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  1. Details: 32 Teams (64 Players) Teams will play OU/UU Single Battle in Tournament Mode Explanation Players will compete in pairs to advance through the bracket by winning both of their duels for each round, one player will duel in the OU tier and the other in the UU tier. In the case of a tie the winning players from each couple will go head to head in a OU tie breaker. Players are welcome to switch tiers in between rounds. Date and Time: Saturday 10th February | 8 PM GMT // 3 PM EST Registration: To register post both players IGNs in this thread along with a team name 10 minutes before the tournament starts. You may only register one team per person. Edited posts will NOT be accepted as a valid registration. Example Player one: TheChampionMike Player two: Bilburt Team name: Free hugs Location: Silph Co Channel 7 Clauses: Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Self KO List of clauses an what they mean Banned Moves: Foul Play Synchronoise Baton Pass Draco Meteor List of banned Pokemon: OU Ban List Nothing UU Ban List Blissey | Breloom | Chandelure | Chansey | Cloyster Conkeldurr | Dragonite |Dugtrio | Excadrill | Ferrothorn Gengar | Gliscor | Gyarados | Haxorus | Hippowdon | Hydreigon Jellicent | Kabutops | Kingdra | Lucario | Magnezone | Mamoswine Metagross | Mienshao | Pelipper | Reuniclus | Salamence | Scizor Skarmory | Starmie | Tyranitar | Volcarona | Wobbuffet | Azumarill Darmanitan | Torkoal | Bisharp | Archeops Prize: 1st place team: & Shiny Gift Mantine and Shiny Gift Mienfoo Choice of up 2x31,4x25 IV, 2 moves and Choice of nature (Hidden Power is available, stats will be changed to 24 and/or 30 if needed) (Up to players to decide who gets which; 1 of each pokemon) AND 600.000 Pokeyen or 600 Reward Points per player 2nd place team: 400.000 Pokeyen or 400 Reward Points per player Notes: Disconnecting during a match result in a DQ if the player is unable to reconnect. Do not block the Staff running the Event. If you disregard requests for you to unblock staff members then you will be disqualified. Once your match is called you will have 10 minutes to report to the table. No time extensions will be given Host: TheChampionMike & Bilburt GM: TheChampionMike Refs: KaynineXL
  2. 4x31, 1x30 Adamant Metagross lottery

    Please read the rules before posting
  3. as far as im aware Kiz aint even on the donation list
  4. Today

    I'm quite alright, thank you
  5. @TheChampionMike Happy Bday !!!! for realsies this time
  6. [Sig] Matt's Free Signatures

    Name: Bilburt Team (optional): PokeMMO Staff Background (optional): Render (Pokemon/Character): more cute dogs Anything else? zdr fat rat sad bad mat
  7. WTT Witch's Broomstick

    Docs team name
  8. Ev training service

    bump, eving a lot rn so if u want my service probably gonna take a day or 2 levelling for 20k 10k if team
  9. Team Tournament January (Saturday 27th)

    jovi and mkns bet 2m

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