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  1. "and you can view my layouts on my DeviantArt account. " you did not give a link

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    2. Munya


      No need to say sorry, just wanted to check it out~

    3. ShinyFlareon


      Just check my sig

    4. Munya


      Cute stuff there provided you made them(I'm not claiming otherwise if that is what saying this seems like).

  2. Interesting and working on another, though that one could take a while to complete.  This one is a challenge which I like.
  3. Hate the colour pink, though can work with the colour, no problems and don't mind some of Taylor Swift's stuff.  Prefer Eminem, 50 Cent, ect, though music taste is varied
  4. Erm, thanks.   @LionKing:   Been trying to find how to download the game and sorry I have to decline the offer.
  5. Lol, may do if I can be arsed to
  6. So am I suppose to put something on my in here? The list to that one is a long one, so ain't gonna bother.

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    2. CyrusZathen


      I assume that's hunger game isn't it.

    3. ShinyFlareon


      Never seen it, but yep

    4. CyrusZathen


      Nah I surrender xd

  7. holy shit 31 years old?

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    2. ShinyFlareon


      Hence I use Paint Shop Pro. Need to re-learn how to signatures again 0_o

    3. TheGloriousWalrus


      Best way is making a signature thread :)

    4. ShinyFlareon


      I know and some of my sigs that I have are about 5yrs old

  8. Thanks, and since I don't breed for shinies, I have yet to get one.
  9. Thanks for the welcome.   @Emlee:   Never been interested, and something that I really don't want to get in to.
  10. ShinyFlareon


    Right I am actually quite rubbish at introductions, so here goes.   Been playing Pokemon since I was 12 years old and now been playing now for most of my life.  I only discovered this quite recently and like the idea of Pokemon as "human" and decided to give it a try.  I do not battle with other people, so please don't ask.   When not playing Pokemon I do web and graphics and also take images and make them in to pixel drawings.   Well that is all for now and if you want to know a bit more then feel free to ask.
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