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  1. Thanks so much! I love it <3 I'll send a donation when I next log in
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  3. These are awesome! :D Choice of two colors: Teal and Yellow Name: Staggiie Team (Optional): VIP Render: Shaymin sky form
  4. You would be correct. My bad. I went RIP for a few months, just came back so I'm sorry for the late reply. I'll get around to fixing that screenshot with the proper location soon tho. Thanks for looking out :)
  5. Missing you badly :)

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  6. Thank you! I know I'm double posting lol but just letting you know this is done :)
  7. Finished the Custom Runs + screenshots section and added a Quick Runs section + screenshots but I haven't timed myself doing them yet. Other than that the guide is pretty much done. I plan to time myself doing the quick runs tomorrow (maybe sooner if I get a chance).DONE Also I made some formatting edits to give a cleaner, easy-to-follow look. Thanks for the feedback everyone :)
  8. Added stuff Still a work in progress. I'll add more later. Currently nursing a headache, tired of typing, and need food. lol -Added my custom money run route (special selected "worth it" trainers. But be warned, It's a 2-3 hour run resulting in about 550k) -Added screenshots to custom run walkthrough -Planning to finish custom Hoenn run section + screens (later) DONE -Planning to create a custom quickie run (probs tomorrow) because i know my custom run (while I may love it) is too long for some. DONE Thanks everyone so far for kind words and suggestions <3
  9. Thank you very much! That sounds great, use as you please :) Thank you! I'll try to work on some screenshots in the near future. And I do have a specific route I take for my money runs, but I don't have it typed up yet. I've just had it memorized, but I'll add it later as well. Thank you for your suggestions!
  10. No problem! You're welcome :) It's about time I contributed something to the community lol herself* :P You're welcome <3 And thank you too! Because If I hadn't seen your post I probably would have continued to forget I even collected this info and I never would have posted it.
  11. Ikr? Free time galore lol I just posted it, here's the link, hope it's useful :)
  12. UPDATE LOG: -Gathered data (November 2016) -Created post (1/30/17) -Added 'Custom Runs' section as a WIP (1/31/17) -Added screenshots to 'Custom Runs' still a WIP (2/1/17) -Made edits to format (2/1/17) -Added 'Quick Runs' section w/ screen shots. Still a WIP (2/2/17) -'Custom Runs' section done. (2/2/17) -Added times to 'Quick Runs' section. Guide completed. (2/2/17) -Fixed a screenshot error showing a wrong location of NPC. (5/15/17) -Thanks to Jeiseun and GrizLee for notifying me of them- -Added extra info to intro. 5/23/17 -Added footnote. 5/26/17 INTRODUCTION: Someone made a post looking for Kanto payout totals from trainer battles. I just so happened to have this info saved on a notepad from a couple months ago when I noticed the August 2016 update added additional NPCs to re-match in Kanto (such as Rock Tunnel, Pokemon Mansion, Victory Road, etc..) thus I had the desire to re-match every NPC and write down their payout totals. (I was curious and bored I guess...and probably poor.) But I never did post the info to the forums. Now tho, I figured I would post the data since someone was looking for it. Maybe it can be useful to others too. It includes all re-matchable NPCs from: Kanto, the Sevii Isles, and Hoenn Matchcall + Gyms (doesn't include E4). Also, something I've noticed while on a few on my runs are players still trying to use up their 100 steps as per the old vs seeker way. Maybe it's a little known fact but that is no longer required. After the 6 hour cool down you can just go right up to the NPC you want to rematch and talk to them, the vs seeker isn't needed anymore. Only thing it's good for is to see who is not on cooldown at that moment in time. The update log that addressed this can be found below. IMPORTANT NOTES -This was done while holding the AMULET COIN. If you aren't using it then your payout totals will be lower than mine. Also, these totals are from RE-MATCHING only. These are not the totals you will get from battling the trainer for the 1st time...those will also be lower I assume. - I skipped all swimmers and tubers because they give low money compared to the effort used surfing out to them. - I re-matched all of these NPCs within the past couple months (November 2016) so I'm certain it's up to date. I will try to update accordingly if/when nerfs or buffs happen. - Payouts differ a little bit each time you re-battle an NPC. So you may get slightly different totals each time, but the data won't vary too much (a couple hundred yen difference at most). I'm mainly just giving an idea of what you will make on average. Any criticism, corrections, or suggestions are very welcome. Lemme know of any bad math, general mistakes, or something I missed. Thank you and I hope this helps someone out! KANTO SEVII ISLES HOENN Now we have all that data, so which trainers are worth the effort? It's true, some trainers just aren't worth the effort. So I'm about to share the paths that I believe are the most profitable for the time spent. But remember, sometimes what works for one player won't necessarily work for the next player. This is 100% only my opinion. I'm not saying this is the best path to take, only that it's my path. Use it, add to it, subtract from it, or create your own based on what you think is most ideal. And as always, I'm open to suggestions. I would love to see players share their own custom money runs they've created using the data above. I could even add them to this guide later and give credit to the maker. It's great to have options! :) So I hope that's something we can achieve here in the future. PREPARATIONS: TIME: Custom Runs (with screenshots) Kanto run = $203,112 Cooldown: 6 Hours Time: Estimated 1 Hour Sevii Isles run = $101,651 Cooldown: 6 Hours Time: Estimated 30 Minutes Hoenn run = $252,708 Match Call Cooldown: 6 Hours Gym Rematch Cooldown: 20 Hours Match Call Time: Estimated 1 Hour Gym Rematch Time: Estimated 20 Minutes Custom Run Total = $ 556,000 in approximately 3 hours Quick Runs (with screenshots) Kanto Quick Run = $128,220 Cooldown: 6 Hours Time: Estimated 30 Minutes Sevii Isles Quick Run = $63,227 Cooldown: 6 Hours Time: Estimated 15 Minutes Hoenn Quick Run = $175,951 Match Call Cooldown: 6 Hours Gym Rematch Cooldown: 20 Hours Match Call Time: Estimated 25 Minutes Gym Rematch Time: Estimated 20 Minutes Quick Run Total = $366,000 in approximately 1 and a half hours FOOTNOTE Since posting this quide, alot of people like to come and ask me if I think farming NPCs is worth it. Considering I made this guide I'm obviously going to say yes. Especially the quick run portion. Making 350k+ in only 1 and a half hours is decent cash, maybe more than decent. And being able to do the run every 6 hours (assuming you want to do it a max of 3 times a day) you're netting yourself nearly 1.1 million yen per day from only 4 and a half hours of total work. In addition to being able to level comps in the process. The problem is most people are lazy and don't want to grind then complain about how poor they are. Well, it's not because it isn't possible, you just have to put the time and work in. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Do my quick run 3x a day for one week. Easy 8m if you're willing/able to actually play the game. To answer the initial question: Do I think NPC farming is worth the work? Yes, yes I think it is damn worth it. So yeah guys! Thanks for checking out my guide. Any criticism, corrections, or suggestions are very welcome. Lemme know of any bad math, general mistakes, or something I missed. I'm up to answer any questions as well. Thank you and I hope this helps someone out!
  13. You can use the search bar to search the forums for a guide with that info but I dunno if they're updated. However, I actually have the data you're looking for on hand. Not just for Kanto, but for Sevii Isles and Hoenn matchcall too. Back in November I re-matched every NPC with Amulet Coin and wrote down their payout totals. I never posted it to the forums though. Maybe I will now xD
  14. Awwe thank you! I really like that :D