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  1. I dunno anything about themes on Android, just PC
  2. lol it's like that in the default theme too. i believe in Unova it isn't, but in Kanto and Hoenn, it's always all caps up there for locations and has been for the nearly 5 years i've been playing
  3. They can be bought from the Gift Shop with RP or from other players/GTL
  4. lol okay. but is it something to do with my theme? otherwise i dont understand the purpose of your complaining tbh
  5. Open monster-frame.xml in Notepad++ and at Line 175, change "alphabeta-lightgreen". Just change the "lightgreen" part to one of the colors from font.xml between lines 31 and 51. The color will equal whatever HEX code of the name you used. Example: Using the image above, If you change it to "alphabeta-purple" in monster-info.xml, then the color of maxed out IVs and EVs will be the color of #FF99FF
  6. like in the chat? idk why you're spamming my thread with this. bit odd
  7. oh no. i gotta throw the whole thread away now fml
  8. Yeah it's here, also, I can help with most theme stuff, just shoot me a PM anytime
  9. Very good point. But people creating alts for that is doable already regardless of the time it takes. If they really wanna berry farm on alts, they will. It was just a small QOL thought I had since most people already played these stories and honestly Bianca never shut the hell up. Even holding X on max speed, it's still annoying. Like when Sinnoh gets released, I wont be reading any dialogue since I already played Platinum years ago and know the storyline. All I wanna do is get through it so I can have access to all the new mons and breed my new comps. Skipping dialogue would be so nice. This isn't even something to take seriously though. It doesn't take long to complete a region even if the dialogue was forced at a slow pace. Like I said, just a QOL thing.
  10. Idk about going THAT far, you should still have to play the game no matter how much money you wanna throw at it. But Something to skip dialogue would be cool. Especially for Unova, Bianca never shuts up.
  11. Welcome back?

    1. Staggiie


      not really in-game but on forums ill still make themes xD might play when sinnoh releases. i miss you <3 

    2. FinnTheMember


      Aye I hope sinnoh will be soon then! <3

  12. They made the Amulet Coin consumable. So, in that sense, kind of a nerf. The money gained is a little more now actually but the Amulet Coin is consumed and only lasts 1 hour.
  13. How to install: (If your PokeMMO client is open, go ahead and close it) Download the .rar file from the link, in the top right will say "Download" go to "Direct download" Once it's downloaded, find the .rar file and Right click it and "Extract" to your PokeMMOs > /data > /themes folder Open your client, at the bottom right go to Settings > Interface > Theme and change that to "Shiny Charizard" Save and restart your client.
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