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  1. SejuaniSupport

    SHINY WARZ PART DEUX... Presented by DoubleJ

    Ign: SejuaniSupport
  2. SejuaniSupport

    Goodbye ma boys

    Dejame comps jejej
  3. SejuaniSupport

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

  4. SejuaniSupport

    Match Fixing

    Lmao im no talking about you (i will add frags nick there to clarify) you are not that good to advance in a bracket and give your team mates the chance of winning something sorry.
  5. SejuaniSupport

    Match Fixing

    So true, and they made it public rofl. Funny fact that Doublej only made this thread when frags won this tournament, but not when FRAGS gave free wins to his team mates in the past, which has happened in many brackets and finals, giving them free shinies. This post was clearly made by someone looking for the punishment of frags because he just envy him. I don't think anyone here cares about jj personal feelings. If the purpose is improve the system, it should have been made in the suggestion box instead.
  6. SejuaniSupport

    Match Fixing

    Without some argentinos you could have a chance to win a tournament probably. saludos
  7. SejuaniSupport

    Match Fixing

    He did the ridiculous just like you doing this post
  8. SejuaniSupport

    Match Fixing

    The light with Macri in Argentina is a serious issue
  9. SejuaniSupport

    League of Legends. Let's talk.

    Gnar sup to enter promo for gold
  10. SejuaniSupport

    [Aw] Asgard Warriors

    "Let's go out of Aw, this is now a team of Argentinos"
  11. SejuaniSupport

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    This is good?
  12. SejuaniSupport

    [GUI] Ho-oh Gold

    Can you get the bird out of there?
  13. SejuaniSupport

    [Screenshot] Post your visual bugs here!

    Preda winning a Shiny? Nice visual bug
  14. SejuaniSupport

    League of Legends. Let's talk.

    Did you get bored of Minecraft?

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