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  1. Don't take it personal, it's just a 2019-2020 player believing to know the history of the game They already gave it much more importance than it deserved
  2. Winning me was your greatest achievement in the game? Gz
  3. Ofc, "Players" who no longer play just come to pretend to be you XD Everything would be so clear if an admin verifies the ip ..
  4. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/128343-psl-xiii-week-five/page/7/&tab=comments#comment-1751739
  5. Why am I still on the blacklist while MiraiZura can continue betting with her GasaiYunoSan account?
  6. Cuanto tiempo voy a estar aca por 50k de mierda?
  7. IGN: Sejuani Discord: Briste#5430 Inactive player, Don't buy from me if you expect good results
  8. I am not very aware of the wc, someone explains to me why Spain has 18 points and not 15?
  9. Team Name: Asgard Warriors Team Tag: Aw Registed Players: Frags, LKrenz, Sejuani, Enchanteur, Yosoyarca, Hallen, Haazuu, Fabbrooo, ProfesorEinstein, Zhiko. Team Captain: Fabbrooo https://imgur.com/a/CXEeC32 Enviar mensaje a #aw  EXE—5 enchanteur Fab FredBoat♪♪ BOT Jugando a music | ;;help Groovy BOT Escuchando -help Rythm BOT AW—3 Gremio Campeón Jugando a League of Legends Kasper Jugando a PokeMMO Santu41 ONLY MECHA—1 Dmg Zhiko DESCONECTADO—27 Akles andylok AntiWall Arca Ash Ash Bad Bunny BOT Briste EnrriqueX Fab
  10. IGN: Sejuani Country: Freljord Tiers: Jg/Support
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