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  1. So we're supposed to play against each other for PSL so tell me when you can play etc.

    I'm kinda free for the whole week but my timezone is BST +2 so wouldn't really prefer the match to be at 4am for me.

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    2. Raptori


      Well if you have tests all week I think it would be right for you to say the time. But if I have to tell you the time then just atleast say your timezone and we can figure something out.

    3. Ryun


      I think be free all of Friday.  Anywhere between 1-8pm GMT should be good if that's cool with u

    4. Raptori


      Yeah that seems reasonable. See you then.

  2. Character:Lunatik psyker(from elsword) Name:Lumio Background:Abstract donation:50k i guess
  3. thanx alot :) tfw u cant find out how to change your sig
  4. Character:Feitan from hunterxhunter Name:DarkLumio
  5. tfw u step on a lego

  6. You're pretty. =)

  7. Name:Lumio Team(optional):[YOLO] Render:souh mikoto Donations:50k
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