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  1. Edniss

    Account security

    Merci d'employer exclusivement de l'anglais sur le forum officiel de PokeMMO ou au moins une traduction afin que tout le monde puisse comprendre. / Please, employ only english on the official forum of PokeMMO or at least a translation so everyone can understand. ~ Translation: "Hello, It's been a while since I last played PokeMMO and when I try to connect, I get a demand of validation code, but when I get in my mail box, there is nothing, can you help me?" ------------------------------- Pour tout problème de client, merci de poster un résumé du problème (en Anglais de préférence) ici: For every client related issue, please post a sumary of the problem (in English preferably) right here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/9-support-knowledgebase/
  2. Edniss

    Hidden ability

    Soon(tm) is basically a moment between "right now" and "in an infinite amount of time", for that I cannot make any promise. I hope you do understand. ~
  3. The Mossy Rock is located in Pinwheel Forest, in the region of Unova. All you have to do is level up your Eevee near that rock. ~ (Answering anyway just in case some people would like to know as well, it's never enough.)
  4. Edniss

    Hidden ability

    Just be patient, it's coming soon(tm). ~
  5. Edniss

    Future Updates??!!

    Please, remember to post all your suggestions in the Suggestion Box section of the forum. Thank you. ~
  6. Edniss

    A New Mechanic For Breeding

    In my humble opinion, what shiny market needs in order to get "saved" (that's actually the best word I came in to describe its current situation) simply is a way to reduce the number of shinies in game overall.  And there I came with an idea: Simply a "Big Risk Big Reward" System. For instance, allowing a shiny to breed with a non-shiny and give the baby a 50% chances to be shiny and a 50% no to be shiny. In case of win, some Eggmoves may be applied more easily to shinies, making them more desirable in competitive, and also enhancing their IVs if the breeder knows what he's doing, all while conserving it's OT, enticing people to use that method. (I know a lot of people really putting a point of honor on their OT) Oh! And it should also revive the Ditto market, by the same occasion. In case of lose, sorry to say it that way, but that's one less shiny Pokemon in the world. And since it would be interesting to sometimes take a risk to get some juicy results, needless to say that many shinies will probably disappear that way, and surely faster or as fast as shinies are found everyday. Which, as a result long-term wise, should improve (or at least stabilize) the current situation concerning the shiny market and also creating a new money sink, since expensive Pokemon with good EVs will likely be used for that purpose.  Please, do not hesitate to tell me your thoughts about this. ~
  7. This thread actually gave me an idea about what in my opinion could help the Shiny Market. Feel free to go take a look:
  8. Edniss

    Sound game/courtnay cosmetic

    Please, remember that Suggestion Box allows only one suggestion per thread. Plus, that suggestion belongs to this section: Thank you in advance. ~
  9. The hotkeys disappear everytime I press the 'home' button of my phone. The only way to make the hotkeys appear again is to modify the hotkeys items or switch region. ~
  10. When spectating another player, you are unable to exit since the 'Close' button is actually beneath the text window. ~
  11. Edniss

    Party PVE

    Now please, get back to the main topic. In case you forgot, it was the suggestion of a PVE party. ~
  12. Edniss

    Party PVE

    You are not using my statement correctly. I did say 4 shinies a day in average, it is completely different. We already saw people finding more than one shiny a week... A day even! ~
  13. Edniss

    ability to switch pokemon after a win

    This comic is telling my opinion about it. ~
  14. Edniss

    Party PVE

    Because it's a MMO. Let me put down here an exemple of the consequences of having a 'normal' shiny rate on a Massively Multiplayer Online Pokemon game such as PokeMMO: 》A massive part of players are shiny hunting on daily basis. 》More than 100 shinies are found everyday. 》As shinies do NOT disappear, they become more and more common. 》Since shinies are now so common that everyone have at least 5 of these under 1000h (if unlucky, like me), they do not have any value anymore. Just FYI, with the current shiny encoutering rate, an average of 4 shinies are still found every single day, making their economy slowly but surely "dying". ~
  15. Edniss

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    I'm 100% sure it doesn't. ~

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