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  1. wb

    1. Edniss


      Many thanks! ^^

    2. LeWildChat


      te voir en ligne me fait passer un vent de nostalgie :)

  2. Level reducer item

    After the Unova update, I've seen that some Pokémon wich could evolve thanks to 4g have got their level reduced to 95 in order to be able to evolve, wich is a nice touch really. The fact was that I had a lvl 100 comp Gligar, and I was really exited to the idea of making him evolve, buuuut... I did a mistake and accidentally defeated a wild random Pokémon with him, I though that it wouldn't be such a matter since he had still 5 more levels before being lvl 100 again, but I realized even a single exp point was enough to put him straight to level 100. And there I am, stuck with a forever-being Gligar, and I talked with some people that made the same mistake before getting an idea so simple I cursed myself not having thought of it ever before... The idea is simple: We need an item that does the exact opposite effect as the rare candy, reducing a level. That way, many people will be able to correct some dumb mistakes.
  3. [Denied] Will-O-Wisp vs Plant Type

    ... And Victreebel.
  4. PokeMMO: Windows XP edition! Just kiddin'. tbh, I kinda love this idea, since some players are not full PVP battler, why not chillin' around, talking with your buddies while playing Mine Sweeper or something?
  5. What's your Nature.

    Lonely, tbh.
  6. Encore moi, je viens prendre un peu de tes nouvelles.

    Comment vas-tu ?

    Quoi de beau ?

    1. Edniss


      Je vais bien, merci. :3

      Ça fait plaisir d'avoir de la compagnie. ^^

      Comment vas-tu de ton côté? Pour ma part j'essaie toujours de m'améliorer en PVP, mais avec ce £%@# de Snorlax/Ronflex que je vois PARTOUT, c'est pas toujours facile! xD


      Au plaisir de te croiser en jeu, hésite pas à me MP, si tu veux tailler une bavette! ^^

    2. Otoya


      De mon côté ça va, juste surpris de voir les noobs du staff actuel...

    3. Edniss


      On est deux.

  7. FGpuSKYLRHv_Ping-2.PNG


    Woaw, je chialais mais toi, oh mon dieu XD

    1. Edniss


      Nous n'avons pas les mêmes valeurs. c:

    2. Otoya


      J'aurai pas mieux dis. :P

  8. Date and Time Level 100 was reached

    *Brings 100 rare candies* Let's beat a new record!
  9. Rare Item Existence Thread

    I have: -Robot part -Spooky Candy (x3) -Candy Cane -Lil' helper hat (x2) -Lil' helper outfit (x3) -Pumpkin Backpack -Holly Hairclip I think you forgot to add the "reindeer horns" and the "Emerald Hat" (don't remember the name)
  10. Vitamins are way too expensive.

    We should suggest the Amnesia Brace to be tradable, then.
  11. Vitamins are way too expensive.

    Because of EXP. They want the Pokemon to stay at LVL 50, avoiding LVL up, and all that stuff. Battle Frontier, y'know?
  12. Vitamins are way too expensive.

    Here ya go.
  13. Ability to dye base appearance clothing

    I'm on your side, Fuzzy.
  14. Larger Sprite in Pokemon Summary

    Big pixels are best pixels !
  15. Larger Sprite in Pokemon Summary

    What d'you mean?

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