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  1.   This is my only issue with Moemon.  But I think the general idea is "If you don't like moe why are you playing Moemon".   I like it just fine,  I just don't like it on literally everything.  Moe pikachu,  belossom,  Eevees,  and skitties is all great and all.   But I much prefer evolved pokemon looking more... evolved.  Which thankfully they usually do even if they retain "Moe" features.   Of course I still love Moemon even if the occasional evolved pokemon still looks... well...    It doesn't change anything.  I just don't use the pokemon if I dislike it's appearance.  Because I'm shallow like that.  I never woulda used Muk in the past but now I've grown fond of it and would probably use it in non-moe versions as well now.
  2.   Random 2 cents,  I feel like Cacturne should have more of a wandering cowboygirl/sheriff look.    That doesn't really seem like cacturne.  If not for the "hat" I wouldn't have guessed,  at least not until thinking it over for a bit of a delay.  In which case,yeah,  I might have guessed Cacnea.
  3. 10/10, I'm losing interest in the game already.  It just doesn't have enough substance for me it feels like,  since I've done everything I can do in the game world and all that's left is to start trying to be competitive and shiz which requires ungodly amounts of money to breed and/or buy (though I'm not interested in buying pokemon, preferring to raise them for some semblance of feeling that I'm actually a pokemon trainer and not a business entity.)  To which it feels like old players, particularly before the breeding change it seems,  have a great advantage to making it feel hard to break into.   (The heavy grind to get to gameplay that other multiplayer services let you slide into immediately is rather ridiculous...  The grind should exist,  but it's absurd right now,  it feels.)   It's just not particularly fun and it's not exactly engaging.   Stuff like this is what will keep the game feeling more alive and fresh for people of a similar mindset or status.   Otherwise it kind of feels like the thing to do is fade away and wait until a new region gets released.  Though it kinda seems like most johto pokemon can be caught already so that'd be a little less impactful, but still a new area to explore.   _____________     Daily Quests can be a really easy way to implement new items and pokemon,  granting things such as Reaper Cloth,  Electrolizer, or even eggs and so on as daily quest rewards as the game updates every so often to include new pokemon from other generations.   
  4.   I haven't seen one.  I kinda like it though,  adds some of the original appeal in hunting down and logging the variety/species all over again.      Thought it was supposed to be silver until I read the white thing XD  Silver charizard still looks nice  :3
  5.   Secret Base?   Secret Bases could definitely be improved.  Cutting the cost in half would encourage their use,  it's hard to find the coin to bother with a secret base when the coin is needed to -try- to be "competitive" / breed stuff / ect.   Meaning all my money is spent trying to buy braces,  needed items,  and lots of poke/ultraballs needed to catch the ungodly amount of pokemon needed to breed that there's nothing spare to practically throw away in the pursuit of a nice secret base that serves no purpose.   We can't even get the darn board to plug holes for peetsake >~>   I'd love to see a "Secret Base" that you can use in the cities,  where you use a Secret Power-esque move (OR a Use Item like "Contract" or "Deed") to open up a door that lets you enter just like when you use secret power on a rocky indent, bush, tree, or whatever.   But it's like a normal building interior instead of a cave/treehouse. 
  6.   Would rather see more outfits and accessories...  Not a lot of options there...  v,...,v
  7.   The second one's the nicer of the two. http://lunikat.deviantart.com/art/Houndoom-Render-329500500   Moar examplez~ (shouldn't be too lewd) __________ http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140213000507/creepypasta/images/a/a0/Succubus_by_ofskysociety-d6l23ej.jpg https://vaipui.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/succubus-bad-girl-fire.jpg?w=648 http://cdn.wall-pix.net/albums/art-3Dview/00031112.succubus.jpg http://dypsomaniart.deviantart.com/art/succubus-160894758 http://maevachan.deviantart.com/art/Succubus-97797106 http://sangrde.deviantart.com/art/Midnight-Succubus-519147987 __________   Honestly though I think I'd like the current sprite just fine if the clothes were streamlined a little (A little sleeker,  and elongate the torso by a pixel or two?),  the horns were curved back more and not awkwardly off to the side,  and the bow was removed.
  8.     That reminds me what my other disappointment was!  It was Houndoom.   I was soooo looking forward to seeing what Houndoom looked like only to be really let down.  I dislike the gothic lolita look on it (Though that aesthetic fits some other things I don't like it on Houndoom) and don't believe it fits at all,  though would have fit Houndour better.    The horns forming a heart shape with a big bow on it were an extra point of "Ew" (And they don't even match up with the back sprite. Houndoom needs more ferocity and seriousness to her,  with a sprinkling of lust as something of a succubus design with an outfit more comparable to what Absol or Sandslash is wearing with what appear to be fishnets. But on houndoom perhaps more of a leather and bone feel.   As-is I kind of don't want to use houndoom because of it :/   I'd adore a moemon where the early stages are cute and adorable while later stages are more... Taking an example from Seviper and Absol.   "Serious" I guess.   But perhaps that'd be more of a "Gijinkamon" or something... still though...     (Absol ftw,  I love it's design.     Absol, Seviper, Salamence, Dragonite, Charizard and Gengar (though there are other designs I'd love as well, the current one is still one of the best) are my favorites I think, off the top of my head...  And Houndoom has all the right elements to be my #1 favorite with an improved (though that's a bit subjective) design~)
  9. Sorry about the first one being a little too lewd,  I don't have a very good internal "Filter" for "Too lewd" or not.  .w.   That sprite looks great!  I agree with the sentiment that the expression is off however.   (though I'd directly prefer this sprite to the existing one)       The first sprite with the expression of the first and the hair of the second here (Which matches the hair in the first pic I gave but was cut (Mybad)) would be perfect I think.
  10. I'd just like to call some attention to Cloyster,  and how disappointing it is.  I dunno if you guys are actually updating stuff or just having fun with sprites,  but either way...  Cloyster is kinda sad .w.   http://i.imgur.com/TDEUL.png Two alternative designs, just off a cursory google search,  that are much much nicer.     I remember there being one design that was similarly disappointing but I've forgotten it...  Oh well.
  11. Cowgirl/cowboy hat. It seems like something that would have already been implemented, but it's absent... Scarf (Tied knot around neck. Kinda like this. http://www.maitaispicturebook.com/2010/04/how-to-weave-knot.html ) Plaid shirt. Hilda's shorts. Hilda's Hair/Hat.
  12. hey fyi the mods will probably yell at you for your profile pic. if you dont want trouble i suggest you change it.

    1. NaughtyNature


      What's wrong with it... ? And I have avatar difficulties with forums of this type. The avatar is actually a Gravatar attached to my email and it's either this or magikarp because custom avatar options aren't working... if staff takes issue with it perhaps an admin-staff mojo could swap it for me if the time comes.

    2. NaughtyNature


      Thanks though.

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