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  1. Gym Leader Rematches Guide

    Mine changed as well. Guess I was wrong about E4 influencing it. My bad lol Just did a run thru of Kanto gyms and here's the info. Money gain was the same. I'll edit this later to add Hoenn and Unova runs. KANTO
  2. Gym Leader Rematches Guide

    My gym rematches USE to be different from what they are now. But after I beat Unova Elite 4 x4 times, they changed to what they are now and havent changed any since then. Here's my Instance Info crap if that matters. I'm not sure if that's what makes gym teams change but I'm highly inclined to believe so. Sorry if I'm wrong. I havent beaten lv. 100 E4 anywhere tho so I'm wondering IF I do, would that change my gym rematches or naw. I kinda wanna test it buuuuut...I don't like lv. 100 E4, it kicks my ass lol
  3. Gym Leader Rematches Guide

    Here's my contribution :) I used amulet coin. And for the record, they use these same teams every time I fight them on this character. KANTO HOENN UNOVA
  4. Gym Leader Rematches Guide

    Oh, nice idea! Their teams are completely different for me though when I battle them from what you currently have here. For example: When I fight Erika, she has a multiscale Dragonite. And Blaine has a scarfed Houndoom with HP Ice (rip my Flygon...we found that out the hard way) and he also has a Moltres. I 100% remember those for sure! But some stuff is the same like your Sabrina team is exactly what she has when I fight her too. So I dunno why there are differences between players. Maybe what team they will have depends on how many times you've beaten the Elite 4 in that region (?) but I don't know for sure. I just know when I did gym runs on my alts (where I only defeated the E4 once) they had different mons from when I fought them on my main character (where I've defeated the E4 4+ times). Like, Blaine had a scarfed Charizard when I fought him on one of my alts....but he never has it when I fight him on my main.
  5. [Money Guide] NPC Rematch Payouts

    Updated this to include Unova gym rematches.
  6. List pokemons on gtl from pc boxes

    Dragging mons all over the place is mildly annoying, but you don't have to do that, there are shortcuts. (Open your PC, there's a little '?' in the top right, hover over that for a list of shortcuts) If you hold CTRL key and then left click on a mon in your PC it will automatically go to your party (if there's open slots). It works in reverse too for moving mons from your party to 1st open PC slot. I know this doesn't really solve your issue completely but might make it a little easier instead of dragging them. And I dunno if you know or not but I'll mention it anyways, You don't have to drag mons to GTL for listing either, just click the mon listing box and a drop down menu will have the mons in your party and you just click on whichever one you wanna sell. And if you're selling alot of mons 5 at a time for the same prices, just copy paste the price. Rinse repeat. It's alot faster than you think. When I'm listing a haul of 1x31s to GTL I do zero dragging. I pretty much only drag my mons around when I wanna link it in chat or if i want it in a certain slot in PC/party. Again, I know it's totally not what you're asking for, but it can at least sorta solve your "dragging" issue. I think anything to save a little time is good to know :)
  7. [Money Guide] NPC Rematch Payouts

    Oh yeah I see what you mean...I'll get around to fixing it at some point lol Thanks for letting me know!
  8. I dunno shit about inflation or economic stuff tbh, but I do wanna address the vs seeker nerf since I see players all over the forums complaining about it. I just updated my NPC rematch guide so we can all see exactly how much each trainer was nerfed. And for the record it's hella work to get all that data everytime payouts change, I hope people don't get discouraged from farming NPC rematches because I'd hate all my work to be for nothing. lol Previously, rematching all possible NPCs (NOT including Swimmers, Tubers, and E4) would net you around 975k. Now, it gives around 665k. And that INCLUDES the new Kanto gym rematches. That seems like a big nerf but when you pick out the best paying NPCs it's not as terrible as it seems. Idk how many people actually followed my "Quick Run" in my NPC guide but it was a routine I made of the best paying NPCs. It use to result in 365k in a little less than 2 hours (usually took me 1 hour and 30-45 minutes). Now it results in 333k...but that's with Kanto gyms added in. So it DOES take little longer now for a little less cash than before, BUT it's only like 30k less for maybe 30 minutes more work (or however long it takes you to defeat the Kanto gym rematches). So I don't think anyone needs to be dramatic about the NPC nerfs anymore because it's really not as bad as it seems. And with new ways to make money in Unova it shouldnt be hard for anyone to make the same amount of income they were before if not more. So, in regards to the OP, I doubt they will lower the price of any in-game money sinks tbh.
  9. [Money Guide] NPC Rematch Payouts

