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  1. Staggiie

    [Money Guide] NPC Re-Match Guide

    My team works decent for me usually, but I'm pretty sure there's better options and strategies. There's so many mons and strats to think about and it gives me a headache lol but i'm certain there are probably many team combinations that work really well for gym runs. I only use the team that i use because it's the only level 100s that i have to work with atm. I didnt put a whole lot of thought into it. I just used them and they did okay so i figure i dont need to spend money on other shit when mine is okay-ish. i might eventually try to improve on it though. i just really hate training new mons to level 100 tbh I don't play much competitive so I don't really like giving battle advice since my battle IQ is just trash lol ESPECIALLY in Doubles, but I can give some tips and info I have gathered during my runs. I think thats most of what you need to know. Everything else is pretty straight forward and not too annoying or difficult. I hope that helped you somewhat though. Hopefully someone will come recommend some other team options for you. You could maybe even make a thread in General Discussion asking what teams ppl use for gym runs? idk if theres a thread already like that so try searching the forums first. I hope you find what you're looking for :)
  2. Staggiie

    Reobtainable Rocky Helmet

    I think he meant accidentally sell it to a poke mart npc
  3. Staggiie

    Being Able To Deleting Characters

    You don't need separate characters to go to a new region. Just take the boat in Vermillion, Slateport, or Castelia to enter a new region. You can play thru ALL regions on just one character.
  4. Staggiie

    The State of the Economy

    Yeah, there are roughly 520+ NPCs available to rematch across all regions combined. (I could have miscounted but it's ABOUT that many) However, I don't think the amount of trainers matters because it takes forever to fight them all. Their payouts vary, but their total payout is roughly 1.3m WITH Amulet Coin. (this doesn't include the Level 100 E4s (too hard for me cause I'm bad) or any Swimmers/Tuber NPCs (too poor).) And it took me playing 6-8 hours a day for 3 days to finish fighting every rematchable NPC. 520+ battles....If each battle takes on average, let's say, 2 minutes each.... 2 min per battle x 520 battles = 1,040 minutes 1,040 minutes = roughly 17 hours. (please excuse any bad maths, I'm just bad) So, 17 hours to make 1.3m. Which is mehhh. That's why people pick out the worthwhile ones (ones that pay 3-6k+) and ignore the rest. I personally do a npc run that nets around 500k for like 3-4 hours of grind. (All gyms + most Trainers that give 3k+) So, I think SOME NPC payouts are fair. (It was alot better before the nerfs but it's still a decent income). Some other's probably need a buff though imo because spending 17 hours to make 1.3m is just lol. I think buffing the smaller NPCs like Kyu said here would be okay and really nice. I feel like if players take the time to rematch EVERYONE and spend DAYS to do it, there should be a bigger payout than that. I'm curious to know other's opinions on that though. The data I collected doesn't include E4 rematches so that's not even a factor of the 1.3m. ------------------------------------------------------------- Here's the data I gathered if anyone wanted it. I got this info from my npc money guide where I collected data on all trainer's rematch payouts with Amulet Coin. It's up-to-date and correct, afaik. (my last run through of them all was when Unova trainer rematches got added in the February Update.) Data Collected
  5. (Lo siento si mi español es malo. Usé el traductor de Google.) Sí, esta traducción al español es antigua. Pero mi guía original en inglés se actualiza si eso ayuda. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/69442-money-guide-npc-re-match-guide/ Completamente rehice mi guía recientemente. @NagaHex no ha actualizado esta traducción de guía con Unova y el pago disminuye en regiones anteriores o mis cambios de diseño y esas cosas. Si desea copiar mi nueva guía al 100%, no me importa, o puede hacer lo que quiera, solo quiero que la información sea correcta para todos :) ---- (Sorry if my Spanish is bad. I used Google Translate.) Yes, this Spanish translation is outdated. But my original English guide is up-to-date if that helps. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/69442-money-guide-npc-re-match-guide/ I completely re-worked my guide recently. @NagaHex hasn't updated this guide translation with Unova and payout nerfs in previous regions or my layout changes and stuff. If he prefers to copy mine 100%, I don't mind. Or he can also just do his own thing. I just want the info to be correct for everyone :)
  6. Oooo I love your art! I'd like one of my character please :D References: Character age: mid 20s Desired expression + pose: You can choose from these 2, whichever is easiest for you :) my character riding a summer sawsbuck. My character can be pointing forward like a "let's go!" my character standing by summer sawsbuck scratching under it's chin or something Pokemon: Sawsbuck (summer form) Miscellaneous Information: my character's eyes are blue if you couldnt see it that well in the screenshots. Take your time and thank you in advance!
  7. Staggiie

