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  1. I'm not nearly as well-versed in competitive as most. I'm not even currently in a Team so I just queue matchmaking, make mistakes, self teach. but here we go: https://pokepast.es/ad5066e672768d71 My thought process:
  2. He can't fix it because he's one of the many people that took themes I made and maybe changed a couple things in photoshop and then posted as their own. And bc these people did not create them, they have no idea how to alter the coding to patch anything.
  3. I laughed lmfao Alot of people would want that info to be private
  4. Yo, so I've been back playing less than a week after taking a 14 month break. Quite a few changes to matchmaking I noticed. My 1st question is, how does this ELO system work when it comes to matching you against players in Ranked? Because I just got matched with the #18 player on OU leaderboards and my ELO was only in the lower 550s. (Its 547 NOW). Is it not a "your rank vs. a similar rank"? Is 550 vs a 750+ normal? 2nd question is, obviously I just came back in the middle of this season. Seasons weren't a thing last time I played so i'm wondering when season 5 ends. I looked around and learned they last 3 months (?) I just dunno when this one started. Thanks for any info! EDIT: Also, the season reward, what are the requirements to get that?
  5. I've updated this and changed a few small things that I think look better, like more visible search boxes and such. Let me know if there's any mistakes with the theme or the link. New link here and in the OP. https://www.mediafire.com/file/clz4krp0awok7p1/Dark_Theme_2021.rar/file Big thanks to @budadethfor keeping this alive while I was on a break. Thank you sir! Also, can staff remove the outdated tag from my post. Thank you!
  6. Stall is a legitimate strategy. I don't play stall but there's things to stop it if you know what you're doing. I never did play much pvp, I'll admit. In fact, I'm back after a 14 month break, but pokemon is pokemon. Team theory crafting is a constant and you have to be able to evolve with the meta (assuming nothing is OP hax BS) such as this King's Rock, Quick Claw issue. When I still played early last year, those items were banned, as they should be. How do you deal with stall without those? Simple. There's multiple options: -Taunt -Encore -Set up on them w/ Substitute (sub blocks the dreaded Toxic you're so afraid of) -Trick a choice item onto them -Perish Song Or just simply use a counter to it. Chansey for example, strong fighting types will scare it out. Conkeldurr especially. It can't be Toxic'd it it's running Flame Orb + Guts because it will already be status'd. Breloom, another good one. If Toxic is a huge issue, run Heal Bell, Aromatherapy, subs, Pokemon that can't be Toxic'd, Safeguard, etc. There's plenty of options. Form a strategy against a problem. Your team has to be prepared for a variety of opposing strategies, Stall included. Just use your head. Critical thinking...what a concept. And lastly, if you have to use RNG hax to win, you're bad. Edit: Holy fuuuuu someone remind me how to post images lmfao
  7. Thanks Teddi! πŸ™‚ Thanks! πŸ˜‰
  8. Awe thanks! ❀️ I MIGHT get back into doing them again idk
  9. haha same, thank you forfi
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