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  1. You quoted me but, idk, I'm not a dev. I can only give my opinion. I think your question is sorta like asking "Why do they even give us pokemon if we can't breed comps until end game?" Should they give us full comp teams to start with now? Of course not. It's the same logic though. You get a starter mon but that doesn't mean you can jump right into playing competitive. Same with secret power....just because you get it doesn't mean you can jump right into making a base. We just do things when we're able to do them. It doesn't always have to be "RIGHT NOW". Instead of looking at it like, "These prices are a problem that need to be lowered." Try to look at it as, "How can I make more money to afford these things that I want?" I'm pretty sure base items are priced to match the in-game economy. So the prices really shouldn't be a problem if you are actually participating in said economy. Imo, they're completely affordable and fair compared to everything else. The most expensive base item is like 90k. You can grind that no problem. Sell breeders, farm items, rematch NPCs, grow berries. Do anything. But don't just do nothing. Work for what you want. Grind a few 100k and buy your base some items. Bases are only a cool little side thing anyways. And besides...if it was too easy and hella cheap to make a base....where would the bragging rights be when you finally make an amazing one? :)
  2. I'm glad there are gifs. I never would have known what a Tohaido was tbh
  3. This sold. Please close. Than you :)
  4. I like this offer alot, looking for a little bit more tho
  5. cmon guys lol
  6. nty
  7. Wanna sell this. LF offers, thanks IGN: Staggiie
  8. In the past, vitamins were available to buy in Celadon Mart 5th floor but they took them out in this update: Also, some vitamins can be found thru story line (some are hidden items) You can find them in these guides: Just use ctrl+f to find specifically what you want. IIRC, Silph co. had quite a few hidden vitamins around. Besides this, like LiquidFrost said, buy them with BP or on GTL.
  9. If you take a look at this guide: You can see that nothing is outrageously expensive or anything. In my own secret base, I spent probably 500k altogether and...compared to alot of players in the game....500k is absolute chump change. I think 500k is a fair price for a nice looking base. I guess a better argument for you would be: secret base item prices aren't newbie friendly. I can agree with that. I can imagine a new player going into the flower shop and saying "Wow!! 50k for a plant?!!" While staring sadly at their 7k. It probably does seem "expensive" from that perspective. But nothing end game is newbie friendly tbh. Breeding isn't newbie friendly. Competitive isn't newbie friendly. It's expensive at first. You just have to work your way up to being able to achieve what you want with ease. If you can't afford what you want then its time to grind like the rest of us do. Sadly, secret base items aren't tradeable or anything so no one will be giving them to you or selling them any cheaper than the NPCs. As far as it being a money grab....I don't recall anything for secret bases being bought with RP except for the Regi dolls which are no longer available iirc. So, I don't see how it's "donation bait" at all.
  10. My 1st shiny was a Linoone at 1,723 hours as I was just passing thru some route in Hoenn, I think by safari zone. Was a totally random single encounter. And 2nd was a Beautifly in a horde at 2,381 hours while EV training in Pattern Bush. Wasn't expecting that one to happen either. Currently at 3.5k+ hrs and no 3rd one as of yet. But I don't actively hunt shinys at all. I just kinda go with the flow. I guess you get the picture by now, it will happen when it happens. Playtime doesnt really mean anything. Just because someone has 1000+ hours doesn't mean those hours were spent encountering mons, could just be afk-ing in verm for 12 hours a day for all we know. Just do as many wild encounters as you possibly can, it'll happen eventually.
  11. It's hard to look right
    At you baby,
    But here's my number,
    So call me, maybe!

    1. Staggiie


      Is this our song now? x)


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      Haha easy to say, easy to remember and nice ! Why not x)

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      lol try to learn whole lyrics of DesPacito I dare u

      lol try to learn whole lyrics of DesPacito I dare u

  12. Omg Ripppp. I imagine accidentally killing a shiny feels like wanting to die. My condolences. Also, this situation kinda reminds me of this. But the more we can learn about accidentally killing shinies the better. So I'm thankful for people like you that let the community know something like this can happen so that we don't make the same mistakes. Like when I found shiny a Beautifly, I knew beforehand it could whirlwind out so I was prepared. And that is thanks to the people who had their shinies escape like this. (RIP) You guys are the real MVPs tho. I would have neverrrr knew it could happen if not for your sacrifices. Tbh, I'm always carrying suction cups Octillery, a Smeargle, and a Gengar if I know I'm gunna be encountering wilds in case a shiny appears. If you had a ghost type out like Gengar, Take Down would have failed and you'd be free to keep killing the rest of the non-shinies. Just trying to give tips for future reference :P There's probably 9000 more tips or things to take note of when finding a shiny (like the Encore thing I linked above) but I'm not a shiny hunter or anything so idk much aside from what happens to other people. lol Maybe this can be informative too Rip again tho, those Take Down mons smhhh nerf pls
  13. Thanks! I'm glad it helps :D
  14. It's no problem :) It's a common mistake. I still forget too sometimes when I'm in a battle like "Why wasnt that super effect---ohhhh right....gen 3" xD
  15. These are amazing :D Thanks so much, I'll mail donation asap <3