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  1. Sorry because of that isane ammount of forum report. Next ones will be made using the in-game support function. thanks you because of attending them!

  2. Thanks you all because of your welcome! 
  3. I just have one question... Is Spamming in-game reportable? Thanks

    1. Rache


      Depends on the type of spam.

    2. Caloxenote


      I supouse just advertising spam is reportable, right?

    3. Rache


      In many spam cases, it's best just to block the person.

  4. What is your favorite Pokemon? :3

    1. Moetal


      What is your favorite Moemon? :3

  5. I am currently translating to Spanish, but it will take some time...
  6. I am Caloxeno, a new member of PokeMMO. I love leaf type pokemons, and I am obsessed with Treecko. I am from Córdoba Argentina, and I can also speak Spanish and Portuguese. My current challenge here (A challenge that I reached when playing Pokemon Emerald), is to make my Treecko level 100 but to not let him evolve. Why? Because Treecko evolutions are ugly >:( I am sooo active in forums, hope I find more friends here! :D
  7. Excuse me, do we have to go to the name rater to change our Pokemon names? Cause in Hoenn the name rater is in a faaar away city...
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