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  1. Interesting suggestion, question tho why?
  2. why is still better than any of bestfriends videos
  3. im online rn verm 1 @DaftCoolio
  4. I love how Havsha says "ti that" as if "ti" was meant to be a word, but no word fits in its place and you just know Havs went full poop
  5. as a previous TC Moderator and mediator of quite a few lotteries, I can honestly say I hate the system and always was an advocate of straight up removing lotteries, took way too much effort on my (Staffs) end and way too little on the hosts. Players would often complain or ask specific questions about lotteries that had nothing to do with me at all and often had me referencing them back to the host and sometimes even chasing down the host to get to the bottomof something. I tried to get the rules updated to be as clear as possible, but quit before I could really iron out any kinks, such as one mentioned. Its hard for a mediating staff member to stay unbiased and properly manage a shitfest such as this one. Again ill advocate for a straight up removal of lotteries, if not Trade corner as a whole, its barely used. barely managed, and annoying to even bother with if not that, SGMs really need to assign a TC moderator that does their job, as far as I know no one has been appointed as one since I left. just so that important decisions can be made by someone truly involved with such situations rather than someone who doesnt even know how to start mediating a lottery.
  6. terrible defence I judge you guilty of all your accused crimes and more
  7. when even staff doesnt know how to post pictures anymore
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