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  1. Thanks for the theme Staggiie its AWESOME!

    1. Staggiie


      I'm glad you like it boss :D

  2. Staggiie


    not sure if this is it but are you looking at it's current level stats? i think that's its "at level 5" stats. there's an arrow on the bottom of that page that will cycle between it's current stats, it's stats at level 5, and it's stats at level 50. this is because most PvP is played with level 50 and little cup with level 5 in which pokemon levels get scaled to, so they made it easier to know stats at those levels without having to go google them or something. just make sure you cycle to it's current stats page and it should be accurate.
  3. I was drinking coffee and suddenly I started to think about you.


    "I wonder, Is Stagg drinking coffee too now?"

    1. Staggiie


      I'm ALWAYS drinking it lol

  4. Staggiie

    [GUI] Blue Theme

    Thanks for letting me know about this error. Super sorry about that, guess I rushed it lol I checked all my themes and it was only in the Dark variant as far as I could tell. But it's fixed now, here is the new download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gf4rzsu7uefgm3w/Dark.rar?dl=0 If you find anything else, please let me know, thank you :)
  5. Staggiie

    [GUI] Blue Theme

    This has been updated
  6. Staggiie

    [GUI] Dark Theme

    This has been updated
  7. Staggiie

    [GUI] Red Theme

    This has been updated
  8. Staggiie

    [GUI] Green Theme

    This has been updated
  9. Staggiie

    [GUI] Dragonball Theme

    This has been updated
  10. Thank you for your NPC Re-Match Guide!

    1. Staggiie


      Thank you :) Glad it can be helpful

  11. 1 Plain Sweet , 1 Plain Bitter, 1 Very Spicy And if you need other combos you can find them in this awesome guide:
  12. Staggiie

    Special Ghost Encounter Locations

    seen misdreavus in dreamyard and shedinja in pinwheel in the south outside part, not inside
  13. Staggiie

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    I participated in the Halloween events in 2015 and 2016. Both years it was like this: Little creepy girl spawned in Lavender town talking about wanting candy. 5 Trick-or-Treater kid NPCs would spawn across Kanto and Hoenn every like 10 minutes or so. (correct me if im wrong on the timer) They were dressed as either Ghosts, Witches, or Vampires Their mons levels were based on average level of yours (i think?) i used levle 100s and they always had level 80s for me iirc People would get in global/channel chat and call out locations of trick or treaters...sorta like they do with Phenomena spawns. You'd battle 1 of each type (1 witch, 1 ghost, 1 vampire) each cycle for a total of 3 candies each cycle (the 10 minutes) if you tried battling another of the same NPC type during the same cycle it would just say they were out of candy. (meaning, you couldnt battle TWO ghosts in one respawn cycle or TWO witches etc...they had to all 3 be different. (1 witch, 1 ghost, 1 vampire) They would disappear and then respawn in different locations for the next 10 minutes (if thats was the time of each cycle, cant remember) You got 1 "Spooky Candy" per battle and you could trade in 5 Candies for 1 Goody Bag to the little girl in Lavender Goody bags contained various items including cool event specific vanities (like Ghost Costume and Witches Broomstick in 2015. and Scythe in 2016) Eventually (on Halloween) the little girl in Lavender Town gets all the candy she wanted and spoiler: If they do the event I dunno if it will be the same this year....and I dunno if they'll add Trick or treater NPCs to Unova and stuff or if it will be completely different. But that was the gist of the event in past years.
  14. Staggiie

    [GUI] Dragonball Theme

    12/9/2018 - Updated to work with particles + made visual changes
  15. Staggiie

    [GUI] Dragonball Theme

    Feel free to use anything here for your own projects. Criticism welcomed :) Screenshots: Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtwxhxxf68rdccj/DBZ.zip?dl=0 How to install: (If your PokeMMO client is open, go ahead and close it) Download the .rar file from the link, in the top right will say "Download" go to "Direct download" Once it's downloaded, find the .rar file and Right click it and "Extract" to your PokeMMOs > /data > /themes folder Open your client, at the bottom right go to Settings > Interface > Theme and change that to "DBZ" Save and restart your client. If you find any errors please let me know and I'll attempt to fix them. Thanks for checking this out and hope you all enjoy! :)

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