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  1. I am not very aware of the wc, someone explains to me why Spain has 18 points and not 15?
  2. Team Name: Asgard Warriors Team Tag: Aw Registed Players: Frags, LKrenz, Sejuani, Enchanteur, Yosoyarca, Hallen, Haazuu, Fabbrooo, ProfesorEinstein, Zhiko. Team Captain: Fabbrooo https://imgur.com/a/CXEeC32 Enviar mensaje a #aw  EXE—5 enchanteur Fab FredBoat♪♪ BOT Jugando a music | ;;help Groovy BOT Escuchando -help Rythm BOT AW—3 Gremio Campeón Jugando a League of Legends Kasper Jugando a PokeMMO Santu41 ONLY MECHA—1 Dmg Zhiko DESCONECTADO—27 Akles andylok AntiWall Arca Ash Ash Bad Bunny BOT Briste EnrriqueX Fab
  3. IGN: Sejuani Country: Freljord Tiers: Jg/Support
  4. you won't pay, you will leave the game like the other time I beat you
  5. I changed why the sash was obvious and why he could have a counter. I didn't feel like losing a completely free pokemon :)
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