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  1. @Blue Here's your theme btw.
  2. I had a request from a teammate for a Shiny Charizard theme. Thought I would share it with everyone else too. Enjoy! Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxhjznkrnmsxdix/Shiny Charizard.zip?dl=0 Screenshots
  3. Hello, I really hope you can make a theme like the new version of SAO for me, just like the one you made before. If you can do it well, please send me a message 

    Thank you 

  4. I can't be assed to read this entire thread but looking at the poll, imo, isn't the issue just over-saturation? Too many people farming the same thing = prices fall on that thing. I would say just farm a different market but I feel like the amount of options and content we have hasn't grown parallel to the growth of the community population. Pretty much every market is saturated now because they've been farmed into the ground, nothing new to be doing (aside from holiday events but those are few and far between) so people turn to static money making methods (selling berries to NPCs, rematching gyms etc.) where they don't have to worry about market prices or if things will sell or not. It's guaranteed money. And it can be done on alts for even more profit. I don't fault people who do it, it's probably the smarter thing to be doing right now. But if doing THAT is better than actually participating in the economy then there's a problem with that economy. For sure. Oh well, just buy a limited vanity and wait a year, you'll be rich, it's fine. lol
  5. Yes it's current. I think first rematach is still low tier yen. The next time you battle him it should be max payout. Also my guide is while holding Amulet Coin.
  6. GLADoS approves. Awesome guide btw. I was wondering If I could credit you and link to it in my NPC guide? I was planning to do something like this (eventually) but since you already have that's much easier haha
  7. Updated this to work with new particles and team preview
  8. updated this to work with new particles and team preview
  9. Updated this to work with new particles and team preview
  10. Updated this to work with new particles and team preview. Changed the style as well.
  11. updated this to work with new particles and team preview. made a style change as well.
  12. Just letting you know this has been updated :) New link is in the OP
  13. Thanks! Yeah I have to update it with the new update changes so i took the old one down for now, sorry, But I will get around to it very soon :)
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