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  1. im gunna leave this here https://prnt.sc/wa0grt
  2. Exeggutor


    Hi I'm HF I do HF things
  3. Exeggutor


    o gawd wat have i started HF here
  4. O hai der i am dah almighty HF welcome to the game <3 IGN:HF
  5. Exeggutor


    ur pleb Welcome my IGN:HF
  6. 5x31 Scyther fully ev trained adamant nature what should I sell it for?
  7. I think I'm coming back :D

    1. TeamRocketHarry
    2. Hotarubi


      I look forward to hanging out with you again. I hope life is treating you great.

    3. Exeggutor


      HOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  8. So I actually had a date today :D went great just was super sweaty I GOT THE COURAGE TO GO ON A DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I wish I could feel my feelings because they are my feelings


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    2. TeamRocketHarry


      Yo dawg I heard u like feelings, so I put feelings in ur feelings so u can feel why u feel

    3. Exeggutor
    4. TeamRocketHarry
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