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  1. I don't mind Johto happening eventually...but definitely not soon. I'd rather they work on Hidden Abilities/Legendary Dungeons and more competitive stuff first. I'd even rather they work on more holiday events before even thinking about implementing Johto.
  2. Thanks. I haven't updated this in like a year lol It's not even totally accurate right now since the Amulet Coin update. Eventually I'll get around to it. I don't have alot of free time these days. Probably in the summer I'll set everything straight.
  3. Shaymin - It's just so cute Salazzle - I like it's Corrosive ability and that it can use Nasty Plot, also Taunt. Starmie - It's been my PvE sweeper in MMO for as long as I can remember and I have too many memories with it. Smeargle - Let's be honest, we'd all have a harder time if this guy ( or girl) didn't exist. Pachirisu - It's so fkn cuteeeeeee. Also seen a guy use it in VGC one year and won. lol Mew - I've loved Mew since the first movie. Makes me feel like a kid again everytime I see one. Keldeo - It's just so good and cute Lycanroc - Priority rock move is dank. It's also v cute. Swampert - Something about a Mudkip meme Talonflame - Priority flying moves? Yes please. Heracross - I admit, the Johto Journies anime made me love this succy boi. Crobat - I always feel so accomplished when I evolve a Golbat with friendship. Scrafty - This my nibba. He's soo cool. Gengar - My all time favorite Pokemon, it's just a good boy. Glaceon - Ngl, pretty much all the other ice types don't do it for me. Scizor - In gen 2, I was most excited for this thing bc I always thought Scyther was badass and then they give it an evo? YES. Goodra - I like to Assault Vest this thing and rek. It's also cute. Clefable - Magic Guard. And cute. Missing Pokemon of Staff Members: (I have no clue really but I'll try) Bearminator - Cubchoo TheChampionMike - Dragalge SneakyTeddi - Jirachi Raichuforyou - Lucario Gilan - Pinsir DemonicDax - Roserade SecretDjinn - Zangoose Rache - Venomoth LeZenor - Crobat Linfanz - Gyarados Matoka - Tyrannitar Edniss - Lapras IGN: Staggiie
  4. This has been updated for new particle effects and IVs/EVs
  5. This has been updated for new particle effects and IVs/EVs
  6. This has been updated for new particle effects and IVs/EVs
  7. This has been updated for new particle effects and IVs/EVs
  8. I dunno anything about themes on Android, just PC
  9. lol it's like that in the default theme too. i believe in Unova it isn't, but in Kanto and Hoenn, it's always all caps up there for locations and has been for the nearly 5 years i've been playing
  10. They can be bought from the Gift Shop with RP or from other players/GTL
  11. lol okay. but is it something to do with my theme? otherwise i dont understand the purpose of your complaining tbh
  12. Open monster-frame.xml in Notepad++ and at Line 175, change "alphabeta-lightgreen". Just change the "lightgreen" part to one of the colors from font.xml between lines 31 and 51. The color will equal whatever HEX code of the name you used. Example: Using the image above, If you change it to "alphabeta-purple" in monster-info.xml, then the color of maxed out IVs and EVs will be the color of #FF99FF
  13. like in the chat? idk why you're spamming my thread with this. bit odd
  14. oh no. i gotta throw the whole thread away now fml
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