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  1. I wish they'd just add HAs to normal encounters/hordes already. Throw HA capsules into the dungeons instead. Or Nature Mints, Bottlecaps, increased Shiny odds, ect. There's plenty of other things they could use as incentive instead of locking a significant portion of better abilities for years. I just want my drought Ninetales πŸ˜•
  2. Does anyone have a Wild List? I'd like to know where some of the new encounters are.
  3. Am I missing something, or is there no changelog or feature list? The first post only mentions Fairy type, Doubles and Megas. What other features are there in the current version?
  4. I was having a rough time with new poses, so what do you think of simple design changes for Megas instead?
  5. I see. Does the first posts links include most of the recent sprites? I might take a crack at Mega Gardevoir, since not including it in a Moemon game just feels wrong. No promises though, my imagination is garbage.
  6. Woah, a January release? That's earlier than I was expecting. How many Megas are being planned anyway? It doesn't seem like enough time for too many of them.
  7. Wow, the starters are looking good. I love the Hoenn duo especially.
  8. The sprite work is looking fantastic everyone. Keep it up! Side question. Is the Mega issue being worked on alongside the sprites, or after? I'd gladly play with older sprite models for now if Mega Evolution worked.
  9. Is there a download link to the full folder of current sprites? I'd like to insert them into Pokemon Zeta, and would rather not have to export every sprite from the file.
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