    [Money Guide] NPC Re-Match Guide

    Didn't ya know? we love Hoenn runs around these parts Well I do at least lol Nice work though! I'll add it soonTM
  8. Staggiie

    Pokemmo money 2018

    THIS. I totally hate the puzzles too. Some people probably don't do gym runs specifically because of them tbh lol A shortcut for just gym rematches would be amazing, especially in Unova.
  9. Staggiie

    Moving grass

    Moving grass only happens in phenomena. Phenomena are rare encounters of moving grass, floating shadow, dust cloud, and rippling water. There are 150 of these spots in all of Unova but only 2 are active at a time. They stay active for like 5-15 minutes, then a few minutes of cooldown, then 2 new ones will appear somewhere else. And it just cycles through like that. (I'm like 90% sure all that info is correct but someone will correct me if not. lol) It kinda sucks that they're hard to find but the trade-off is that the pokemon you encounter in a phenomena has a +30% chance to have a 30-31 IV. They also always drop a unova fossil or mysterious gem. You pretty much have to wait until someone in global or channel chat calls one out or get a group to hunt them. They're hard to find while solo. This is a nice album someone made with alot of spots found: https://imgur.com/a/ndH89 These posts can maybe help too:
  10. Staggiie

    Pokemmo money 2018

    Thank you :) I just thought I would share what works for me, maybe it helps someone out who's reading. How to make money seems to be a really popular question lol I like to give tips to players that struggle with money making because I remember the struggle quite well when I first started. Wish I had a mentor or something back then. Because a large part of the farming-things-to-sell aspect requires knowledge of our in-game economy that new players don't have yet. But yeah, I totally agree that the payouts are fair. They only nerfed it because they added Unova which gave us more Gyms and Trainers to fight. So it basically evens out. even if it takes a little more time than before the nerfs to make the same amount of money but no big deal imo I think people only have a problem with it because it does take some time that they maybe don't have. Even getting an alt up to where it's able to rematch gyms takes time. (it's totally worth it though) They also probably get burned out on it after awhile so it's really boring eventually. Whoa that's cool to know the annual total! I didn't know that lol But yeah for sure, it is easy if players put the work and time in. Doing gyms + the select trainers I usually fight gets me like 500k and takes about 3 hours. Just doing gyms for 300k is good too and I think everyone should at least do that. And then if I farm something else for a few hours (usually 1x31s, 2x31s) well.... Gym/NPC run money + sold breeders money = it's not uncommon for me or anyone to make 800k+ in a single day from like 5-6 hours of work. But I know RNG is crap for some people though while farming items and breeders etc. That's what makes NPC rematching a good choice I think, since there's no RNG involved.
  11. Staggiie

