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  1.   Ahw yeah indeed, the old sprite were good but compare to what you're able to do, that's even better ! Well... mh.. I've got plenty personnal projects, but the main one is currently paused, I've already tried pixel art by the past and I was really shitty... But can still try to work on my technique and aquire EXP. Okay, fine, you convinced me, I'll give you a hand with that ! I can give you my skype if you want, I'll just need to see which sprites need to be redrawn and I'll try to do something for that.
  2.   I can try :O even if I kinda suck at pixel art, but it's worth giving a shot ! XD Thx btw for the link, I wanted to found it back, I love moe too *w* Well at least, making sprite is drawing too, but pixel art drawing ' A' Though, are every sprites replaced in this Moemon version ? I could try to make those who are missing, but I gonna need some gijinkas ideas, I've only made one gijinka so far and I've even took model on an outfit my best friend made ;w; I don't think I can take model on other gijinkas, and even, by respect, I wont. > A<
  3. Pleasure to meet you too guys !^^ Yeah I don't often talk on local/global etc... xD I just pop in the game, say hello to my team, chat with them and sometimes I take a look at the trade channel but I'm poor so I can't afford anything great XD   My shelf ? awh ok, it's a very beautiful piece of art y'know ! he-hem.. Well if it meant that the pictures were drawn by myself, well they really are, I'm not using a generator founded on DeviantArt like some do, my art is 100% made by Elenya !
  4. Awh okay.   P- pics of myself ? oO what do you mean ? o_o
  5.   Yeah; if you have a model or if you can give ma a very detailed description I can. You can add me as a friend IG or here and send me a private message or something like that. XD Please choose in the little list what you want me to do. ^^ And prepare the Pokédollars OR the corresponding pokemon if you have it. :p   I'll open a new topic in creative media then, it'll be easier !     I'm not very used to acronyms. >< You meant it was banned before ? Or it is banned ? Or I could get banned ? ><"""
  6. Hey, I actually do like Animu :p

  7.   Yeah, that's what it implies, donation ! Thanks for finding a concrete word. XD     Xploz, yep j'ferai ça ! A la prochaine IG, et GG aussi, on m'a dit que t'as eu un sacré palmarès !
  8.   Wut ? Why should I give you these informations ? XD I always clean my internet history and my web cache, you won't find anything. :p (Well except on my DA favourites... deeehhh... T^T)     Hey Xploz, cool de te revoir mec ! On m'a dit que tu fais bande à part maintenant, dommage. :(
  9. Ah yeah ? xD He/she can contact me IG if he/she wants. xD   Thank you :D
  10.   Aouch, yeah I understand. In my case I don't force people to pay with real cash, it's ONLY IF they really want to support me and help me with other projects. xD   Niahhh, I'm not that good at graphic design. I don't know if the forum can handle html in profile ? I can make some nice profile on PS, but signatures, I gonna have to work that. xD
  11.   Teeheeheee, glad to hear that, thank you !>w< 
  12. Hey, I actually do like Animu :p

    1. Kiliminati
    2. Elenya


      D'you have some favourite one ? :D

    3. Kiliminati


      Yeah, Code Geass, Full Moon, and Yu Yu Hakusho

  13. Thanks for welcoming me :D   Awh, I thought I could 'cause it kinda concerns pokeMMO though. ><  Like, what I can make can be used as avatars, signatures and so one. o/ Maybe putting a spoiler ? I heard people did that but I couldn't find any appropriated forum to put that so I thought : Well at least, people who wants to know me would know .w.     Mohhh too bad Bishav, but I like dogs too ! Especially dogs from my homecountry, their "specie" is called Charplanina. ^^
  14.   Thank you very much !   Well, I heard that if people love cats it's because of a "parasite" that get inside us and make us liking them xD Nature can be so fun sometimes o//
  15. Blblblblbl, introduction updated, in fact, I don't have anymore time for pokemmo :(  Gotta work for my project and my studies.   [DEAD TOPIC AND PLAYER]
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