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  1. Let people trade Pokemon Eggs

    sounds like a nice scam. you a scammer @Matoka?
  2. Berries during maintenance period

    server is down, so the time ingame isnt making progress, meaning, berries aint growing
  3. the amount of people that has rejected to have sex with Dennis
  4. Unova Starters

    http://www.strawpoll.me/14400286 i cant decide, decide for me
  5. Unova Starters

    i saw some vid, that made some fair points why tepig is the best unova starter for the story
  6. My 3 years+ being banned.

    Probably LOL , I'm still fairly new to the game. 3 years ago it was steps, then flags, then what it is now iirc
  7. League of Legends. Let's talk.

    @Tranzmaster has even infested the World of Warcraft world with his "pantheon is op" logic
  8. patience is key for unova

    hmu with details
  9. Legendary dungeons

    or a dragonite, since it can learn pretty much anything (and yes, if people didnt know, u can replace hms with other moves on mmo)
  10. i do not, if i had, i could just add the dll file, or just update dx myself. when i open league, and in the game its ok, when i search for a game, finish the pick and ban process, and the client closes, and opens the game itself, it comes up a error for dx3 something something 39.dll file.
  11. asks for agreement, then asks me if i want bing, and just installs it after (well, now it says its already installed)
  12. i cant seem to change the location to install it

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