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  1. Name :Agent Team Tag (If you want): Characters/Pokemons : Big Smoke From San Andreas Background : The Hood Additional things (if you want too): Make it look like this
  2. yo can i just get some deep fried memes as a sig, i dont need a name or something
  3. Hey, I'm a returning player aswell and Im so glad it isnt just Kanto anymore lol! Have a blast and feel free to add me IGN-SovietAgent so i can look cool and replace Kole oh yeah Subscribe to Roy Roger News 2
  4. hey have fun and subscribe to Roy Rogers News 2
  5. thanks broski, cant wait to put on my new Gucci Belt ingame
  6. Im tryna flex when can i cop these hot looks?
  7. Text 1: Team Hitmon Text 2: Soviet Aerodactyl Render/image: Aerodactyl Other requests: Red and Yellow I'd really appreciate if you made mine but if you don't want to it's fine...
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