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  1. he's repeatable, and when you do a re-battle it's like 15k or something, he's way out of the way though so I never do him. Unless I'm shiny hunting or something in the cave.
  2. There is also steve in hoenn which gives you as much as morimoto I believe.
  3. I mean, I can make around 5 million a day currently and am working on a way to get back up to being able to make 7+ million again. Takes extra work than what it did before but I have a way I've already mapped out and did all the calcs for it. It's not easy work though that's for sure.
  4. So far the players I play with seem to beat all regions in a 2-3 week period and take another week or 2 to get a gym rebattling team together. From there they can make 1 comp every 2 or 3 days and for just a team of 6 they need another 2-3 weeks. So not quite 3 months but 1 month if they are a no-lifer and 1 month and 2 weeks for someone a little more casual to have 6 comp pokes they can use for pvp. This is what it seems like so far. I try and compare them to my hard grinding but it's tough. I beat the whole game in 4 days on my first character so when I hear they just beat the second region on week 2 I think wow.... I don't know how it takes them that long in some cases. Some of them playing literally every day like me too. No offense to them but I just don't get it. I agree that 1 month and 2 weeks is still scary for any player though. And that's just for the first 6.
  5. It only harmed those who wanted to buy limited time cosmetics and high demand shinies really. The abundance of Comps reduced prices because of the supply and demand which I would argue helped newer players. From what I saw in pricing in GTL. It was a very small percentage of people who had lots of money who consistently farmed. There is also no way of doing a re-balance of inflation without cutting everyone's money. I'd argue that setting everyone's money that is above 20 million to 20 million would be a good solution so we don't discourage newer players who desperately need that money and it would curb inflation by a lot.
  6. I mean I could agree with a reset of all money. And I have 100m on me.
  7. Well it's what I was training my new players in my team to do. Literally they made money off of people vendoring berries at over 50% of what those people were profiting. It helped them a lot. So I'm speaking from experience with newer players in my team.
  8. I take it you're a benefactor of the cosmetics hike. Also just because someone is willing to spend more time grinding or has no life you argue that they shouldn't be rewarded for more grinding?
  9. The new player could sell seeds and profit off of the veteran player with multiple accounts with over a 50% profit rating from a single character perspective.
  10. Honestly I can still make around ~5 mil a day after the nerf (not that I farm money every day). But I'm insane. Also, I agree that this nerf hurt new players more than anyone. To the other 99.99% of players out there this is almost impossible (making 5 mil a day). The berry farming change actually effected new players more than anything. For example: Berry vendoring leichi berries at 1050 would yield a character around 1.8 million after 67 hours and they'd have to reinvest about 900k-1.2 million back into seeds from gtl to start a new grow (making 600-900k in profit after 67 hours). Newer players could sell seeds which made them roughly 370k every 16 hours after all the costs of re-harvesting Aspear Berries (or any of the other berries that sold well for seeds on the market). If you do the math, that's around 1.1 million (in profit) in less than 67 hours. New players (who have less characters) profit more off of selling seeds than the other players with more characters that sell their berries to the vendor. It was actually a great way of getting new players to get money is telling them to invest into seeds to make roughly 50% more profit off their character than a player who has many characters who would berry farm to sell to vendor instead of reinvest into gtl since it takes lots of time to sell seeds on many characters where it doesn't on 3 or less characters which new players would have roughly that amount. And it does take a lot of effort to get to that point in game in order to make lots of money profiting off of the lazier players and/or the players with lots of characters. I have over 8 characters who have beaten the game entirely in every region who all have farming pokes and level 100 bred teams that I worked very hard on so it's easy to make money and cooldowns don't really effect me because of that (since I put the work in). I have had multiple team mates play this game over time and I've only ever met a few willing to farm like this. In fact I can only list 1 other person and even that person wasn't as crazy as me in this regard. Perhaps there are more hardcore teams out there with more players that do this but in my case they are very few. Maybe 1 out of 500 players (if even). And to members who are against multiple accounts/characters you are the same people who are not willing to put in the extra effort in order to farm hard and make the money. There is no way to stop this as an "exploit" (it's not) either because of how current ToS is as well as there is no way to keep track of it realistically. Let's say a family plays and exchanges stuff amongst themselves, how would you tell the difference from a mod standpoint from someone trading with himself/herself and if the claim is made of that how would you prove it one way or the other? It can't be an "exploit" if it is available to everyone willing to put in effort but people call it an "exploit" because they aren't willing to put in the effort to do it because of (or most likely) laziness. If anything the hyperinflated prices of cosmetics should be brought back down by some type of mystery box that can hold limited time items and can be bought from a vendor for around 500k with a 1% on some of the old cosmetics (as one of several solutions to this) which would help out new players greatly. Because currently new players that just get lucky with a shiny starter are the only ones that have some type of advantage. Many veteran players literally just held onto cosmetics and now are worth billions because of playing at an earlier date not because of any work they really put in if you want to talk about fairness. I feel like this will be on deaf ears though. Kyu probably listens most to the veteran teams and players and gets a biased perspective as I've been trying to grow a team with newer players and had a few quit after the update where they feel like it's impossible to become competitive or it is just a nightmare amount of work for them to get even a full team of comps. I show them how to farm and whatnot but it still is a large threshold of work and the update was quite discouraging to them.
  11. Is there any way I can change my "display name" on the forums to be a different name? I wanted it to represent my main if I can rename/change it to "FenixFox" that would be amazing.

  12. "I began playing in 2017 & didn't benefit from the old breeding mechanic, should that have been left in? The obvious answer is no, it was awful & comps had little to no value. This is just an example of a new player missing out on an opportunity from a bad mechanic that was later changed. It's the same right now with berries, if you didn't take advantage of a bad mechanic that's on you, but it's not a reason to keep it in the game. " But the solution solved the problem by the way the implemented the breeding system. Those who did breed in the previous system did put work in however they made breeds combine to have predictable structure which also naturally made the economy balance out because they still had to breed their stuff to make perf comps if that's what they wanted to sell. Even when the shiny rate was normal shiny rate the difference they added was shinies since they're more rare by roughly 4 times the normal rate now have a much higher chance of having a 30 or 31IV. So it balances out because shinies with low IVs lost a lot of their value from the patch previous to it statistically speaking. They always implemented something to curb for the inflation or change when it was a major change to things. Even when they nerfed the NPCs on Sevii Islands they made gym leaders re-battle-able which also increased the base farm rate around that time. These are constants with all patches that deal with these types of inflation fixes. "1) It will never be a "A Money Sink" it will have to be multiple of them sprinkled through the game that end up collectively eating away at yen in circulation, preferably in a natural way." Ok, you have still never given a specific example. And we need good specific examples that would actually work instead of just generalizing what your term is that everyone should just know. Give EXAMPLES. "How does being pro-berry farming help this argument at all? Berry farming is in the favor of older players & "hardcore" players. You need multiple accounts completed with a reliable & consistent schedule, which most new players don't have. " That's also my point. Those new players didn't put in the work for it yet because they're new. Beating the campaign multiple times takes work. New players haven't invested time in the game like older players. So as they catch up to the hours played of veteran players or get closer as a percentage to (which will most likely be over a long period of time) they will be able to 'catch up'. It depends on how much work they are willing to put in. My point about changing it without curbing anything else is that it will take newer players exponentially longer to get to that same point. By a factor of tens of more years. It's an unrealistic farm at that point. People should be rewarded for work put in.
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