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  1. I think that carrying 6 Pokémon and picking 3 and Best of 3 matches should be features only available in tournaments 3v3, not in matchmaking, considering matchmaking wouldn't be ranked and tournaments are much competitive. And even if we apply these rules to matchmaking, I would prefer it over the current system. Remember the main goal here is to have fun, and more formats would be a deal-breaker, at least for me. Plus, even if you carry 6 Pokémon, that doesn't mean you have to breed and train them all perfectly. You can end up using those you are more comfortable with or the most refined ones. Anyway, I acknowledge that the real problem here is the small playerbase, and probably not many people are going to play these formats, but I just think variety is what PokeMMO PvP needs.
  2. One of the things that puts me off the competitive scene in PokeMMO is that PvP matches tend to be really long, the shortest being 20 or 30 minutes. There can be exceptions, like a good player literally destroying a noob, or someone not as experienced, but PvP battles generally result in boring Pokemon Switches, Leftovers, Walls, Tanks, etc. (at least in my experience, note that I've played 10 or 20 battles at most, I don't know how is it like with more experienced players but I'm guessing a similar situation considering the length of some tourneys). Like I said, I'm not very interested in the competitive scene, neither I'm any good at it, (probably because I have no perfect breeds nor much experience). Nevertheless, I still think playing PvP is fun, so I suggest implementing new Formats with different restrictions to make battles quicker and more engaging for new players: 3v3 Single Battles and 4v4 Double Battles. These formats are well known within the Pokémon competitive community as a whole (Smogon thread explaining 3v3, mentions 4v4 doubles in VGC: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/an-introduction-to-3v3-singles-aka-bss.3601012/, Side Event Schedule from 2015 Pokémon National Championships with both 3v3 and 4v4 events: https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/nationals/2015/side-events/). I think this would be a great way for introducing new players to the PvP scene, considering that it requires less resources per player to breed the necessary Pokémon and battles would become something quick, not so much a nuisance. I'm not saying that these formats should be ranked. PokeMMO has a great battle system and I think 6v6 is most balanced of the formats (correct me if I'm wrong). 3v3/4v4Doubles would be nice side formats, just like in VGC, where quick wins could net you some BP (maybe 100-200 per win?), or even no BP at all, just for fun. I'm not saying these should become the next metagame, nor substitute the other established formats. Like I said before, it would be modes for quick battles, and of course completely optional, never intented to substitute the already established PvP meta. Some advantages are: Quicker matches (great in my opinion, in case you're busy). Easier for new players, also great, considering the wave of new players coming from Android platforms. Cheaper to enter and be competitive at them (you would have to breed half the Pokémon). More variety for tourneys/matchmaking. Disadvantages: Divide PvP playerbase → If these formats manage to attract more people like me into PvP, this wouldn't be a problem. Not balanced at all → You can get around this since it could be made so you have to bring 6 Pokés to the match and then choose 3 to battle (4 if doubles) based on Team Preview (or seeing your opponent's full team before battle), though that feature is still to be implemented, I guess. After that, you could increase the number of matches to 3 (or the first 2 wins), especially in tournaments, with the same 6 interchangeable Pokémon, to make it more competitive and fun to strategize (also trying to guess the next 3 Pokémon of your opponent and their moves). Not enough players to maintain them → This can be a problem, because only a small minority is probably interested in these formats, but I sure think they make for a nice distraction, and I want to make my opinion known so more people is interested in them. I'm not very well versed at Pokémon PvP, so I can't possibly know the full consequences of this, not how hard of time-consuming it is to be implemented, or even if the game and the players want these formats, but if you've read until this point and you want to give feedback to this suggestion I ask you to do so, and also upvote this post if you want to see this idea become a reality. I'm open for discussion below. Thanks for reading.
  3. AFDC98

    PvP Team Slot

    So this is like the battle box in gens V and VI, right? I think it's a pretty good idea because it speeds up the team selection for PvP even if you are in the middle of a route or something like that.
  4. Hi, people! This mod uses the original maps for Kanto and Hoenn but they are applied a magnification filter which scales them to x4 (in terms of graphic detail). It's not 100% accurate and some tiles are still buggy, plus border tiles don't work properly, probably because this is the first time I work with maps. Animated tiles aren't working, but it's probably due to the Map Mod Implementation being a prototype. You can see the difference here: So yeah, that's basically it. I don't know if I'll be able to fix the bugs in this Mod, because I only applied the filter to the images and nothing else (I know nothing of editing maps :P) but anyone is welcome to do it and publish it's own Mod. NOTE: If someone has memory problems with this Mod, please take a look at this thread: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mc41abrvzwc16fl/HD+Maps.zip This was a suggestion of 1988fido, so if you like this MOD, thank him ;)
  5. I love it you made my day :D I wish i knew how to make those maps too
  6.   This suggestion is meant for the players who use a controller to play PokeMMO. This system resembles the one in the N64 games: [spoiler] [/spoiler]   I think this system is more efficient and in my opinion it looks better than the old one. I'm not saying that this system has to be mandatory, but just another option you can enable or not. Is this hard to implement? I don't really know.   I know this isn´t the top priority for devs and it would probably collide with custom themes, but PLEASE, don't post that I am too lazy to press two buttons or things like that because it doesn't help. I prefer this system and I sure would use it. What do you guys think?    
  7. Knowing that one day PokeMMO might get an update, it fills you with determination.

  8. 'sup mates. Let's make of PokeMMO a great MMO. btw w8ing for the update :3

  9. 'sup mates. Let's make of PokeMMO a great MMO.

  10. Hi, people! I've made a mod to replace the pokemon sprites in battle from the 3rd generation to the ones from the 2nd generation. They are not animated, but they look very retro. Here's an example: There's also SHINIES, of course: The Pokemon from the 3rd generation... I've made my best to edit the sprites to make them look more from the 2nd generation, so they wouldn't look weird or out of place. Feel free to judge me: As you can see, I haven't made new sprites. I just lowered the color depth of the ones within the game. I made some corrections to the sprites that didn't look as they should, but they should be fine. Anyway, if you find an error or a graphic bug feel free to pm or even post a screenshot in this topic. - Screens: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x5msigafx3qbk6q/2ndgensprites.zip Instructions: - Put this file in PokeMMO-Client/data/mods - Be sure to activate the mod to use it! You have to click "Mod Management" in the title screen and tick the mod. Finally, I have to thank Raverkai beacuse his mod helped me to know in which places I had to put the sprites. Thanks! - Next step - make this ones:
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