    Pokemmo money 2018

    There's also 2 NPCs that pay 5k+ in the Shopping Mall on Route 9 in Unova as well as Morimoto in GameFreak building in Castelia city, he gives 19k if you want only trainers like that. But there's not many left in the game since they nerfed the payouts last year. I think the 2 on route 13 unova, the 2 in the mall on route 9, and Morimoto are the only ones that give 5k+ now aside from gym rematches. Most NPC rematches give 2-4k. Here's a list of them all if you wanna decide who to fight and who to not fight. I took it from my guide, someone already linked it, but maybe this is easier. All NPC payout totals with Amulet Coin I skipped any Swimmer or Tuber NPCs btw because they are very poor and not worth it So you can look through that and decide who is worth fighting. It might not look like much (2k here, 3k there...seems kinda bad at first) but it does add up if you spend a couple hours fighting the worthwhile ones. My guide that got linked earlier outlines the most profitable ones for the time spent (imo). It's not gospel but it can help. I also prefer rematching NPCs the most because it's straight guaranteed cash. No worries about getting RNG drops, no worries about whether this or that will sell or not, no worries about getting undercut in the GTL. It's just the most reliable imo (if you have the time to do it) It's my favorite way of income by far. Mostly because I do money runs on alt accounts as well and it suddenly becomes SUPER good income that way. But it's really all about personal preference and how much time you have to spend. It can get boring and repetitive, even I am sometimes like, "Ugh I don't feel like doing this shit today." lol But If you do it at least sometimes, it's better than nothing. Gym rematching is definitely the best money for the time spent though, as others have pointed out. Especially if you have alt accounts that can run them too. They take 1-2 hours depending on your battle finesse and you get about 275k. Other than that, farming is just a part of the game unless you're pay to win. This is an MMO after all. People can't expect to make millions and millions in a day without grinding for it, that's just not realistic. Making just 800k -1m a day is totally possible though if you actually have the time to work for it. And having an income of about 7m per week is more than enough to play the game, breed, play competitive, whatever you wanna do. So, there's no "big secret".....its just grinding....ALOT lol I'm looking at this from an older player's perspective from playing for 3 years....so to me, this stuff is very easy to accomplish. I dunno if you're still in storyline or in end-game but I think every player eventually needs a good sweeper or 2 to fight NPCs rematches, a good Gym rematching team, and a few utility mons (like a catcher smeargle or parasect or breloom, a pick up/payday meowth, a thief mon to farm held items, a damp ability + thief mon to farm everstones, a water absorb + thief mon to farm shards, etc.) Once you have those, here are your options/eventual options to make money: Not everyone will agree with me on those I'm sure but I'm just giving my perspective and what has worked for me. Those are pretty much all your choices for income. I might've missed some methods, but in my 3 years of playing these are the ones I stick to. You aren't doing anything wrong. Monetary gain progress is very possible and easier than you might think. You just have to know what works and what doesn't. Know what the economy demands. If you're farming, you're doing the right thing already. It's all just farming and time, no way around that aside from finding a lucky wild 4-5x31 or a shiny to sell. Or winning events. Oh or buying RP and selling that all pay-to-win style. lol That's the closest thing to a get rich quick scheme you're gunna find. (aside from scamming which can get you in troubleeeee). If you're artsy you can also sell sigs, custom themes, etc here on the forums. But good luck! And I hope some of that was at least a little helpful :)
  12. Staggiie

    [Money Guide] NPC Re-Match Guide

    Yeah sure, feel free :)
  13. Staggiie

    [Money Guide] NPC Re-Match Guide

    Nah your screens are great! Way better than mine lol I added your run, thanks a bunch :)
  14. Staggiie

    [Money Guide] NPC Re-Match Guide

    Nice work! I know that took you awhile I feel your pain xD It's like not only does it take forever to rebattle all this stuff, you have to take the time to note their payouts and add it all up and time yourself and THEN make maps for people, it's just alot of effort so good job! I can add your run to my guide right now as a work-in-progress? Or shall i wait until you fixed it up as you said and with true speed times? Alot of people prefer fast so that's what I tend to focus on when sharing money run ideas. I've heard some chatter about people thinking my 3-4 hour run resulting in like 500k is too long lol I guess they get rich without having to grind for it or something magical like that. Because that's the question I see alllllll the time "how do i make money in this game?" It's a grind. Whether thats farming items, BP, breeders, or rematching....people have to work for it. I dont understand people that expect to make money and NOT spend at least a few hours to do it. smh But anyways that's totally off topic. SOME players are willing to take that time for that amount of cash...not everyone is though. Which is why I like to see what other people can come up with. I appreciate your contribution :)
  15. Staggiie

    [Money Guide] NPC Re-Match Guide

    Quite a few places in Unova are good tbh. I might add them at some point but I dunno. I try to keep the runs short, people already complain about 3-4 hours being too long already lmao

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