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  1. Ah darn. Well, I'm fortunate because I have many alts I can farm on if I need to. But let's stay positive here. Unova will likely bring other money making methods, as many others have said. And a decent amount we're losing from rematching trainers can probably be gained thru rematching Kanto gyms now (I dunno, I havent tried it yet...I'm assuming though.) But it might just be time for NPC rematching to not be worth the time spent anymore. RIP. All good things must come to an end eventually, they say. But if money making becomes harder, the price of things in the economy might decrease so that's a plus I guess. Thanks for the info! Nice to meet you too btw o/ Thanks so much for this info <3 I hope that theory is true. I noticed in the change logs something about Tier 1, 2, and 3 trainers, so yeah hopefully. I'd like to get some specifics on all this honestly. And yeah, I agree that one person's trash is another man's treasure. It's treasure for people still in the story line or newer players. But for people who will have all regions completed or people who have been playing for years...it's hard for any of these rematch nerfs to really be productive for us compared to the time spent. I'm not complaining at all, just stating the obvious and I can definitely make money and level up comps in other ways. No big deal. I'm simply saying, NPC farming might be obsolete now. Just not worth the time for what you get out of it now (for post game players) if this nerf is permanent.
  2. It's correct, I'm doing a money run right now just to see what all the fuss is about (seeing as I made the NPC guide on the forums here) Trainer's that previously were giving 5-6k+ are giving 2k-2.5k HOWEVER Their pokemon's levels have significantly decreased as well. Use to be 50-60 lvls now are in the mid 30s. So I'm hoping after I rebattle these that when I go to rebatttle them after the 6 hour cooldown it will have raised in difficulty therefore raising the payout. I dunno tho, this could be permanent but I'm hoping it isnt seeing as rematching trainers with mere level 30s makes zero sense for post game players. If anyone is able to rematch an NPC for a 2nd time since the update, let me know please what the levels are and the payouts. I cant rematch them for another 5.5 hours or I would do it myself obviously.
  3. anyone else having running shoe issues?

    I dunno about Kanto, but when I received the running shoes in Unova I couldn't run at first. I kept toggling it, holding the key down, messed with setting...nothing worked. So I closed the client and restarted it. I was able to run when I logged back in. Hope that helps for now.
  4. Gib me a new song !!

    1. Staggiie
    2. FinnTheMember


      lol i like this one. Cute ? Retrotic ? Nostalgic ? Fantastic ? haha no  idea how to comment but i like it. Ohhhh there is "thanks" button too haha i didn't realise it before. Okay! Thanks a lot Stagg ! <3

    3. Staggiie


      You're welcome :D I really like it. It reminds me of feeling the child-like wonder of discovering new things in the world. <3

  5. Halloween 2017

    They're not limited, but they're exclusive. fangs and horns are pretty undesirable so I have no argument there but the scythe is exclusive and desirable and its worth what? 3-4m range right now I guess. It can be worth more in the future if it stays exclusive to that one year and isnt released again. I think they will EASILY fall to that price if they are re-introduced. I think others would agree. That's the entire reason why re-introducing them is bad. I didnt say no one would be benefited if Halloween happened. I said some would benefit. New players most certainly would be. I would be. You would be. Alot of people would be. But it's not worth huge losses for others. My stance is in favor of no one getting screwed. Even if that means no one gets benefits. I was excited too. Hell, I took screen shots last year of all the NPCs with the intention of making a Halloween event guide for this year, I was hype. But I also don't want anyone losing money just so I can feel joy. I think those people would be alot more disappointed to lose millions of yens than we are to not have an event.
  6. Halloween 2017

    If they repeated last years event I would have no problem with that if I only had my benefit in mind. I don't dabble in vanity selling and collecting and whatnot. Doesn't effect me a bit. But I understand that it DOES effect others. So my stance is actually pretty selfless. According to Kyu so far, they cant or are unwilling to alter the event, it can only be an exact duplicate of last years or nothing. And considering the duplication would have negative impacts on values, its just smarter to not have it. Nobody is getting benefited here. Not old players and not new players. It just all stays the same for everyone. The point is to not give anyone a loss. Option 1: Duplicate the event from last years = Some people get benefits. Some people get losses. Option 2: Have no event at all = No one gets benefits, no one gets losses. Which one really is better for the majority? Cause I'm sticking firm with #2. And I agree Halloween is always fun and hype, but we have plenty else to be hype for with the new region coming.
  7. Halloween 2017

