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  1. Hey guys, I've been using my Dark Theme and thought I would re-upload it with all the updates. Hope you enjoy! In-game donations are great btw :) If you're going to use any parts from my themes to make your own, at least give credit you absolute swines. That can backfire on you when it needs an update and you don't know how to edit the coding because you didn't actually make it yourself...you just copy/pasted from others themes and changed some colors in photoshop. But anyways.... :) Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qh6gsesih3wnl8r/Dark_Theme.zip/file To Install: Downlo
  2. I don't mind Johto happening eventually...but definitely not soon. I'd rather they work on Hidden Abilities/Legendary Dungeons and more competitive stuff first. I'd even rather they work on more holiday events before even thinking about implementing Johto.
  3. Thanks. I haven't updated this in like a year lol It's not even totally accurate right now since the Amulet Coin update. Eventually I'll get around to it. I don't have alot of free time these days. Probably in the summer I'll set everything straight.
  4. Shaymin - It's just so cute Salazzle - I like it's Corrosive ability and that it can use Nasty Plot, also Taunt. Starmie - It's been my PvE sweeper in MMO for as long as I can remember and I have too many memories with it. Smeargle - Let's be honest, we'd all have a harder time if this guy ( or girl) didn't exist. Pachirisu - It's so fkn cuteeeeeee. Also seen a guy use it in VGC one year and won. lol Mew - I've loved Mew since the first movie. Makes me feel like a kid again everytime I see one. Keldeo - It's just so good and cute Lycanroc - Priority rock move is dank. It's also
  5. This has been updated for new particle effects and IVs/EVs
  6. This has been updated for new particle effects and IVs/EVs
  7. This has been updated for new particle effects and IVs/EVs
  8. I dunno anything about themes on Android, just PC
  9. lol it's like that in the default theme too. i believe in Unova it isn't, but in Kanto and Hoenn, it's always all caps up there for locations and has been for the nearly 5 years i've been playing
  10. They can be bought from the Gift Shop with RP or from other players/GTL
  11. lol okay. but is it something to do with my theme? otherwise i dont understand the purpose of your complaining tbh
  12. Open monster-frame.xml in Notepad++ and at Line 175, change "alphabeta-lightgreen". Just change the "lightgreen" part to one of the colors from font.xml between lines 31 and 51. The color will equal whatever HEX code of the name you used. Example: Using the image above, If you change it to "alphabeta-purple" in monster-info.xml, then the color of maxed out IVs and EVs will be the color of #FF99FF
  13. like in the chat? idk why you're spamming my thread with this. bit odd
  14. oh no. i gotta throw the whole thread away now fml
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