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  1. I think its bullshit that we are hyped over claydol and diglet doubles its obvious how staff dont care about doubles and feed it the lowest amount of time effort and prices how can i be hyped for a doubles tournament knowing that next one is gonna take a month or a lot of begging...
  2. It took me 1245 hours to get a shiny seaking...
  3. Smh we had @SweeTforU with shitty ass vamp teeth on the poster and lyle gets this?? biased staff
  4. @DoubleJ you cant 3-0 a bo3 tho ??
  5. Well hunted, fellow pokemon trainer and shiny hunter, you are a good example of whats so great about this community. Good luck hunting Pokemonmasters, be sure to keep me posted on your shiny hunting adventures
  6. 100k on @Torinnnnn
  7. He got some mad braille pc screen
  8. easy win
  9. shut up bananapeel