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  1. Gym runs? Maybe she is doing it 4fun, cuz we just need to be a rock in vermilion ch1 at this point About the breeds, i want to know if theres a discount for a full 5x31 team @xPauu
  2. Did you just say DARMANITAN? XD You can use Scarf easily in low ladder since you wont be affected that much by rocks. In high elo ranked games, Choice Band is more domineering since it can just explode 90% of the walls 2HKO (even with not very effective damage), but not just that. You just cant abuse the u-turn scarf in high elo games since in 90% of the cases there'll be rocks in field, making Mienshao basically more fit for that pivot purpose. Even though Mienshao cant wallbreak as much as Darma, it can somehow be boring with multiple entries thanks to regenerator. Good partners for Darmanitan Scarf: Basically a sun team with Torkoal/Exegg etc, you'll have the power of the Band darma (because of the weather) and the speed of the scarf darma xD Good partners for Darmanitan Band: balanced teams with rotom/chomp.
  3. You just lost your spot in verm ch1, come back
  4. Imo It will probably stay as seasonal, so relax :3 , i was just talking about the overall.
  5. You are getting one part of that wrong. We don't make the rules, dude, we just dance according to the music. I'm not saying that they have to accept that, but i don't believe that limited vanities will cease to exist and as everybody knows, they are (with some exceptions) a long term investment. I don't know what the others think about it, but what i'm trying to explain is that limited vanities are cool for people that have saved some cash and want to make some long term profits. I'm not saying "poor players" are victims as if i am some kind of guardian of something, all i say is that emergent players will be the most affected ones, and that's just true. You have the right to think that this is "boring", but the game is not just about it and you have plenty options to have fun, you can shiny hunt/pvp or you can just buy the limited you want before it gets too manipulated, cause eventually it will, and that happens with every game with limited stuff.
  6. I mean, we just need to stay afk in vermilion, that being limited or not wont affect the so called "rich" you guys are talking about, cause the increase rate of older items is just way better now(GDM is a beautiful anomaly, in terms of % increase base). Tbh this will affect the players that are getting some pokeyen and starting the vanityMMO, cause they'll have nothing to invest in until the next event.
  7. "Won't do anything in OU"? Dude, the current top1 is spamming torkoal+darma and we can say that thanks to him and his clones, torkoal got a higher % usage, any OU Matchmaking player knows that. This team is actually quite consistent and second in spam only to those togekiss+reuniclus+dugdrio teams. Torkoal is specific for that team, it isnt a pick you can put everywhere like garchomp lol. Heracross is in the same category, it can be used with rain comps to kill ghost walls such as cofa/jelli (that usually handle a little bit with tops) with SD Night slash burn, but you wont see him in random compositions, again, its specific use. You need to understand that people are starting to spectating matches and using the sharingan, for the guy who only wants to farm some BP, he doesnt care about it.
  8. Rarity of the shinies of the North Pole : my time has come. But yeah, i'd love it, except that this event would require high level comp mons for the best performance. Lets say the current elfbot stuff is more democratic xD
  9. 600 ELO is achieved with very few games. I could be mistaken, but this suggestion was made for higher ELOs. In a way it makes sense, since you can't compare (with exceptions, of course) a 500 game with a top25+ ladder game, in terms of optimizing the use of a particular pokemon. However, I believe that if this statistic were made available, it would further narrow the use of certain things and diversification (which almost doesn't exist, since most players already use the most "successful" teams) would decrease a lot, so I believe this problem must be considered.
  10. Thank you all for participating and Congratulations to Kuramush!
  11. I see, you were talking about Flame orb Conk! with a bit of spread, indeed it can outspeed relaxed skarm, but IMO roosting after taking the hit is not that good against the likes of Blissey (flamethrower) for example, but thats another situation.
  12. Even in lv50, Skarmory still outspeeds Conkeldurr. I just wanted to show you that even with a lot of downgrades (0 IV and -speed nature), skarmory will basically use Roost first. You probably know that, but just in case.
  13. Brave Bird + Rocky Helmet (item) can do the job. Just remember that you cant use roost in front of Conkeldurr, cause you will lost your flying type in that round and drain punch will basically eat you.
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