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  1. 20, paid
  2. they put back the project 1 year for every thread thats made about it
  3. period blood?
  4. go all the way
  5. make me a snorlax
  6. he played graves top, he sucked e: but for real, the flash cancel'd his aa so was pretty lit
  7. i mean, that jax is dumb af
  8. im doing so shit rn... cant even play right, and i was playing like a god like a week ago
  9. shuddup
  10. middle and last one looks lit i work monday-wednsday, so gonna be little playtime, but the rest is pretty open
  11. playing like shittons of ranked and normals from now throughout the night probably cus fuck it, incase any1 wanna play
  12. ok depending on how this turns out, il donate a shitton of money and make @DarylDixon manager