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  1. Opening 7 in Bleach. #1 for me. ^^

  2. Ok and no problem. Close this page for a moment no? It's better for you, I think.
  3. Hello, nice job, congratulations, Ploegy. I would like a signature too if possible please:   Text: Shindoku [LÐ] Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Yveltal Background: I don't have suggestion but a dark one please Anything else?: Good luck and thank you very much for your time
  4. Hello.   What is it you would like see customized/made? The texture in the Hoenn region. How would like see it customized/made? Like the customization on the texture of Kanto (by Ikarus). Link: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/49566-ips-ikarus-lost-property-kanto-graphics-patch-updated-692015/ Is there anybody you think would be able to/you would like see customize/make this?   I don't have any experience to make this. So, I would like to ask to Ikarus or a person suggested by you if possible.
  5. Hello. Your arts looks great. Congratulations. I would love have one too please:   Render: Gin Ichimaru with his Zanpakuto (his sword) named Shinzo. Name: Shinzõ. Team: Lost Division. Additional information: I would like Yveltal on this signature if possible, but it's optional.   Thank you very much for your time and good luck.
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