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  1. Hello, please remember to always provide an English Translation to every of your forum post, thank you. *************** Hola, recuerde siempre proporcionar una traducción al inglés a cada una de las publicaciones de su foro, gracias.
  2. Hello. Please, remember to always provide an English translation to any of your forum posts. Thank you.
  3. Welcome back, PKMNMaster! Home you will enjoy your stay. Contact me if you have any question via Discord, this forum or of course in game. ~
  4. Please make sure to post your Suggestions in the right thread from on on, which has been linked above.
  5. Soon™ : Sometime between "Right now" and "Later".
  6. The Fire Red, Emerald and Black Versions ROMs add the respective regions to the game, with Black/White being essential in order to play the game. HeartGold/ SoulSilver only add the possibility to have Pokemon as overworld followers (even if many Mods do the same by now) but also improve the graphic models of overworld NPCs in Kanto and Hoenn region, displaying their NDS sprites instead of GBA sprites.
  7. Hola. Por favor, recuerde siempre proporcionar una traducción al inglés a cualquiera de sus publicaciones en el foro. ************** Hello. Please, remember to always provide an English translation to any of your forum posts.
  8. This suggestion already has been made countless times and the answer always is pretty much the same: Having battles at such a pace is intentional and probably won't be changed. Also, allowing players to change the speed as they see fit will lead to severe synchronisation issues. I hope you do understand.
  9. Bonsoir, Pour ta première question: Il te suffit d'atteindre la ville portuaire de ta région (Carmin sur Mer pour Kanto, Poivressel pour Hoenn et Volucité pour Unys) et d'y prendre le bateau une fois au moins 4 badges en poche. Pour ta seconde question: Si les personnages parlent Anglais, c'est qu'il te faut des ROMs Francophones, si par contre les menus du jeu sont en Anglais, c'est que tu dois changer le langage du client en FR, ce qui est faisable depuis les options dans l'onglet "Langue". Et enfin, s'il te plait, penses à toujours ajouter une traduction Anglaise à chacune de tes posts, quitte à devoir passer par Google Traduction. A ton service. ~ ********* Good evening, For your first question: You just have to reach the port city of your current region (Vermilion City for Kanto, Slateport for Hoenn and Castelia City for Unova) and to take there the boat once you have at least 4 badges in your possession. For your second question: If the characters speak English, you need to get French ROMs, if however the UI of the game are in English, it means that you have to change the language of the client to FR, which is feasible from the options in the "Language" tab. And finally, please always provide an English translation to each of your posts, even if you have to go through Google Translate. At your service. ~
  10. Edniss

    Player Titles

    Inaction =/= Absence We all love lurking. ~
  11. Edniss

    Player Titles

    Only one we need is "AFKing" tbh
  12. Edniss

    Sinnoh Region

    It's planned, but all we know and can tell you about it is: Soon™. Thanks for your patience. ~
  13. Hello, I recommand (as the wise prof Oak said) to contact the Support here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  14. Phenomenas can pop right in front of you, if that's what you're wondering.
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