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  1. Oki, I'll wait you. ^_^ Please, play with OU pokemons x3
  2. Hi hi, nice to meet you. If you need some help with the game you can ask me in private. ^_^
  3. Heya :D Nice to meet you there! You play PvP? Where can I find you In Game? ^_^ I'm always in Vermilion City CH. 1-2-4. If you need anything you can contact me in private. ^^ (oh, and you can talk to me on Team Speak too now)
  4. Hi hi. Nice to meet another player from Argentina in our community! I love their football team x3
  5. Hi hi. Nice to meet you there. I like your avatar ;) (blue characters <3). Welcome and good luck with all! ^_^
  6. Hi hi. Nice to meet you there! If you need anything you can ask me. ^_^
  7. Hello. Welcome to our community. If you need anything about PokeMMO you're free to ask me in private.
  8. Hello. I like the idea. But please, never add this option in the battles with Mewtwo!! It's not fun if everyone can stop the battle at anytime. :/   Nope, I can't find any threads about his idea. ^^
  9. Hello, I know your name. :) Welcome back to the new generation of PokeMMO! ^-^ If you need any help you can contact me in private.
  10. Never seen before today. o-o Thanks. The girl on your signature is from what anime please? :3
  11. Hi hi, nice to meet you, I suggest the anime "Nana" for you x3 Or Magi The Labyrinth of Magic. ^-^   I'm looking for some romantic animes, so, if you have suggestions it will help me a lot ♥   Nya =3
  12. LF mouth on our characters. (happy mouth, sad mouth, -_- mouth and mooore) <3<3 nyaaa :3 Hello [color=#008000][b]Darkshade[/b][/color], I would love have a Squirtle hat please. Can you ask sir [b][color=#b22222]Squirtle[/color][/b] if you can ask to add his hat? ^_^
  13. Your In Game screenshots are in the "screenshots" folder in the folder of your PokeMMO Client.  
  14. You can upload your picture on imgur.com and past the link in the "" (you must click on this icon ^^).
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