    The reasonable point is not lying to the community by saying "hey these items are exclusive to this years event" and then releasing them again, making them not exclusive anymore. The other reasonable point is not lowering those items value in the process of lying to everyone. If this year they made new vanities you would have a point. But re-releasing the old ones fucks over alot of people who paid what they're worth for being exclusive. My point was that people wanting to just get them for cheap are not seeing the negative impacts that would have on other players. It literally says exclusive in the description: Do any of us really deserve anything? This is game is free to play. But I'll agree somewhat. However, considering the circumstances with the Unova update and not having time to make a unique event this year for Halloween, giving it a pass is reasonable. My argument is in favor of not fucking anyone over. No one is losing anything by passing on the ween this year. All your comps, items, yen, everything is secure and there and worth what it's worth. But re-introducing old vanities will lower the value of them in some people's bags. K? Don't be daft. This situation is an odd one seeing as they didn't have an event made this year because of being too busy with the new region, therefore, making the only options according to Kyu being to duplicate the event from last year or have nothing at all. The problem is that duplicating creates a mess with old vanity values. Under NORMAL circumstances of course there would be one. How's that selfish? That's normal. Who is okay with losing money? Please enlighten me. Yes, because you obvs don't care if they lose money and value on their shit they paid millions for. Agreed.
  8. Halloween 2017

    I'm pretty ignorant about technical stuff but this part of Kyu's post in the PTS Hype thread gave me the vibe that what you're suggesting isn't do-able I guess. Or they are unwilling to do it. "Duplicated, or nothing." So I suppose that's why those are the options being talked about. My bad if I'm misunderstanding.
  9. Vanity Item Suggestions

    I guess this is the right place for this. Could the Pumpkin Backpack be fixed to where the green stem on top actually shows? As far as I know, it only shows if your character is bald. It's no big deal and you prob got alot of other shit to be working on but I think it would be nifty eventually if it's do-able :)
  10. Halloween 2017

    I'm not really directing this at anyone, I'm just sorta thinking outloud over everything I've read so far. I think most of the outrage just comes from people wanting an easy cash grab for a couple days, and that's being denied now. Let's be honest here. lol That's personally why I'm disappointed. Knowing I made nearly 20m grinding my ass off and selling bags last year and now I can't do that again this year, yeah...much sadness. Believe me, I'm far from happy about it. I LOVE the Halloween event. I'm usually quiet and shy but it's the most social I get in the game all year helping out with locations in chat. People are actually helping eachother instead of insulting eachother. It's nice and fun and makes me rich. What could be better? But I understand the reasons behind not having it and I totally agree with that decision. Either that or people just wanna get cheaper vanities than the norm. Which isn't fair to people who bought exclusive stuff for millions expecting them to remain exclusive. If they are re-introduced, the value WILL drop significantly and won't rise again for months and months, if at all. Anyone that's played a decent amount of time knows this. And that would be a huge loss to those players. I don't horde rare vanities to sell years later so I don't have a dog in the fight so-to-speak, but I DEFINITELY understand players wanting to keep their item's rarity and value. No one wants to lose money. What I don't understand is the argument that newer players deserve a chance to easily get old vanities they missed out on. Okay, why though? Why do they deserve easy-mode just because they're new? And why should people holding rare vanities take a hit to the wallet just to handfeed new players? Giving out old vanities to new players like candy (quite literally) would be an awful idea and a slap in the face to older players. It's not like these vanities aren't obtainable, they just cost alot. Hell, they can even buy old goodie bags for a couple 100k and take a gamble opening those. They are completely capable of getting them eventually with hard work. The only exceptions being the untradeable Pumpkin Backpack and Scary Hockey Mask but those are suppose to be symbols of skill for beating the Pumpking boss for that respective year. If newer players weren't around back then to do it, they shouldn't have them. Simple as that. I doubt many true new players could even defeat it this year to begin with. I'm really not being a jerk about it, that's just a fact. Spoiler for those who maybe haven't fought it before and don't want any info on it so as to experience it firsthand if ol Pumpking ever makes a return. I'm just saying, in the 2015 Halloween event, I wasn't even that new...I had been playing maybe 10-11 months...and I don't care to admit I struggled hard with it. Took me many attempts and strategy changes and revives and heals to accomplish. Sure, It's do-able for some newer players I guess, I don't mean to assume they'll all fail at it. I'm possibly just bad, but my point is that the Halloween event was never new player friendly in my opinion. So yeah, making an argument in favor of new players is nice and all, but it's kind of a weak argument. I'm pretty sure most of us just wanna sell bags and get rich and have spooky fun, but we can't now so we wanna riot about it. Totally natural, I get it fam. I do. But the devs don't owe us any of those things. The Halloween event is just a fun 2-3 day thing with the opportunity to make bank af if you're able and work really hard. There's no loss from skipping it, there's just no gain either. But there IS a loss to some players if they re-introduce old vanities and make them more common and less valuable. They don't deserve that happening just so new players can get them easier. And people who are cool with players losing money so they themselves can gain stuff is very selfish. I don't want anyone, not a single one of you all, to lose money. That's sad :( Personally, I don't really care about vanities or their prices or whatever, I just wanna sell bags. I could be selfish and argue in favor of repeating last years event because, for myself, that would be in MY best interest. But I know that would fuck over alot of people so, I'm against it. Gotta think about the path that will do the least damage to the community as a whole. And sure, new players are missing out on the experience of a PokeMMO Halloween, but I'm sure I missed alot of stuff before I started playing too, that's just life. There's always next year. And sure, everyone else is missing out on a cool event and making money, but we aren't losing anything like these vanity holders would. Have some respect, yo. I'd rather the devs focus on the new region instead of scrambling to make Halloween happen. We have to acknowledge the reasons why they decided to possibly not have it. Given the circumstances with the new region coming and everything Kyu said in his post I think it's totally understandable that they weren't able to work on a Halloween event this year. I'm sure they didn't make that decision flippantly. I respect it. They will never be able to please everyone obvs, but there's a big update coming and that's something to be really excited and thankful for. At least Unova update will give a much needed change and opportunities that last long term and that's a positive for everyone.
  11. Kick Message

