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  1. lost 200k in a ou match
  2. @ErrorGlumac these NĂ˜RE people has no balls and dont tag u when they trashtalk u, show em how its done
  3. IGN: GeniVeni Tauros: lvl50 Jolly IVs: 31-31-18-5-24-31 EVs: 6hp 252atk 252speed no competetive moveset B/O: Blissey: lvl50 Bold IVs: 31-14-31-28-31-25 EVs: 252hp 252def 6spdef Eggmoves: Aromatherapy no competetive moveset B/O: Metagross: lvl100 Adamant IVs: 26-27-30-17-27-28 EVs: 66hp 252atk 192speed Moves: Pursuit, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, MeteorMash
  4. im free all of those dates as far as i know now, il tell if something comes up
  5. Game 1 Venican: lf darkstar tresh Venican: lol Venican: brand is such a uguu support, like, if u get upport, pick a fucking support Venican: like karma, tresh blitz etc tec Venican: fuck Venican: i dont have r Venican: ff 15 Venican: fuck this Venican: gtfo lane Venican: lux Venican: go Venican: 40 cs midlane Venican: 0-4 Venican: NOW U GO MID Venican: U FUCKING KLID Venican: klod* Venican: nice map awareness guys Venican: lol no Venican: fuck u Venican: WE NEED IT Venican: FOR SCALING Venican: ff this shit Venican: yall suck Venican: that was free Venican: fgts Venican: let me farm Venican: lee Venican: com Venican: get drake Venican: now Venican: back off Venican: just report lux Venican: lol this aint helping ur case Venican: u guys Venican: are fucking horrible Venican: Bg Game 2 Venican: lol Venican: missvclick the fuck outta that Venican: how does that connect Venican: cait and vel ulti down Venican: dude wtf Venican: dont be a uguu Venican: fuck off Venican: haha Venican: whhh Venican: why Venican: ww just stood there lol Venican: AHHAHA Venican: H Venican: HAHAHHAHAHAH Venican: fucking love it Venican: they mad at me already so i dont care lol Venican: 0 wards Venican: 0 synergy with the tank Venican: he goes in alone Venican: bg Game 3 Venican: lee Venican: we were coming Venican: ah fuck Venican: lee Venican: ur so fucking slow Venican: dude Venican: gtfo Venican: u guys Venican: are fuckng idiotic Venican: open ur fucking eyes Venican: do objectives instead if fucking around Venican: and lee Venican: u fucking suck Venican: 0-7 Venican: u aint gonna ping shit uguu Venican: litterally inting as ap ezreal Venican: uguu Venican: report ezreal, inting the fuck out of her
  6. well shit... ur not the only one @ShadowGary
  7. Choice of two colors: red/black Name: Venican Team (Optional): AURA Render: snorlax
  8. maybe i should start working out...
  9. doubt it, but what if gen5 comes before or during psl? what actions would be taken to make it fair?
  10. they should play more ivern, sven is incredible on ivern
  11. ey, my drug dealer is leaving (u know what i mean buddy) love u dude, ur snapchat stories where u pop to some music and use filters, gonna miss ya bud
  12. takes me 20 seconds to log in, claim reward, and log out
  13. im the one who started saying suh dude on mmo tho, gtfo huehueheuheuehuehuehuehe