much later
  10. Lenny face spam in channel chat used to be the only reason I ever got online.
  11. This was a crazy time to be in the FiRe team before it got absolutely burned to the ground, but before it was #freedibbz it was #freeDG. We need a PokeMMO historian to keep track of all the crazy events that have gone down in the passed 10 years.
  12. Man I felt this, lucky eggs used to be absolutely ridiculous in value. It’s a shame they took them out of the game
  13. Post your greatest memories from this game or old things you remember because you are old. I'll go first, in 2015 you couldn't upload your own picture on the forums, you had to use Gravitar.
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