    Update: Due to the recent update, I've had to completely rework this guide. NPC rematch payouts were nerfed so I've went through and rematched everyone again in order to get the new payout totals. Sorry it took me this long, but I wanted to finish Unova and get all the dex entries for the new mons first lol. Previously, rematching all possible NPCs (NOT including Swimmers, Tubers, and E4) would net you around 975k. Now however, it will only net you around 665k. And that INCLUDES the new Kanto gym rematches. It took me nearly 12 hours to complete. Granted I was stopping to type up NPC names and totals and ofc took a few breaks but still. 665k most definitely wasn't worth that much time. Additionally, my custom "Quick Run" use to result in 365k in a little less than 2 hours. Now it results in 333k. (That's with Kanto gyms added as well so it takes longer now for less cash than before.) So yes, bit of a nerf, but nothing major. I dunno how efficient it is anymore to rematch for cash. It comes down to personal preference I suppose. I will probably still do my quick run since I'm not big on relying on GTL sales because might get bad RNG while farming, stuff might not sell, might get undercut etc. I always liked having 100% reliable income thru rematches. Probably only gym runs would be the best route for anyone interested in it casually. 168k is the total from all gyms combined. Nonetheless, I still got the new payout data for every NPC if anyone wanted it. It's in the OP. Oh and the spanish translation of this is currently the old version before the nerfs so you'll have to wait for @NagaHex to update his translation if you want accurate data there.
  10. Happy Birthday To You Heather !! :)



    PS: <1<4<3

    Wow i remember as yesterday, the day previous birthday hahaha god is suck. Time too fast ! jaja well thats not problem for you tho, cuz you will be always pretty haha. I wish you more and more happy moments with the people who loves you in this day until the day i'll again repeat my wish so you'll need me and search me again at your next birthday for this good luck wish jajaja thats my evil plan. 


    Wew i talk a lot.. Okay i can talk all day for free cake xD 




    1. Staggiie


      BABYMETAL \o/

      Awwwwe Thanks Finn <33 I miss you alot! Today is probably gunna be pretty boring, I don't have anything planned. I don't even wanna think about how old I am (too close to 30 for my taste) lul I'll probably eat cake with the fam later and work on rematching these NPCs in-game to update my guide because the payouts changed with the Unova update. So much work ugh. lol

      Love you! Thanks again for the birthday wishes :3


  11. 48 is the level cap for 7 Hoenn badges now. This is copy pasted from the changelog: Disobedience is now classified per-region (Badge Count: 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/Post-E4) Kanto: 20/26/34/38/46/48/50/52/62/100 Hoenn: 20/24/28/32/34/38/44/48/60/100 Unova: 20/24/28/30/34/38/42/46/56/100 Disobedient party members will now exit the battle immediately Gifts no longer obey 100% of the time in their region When a party member has reached the cap for disobedience in their region, they will no longer gain levels until a new badge is obtained. They will retain the EXP gained and level-up after a Gym Leader is defeated.
  12. Ah darn. Well, I'm fortunate because I have many alts I can farm on if I need to. But let's stay positive here. Unova will likely bring other money making methods, as many others have said. And a decent amount we're losing from rematching trainers can probably be gained thru rematching Kanto gyms now (I dunno, I havent tried it yet...I'm assuming though.) But it might just be time for NPC rematching to not be worth the time spent anymore. RIP. All good things must come to an end eventually, they say. But if money making becomes harder, the price of things in the economy might decrease so that's a plus I guess. Thanks for the info! Nice to meet you too btw o/ Thanks so much for this info <3 I hope that theory is true. I noticed in the change logs something about Tier 1, 2, and 3 trainers, so yeah hopefully. I'd like to get some specifics on all this honestly. And yeah, I agree that one person's trash is another man's treasure. It's treasure for people still in the story line or newer players. But for people who will have all regions completed or people who have been playing for years...it's hard for any of these rematch nerfs to really be productive for us compared to the time spent. I'm not complaining at all, just stating the obvious and I can definitely make money and level up comps in other ways. No big deal. I'm simply saying, NPC farming might be obsolete now. Just not worth the time for what you get out of it now (for post game players) if this nerf is permanent.
  13. It's correct, I'm doing a money run right now just to see what all the fuss is about (seeing as I made the NPC guide on the forums here) Trainer's that previously were giving 5-6k+ are giving 2k-2.5k HOWEVER Their pokemon's levels have significantly decreased as well. Use to be 50-60 lvls now are in the mid 30s. So I'm hoping after I rebattle these that when I go to rebatttle them after the 6 hour cooldown it will have raised in difficulty therefore raising the payout. I dunno tho, this could be permanent but I'm hoping it isnt seeing as rematching trainers with mere level 30s makes zero sense for post game players. If anyone is able to rematch an NPC for a 2nd time since the update, let me know please what the levels are and the payouts. I cant rematch them for another 5.5 hours or I would do it myself obviously.
  14. anyone else having running shoe issues?

    I dunno about Kanto, but when I received the running shoes in Unova I couldn't run at first. I kept toggling it, holding the key down, messed with setting...nothing worked. So I closed the client and restarted it. I was able to run when I logged back in. Hope that helps for now.

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