    Just play with "Show own overworld name" enabled in gameplay settings. Then you can clearly see that you no longer have a team tag by your name if you happened to be kicked. Unless you just don't like having your name above your character, in that case, I dunno. lol You do have a point though. I mean it DOES inform everyone in the team that "so-and-so is no longer a member of the team" when they are kicked or leave so it probably should inform the ACTUAL player being kicked through a system message or something too, that would make sense. Or maybe make something like, "You have been kicked from the team." be the last message you receive in the team chat. Dunno how that would work if you're offline when it happens though. But you'd obviously figure it out pretty soon if you were kicked while offline, seeing as you wouldn't see the team welcome message or whatever upon login.
  12. [Story] Our Diary 2.0

    I have social anxiety so this isn't exactly comfortable for me but @RealLifeAngel is muh new friend so I figured why not? :) I'm currently on facebook and in-game too about to do a money run after I post this. I have 2 monitors so I often am doing multiple things online. Thinking about watching something on Netflix while I play. I've been wanting to re-watch Wynonna Earp. And I'm playing this app game called Summoners War on my phone. It's addictive. I recommend it. I'm also listening to music on Spotify. I have this one playlist I listen to on repeat like all day. I'm sure I'll tire of it one day, but for now it's great. Mostly indie rock and indie pop. I just made a pot of coffee at nearly 10pm because my sleeping pattern is so backwards, I woke up maybe 2 hours ago. lol Life's kinda lame right now. I live in an RV in my parents drive way currently, recently dropped out of college. Unemployed, aside from selling stuff on eBay occasionally. My parents have an eBay business so I help with that. I guess I'm in this mindset of feeling sorry for myself even though I know that's not gunna fix anything. I just can't find any motivation lately. Which sucks because I use to be a really driven person but the last few years have been rough for a multitude of reasons and I guess I let depression get the best of me. Luckily my family understands so that's a plus. But now I'm worried about being a burden on them. I play video games to not think about it, distractions you know. I probably shouldn't avoid my problems but I'm just not feeling mentally up to it. Like I said, total lack of motivation right now. And my PokeMMO bestfriend @FinnTheMember has been kinda inactive recently and I MISS HIM. But he's doing school stuff I reckon, super proud of him. I don't have many friends here, I'm not even in a team right now. Totally by my own choice, but sometimes it can be lonely. On a lighter note, I'm hype for The Walking Dead tomorrow and on Monday I'm going to spend a few days with my IRL bestfriend because she just broke up with her boyfriend of 5 years and he's moving out I guess and she's having a crisis. But I aint seen her in awhile so I'm excited. Maybe we can improve eachother's moods. She got a new puppy and I'm gunna make it love me. lol Also counting down the days until the Halloween Event in-game...which I hope is happening, idk. But that's my shit, fam. Well, this was cool. Time for coffee and the eternal grind o/
  13. I tried to post a big heart which can fill all your wall. But this is biggest.





    :( Looking for new forum update hahahaha.

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    2. FinnTheMember


      You.. are cruel. Heartbreaker.




      Oh wait no, heart melter ?! Thats kinda original ! Breaking no other meaning but melting can have another !




      Trying to find most refine part of heart. Pure Heart ! Who believes that hahaha.



      You can be Big Villain, Sweet Tea Lady Stagg . Well still you are level 1. Your first job will be crushing hopes of newbies with being Npc at Route 16 in pokemon. When you have enough hope dusts. You can gain "Sweet Tea Heart Destroyer" title.



    3. Staggiie


      Did you say pure hearts??



      (you have played Kingdom Hearts right?)


    4. FinnTheMember


      Ahahahaha you are definetly right. There is no pure one xD Ah i didn't play but pulled my attention now :D

  14. Really difficult to find you in game todays haha , ah well same for me too :') I'm preparing a cake to celebrate your new fun place :D


    Do you prefer 'Alice In Wonderland' colorful fruit style cake or 'Let's go to Hell' full dark chocolate style cake? :D

    1. Staggiie


      Yeah I just got my internet hooked up in my new place today! Hmm, I'm not a big fan of chocolate so I'll have to go with the Alice in Wonderland cake xD

    2. FinnTheMember



      Dat view. I hate updates ! xD


      Alice is my cousin. Also there must be a mirror world which i can deliver cake fast in her wonderland. So put a mirror to table , wait me :D

  15. *HUGS*

    1. Staggiie


      *hugs* :3


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