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  1. Selling stuff to buy myself a labcoat.

  2. NU team on the way~

  3. find a ot shiny pikachu and be the best UU player in game. :D
  4. Team Tournament soon!Time to breed!

  5. I support this idea i've seen a lot of scams because of this.
  6. I love robin and nami

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. KouteshiKun


      Robin has bigger boobs ;) and she's cute

    3. CaptainFlorient


      Pervers o-o Personally I watch the face, not their personal things. xD Lol.

    4. KouteshiKun


      hahahaha i watch both and it's personality :p

  7. Nami and luffy ( me :3) best couple ever

  8. Ploegy can u change vále to [STPI]?  and put Pirate King on it  
  9. "On the way to Grand Line!"

  10. Thank u so much i love it so much And sorry
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