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  1. lol what a bunch of kids asking for an event, y'all should be thankful atleast we got a good game for free Devs are not under the obligation of making events They should be focused on the removal of the stupid amount of walls ppl are running on matchmaking IMO. pls stop running 5 walls
  2. Cuz we need a shitty phone version and useless vanities first
  3. Never played any pokemon game after platinum, im quitting this digimon BS
  4. You guys are so damn worried about shinies that you dont even enjoy this game anymore. I found mine without a single minute of shiny hunt at 400ish hours. But was a tentacool lol.
  5. Where is dat famous 5x31 jolly shiny sceptile? still on game?
  6. saw a 5x31 ditto like 2 months ago, and my best is a 4x25 30 hp and 7 att chinchou calm nature
  7.  To train my fav pokes, and not the best stats pokes
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