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  1. Is there any way I can change my "display name" on the forums to be a different name? I wanted it to represent my main if I can rename/change it to "FenixFox" that would be amazing.

  2. "I began playing in 2017 & didn't benefit from the old breeding mechanic, should that have been left in? The obvious answer is no, it was awful & comps had little to no value. This is just an example of a new player missing out on an opportunity from a bad mechanic that was later changed. It's the same right now with berries, if you didn't take advantage of a bad mechanic that's on you, but it's not a reason to keep it in the game. " But the solution solved the problem by the way the implemented the breeding system. Those who did breed in the previous system did put work in however they made breeds combine to have predictable structure which also naturally made the economy balance out because they still had to breed their stuff to make perf comps if that's what they wanted to sell. Even when the shiny rate was normal shiny rate the difference they added was shinies since they're more rare by roughly 4 times the normal rate now have a much higher chance of having a 30 or 31IV. So it balances out because shinies with low IVs lost a lot of their value from the patch previous to it statistically speaking. They always implemented something to curb for the inflation or change when it was a major change to things. Even when they nerfed the NPCs on Sevii Islands they made gym leaders re-battle-able which also increased the base farm rate around that time. These are constants with all patches that deal with these types of inflation fixes. "1) It will never be a "A Money Sink" it will have to be multiple of them sprinkled through the game that end up collectively eating away at yen in circulation, preferably in a natural way." Ok, you have still never given a specific example. And we need good specific examples that would actually work instead of just generalizing what your term is that everyone should just know. Give EXAMPLES. "How does being pro-berry farming help this argument at all? Berry farming is in the favor of older players & "hardcore" players. You need multiple accounts completed with a reliable & consistent schedule, which most new players don't have. " That's also my point. Those new players didn't put in the work for it yet because they're new. Beating the campaign multiple times takes work. New players haven't invested time in the game like older players. So as they catch up to the hours played of veteran players or get closer as a percentage to (which will most likely be over a long period of time) they will be able to 'catch up'. It depends on how much work they are willing to put in. My point about changing it without curbing anything else is that it will take newer players exponentially longer to get to that same point. By a factor of tens of more years. It's an unrealistic farm at that point. People should be rewarded for work put in.
  3. Ok then curb the base costs for everything to adjust for said inflation for endgame items (like breeding items). The only problem with inflation in any system comes from base rates not changing to adjust to the inflation. But this will literally hurt 90% of the player base without increasing other forms of money base rate farming. -Also everyone can farm the way you're talking about so the real question is then why can't everyone? Just adjust the base prices of endgame items for the curb of the inflation that don't change because they're sold by NPCs. The market decides all in that case and can just be adjusted based on inflation literally at any time. And before I start calling the alt berry farming an "exploit"/"problem" and needs to be "fixed" I don't believe it is as some may; so I will use ' ' to shorten the term of berry farming for it in my next paragraph. And also my main point is there were no good specific solutions (because all solutions were generalized for the most part from others) that people even gave to curb the inflation that were any good (including my purposefully bad solutions). The solutions seem to be completely neglected and it will just let rich people be rich from an 'exploit' which is why you want it 'fixed'. Why not wipe everyone's money or set all player's money above 20 million to 20 million? And if you don't then it's unrealistically unfair for new players because they weren't given the same opportunities to farm the same way as others have up until now and gives those players an advantage from an 'exploit'. While at the same time 'fixing' the 'exploit' and reducing the berry vendor price to $0. (Which I failed to mention before that I was implying after the 'exploit' was 'fixed' for the shiny coin thing. Because what else would rich people spend their money on? And eventually they would be stingy again balancing the market a little better.) Solutions should lead to fair solutions for all players while taking them all into account long term. -But wait, we all know what will happen if we wipe money, many veteran players will quit. Although most people that play have less than 300k at any given time because they are poor problem solvers and don't know how to farm well or are not willing to put in the work for it (because it is a serious grind) or aren't good at saving money. I still think there should be no changes. It's still a hell of a grind even using multiple alts to farm berries. And as I said before, I can make 2-3 million a day outside of farming berries. So it will effect players such as myself close to none and it takes a lot of work that most players aren't willing to do or have even figured out how to do from ignorance. There are always players willing to grind hard and find the best money sources possible and 90%+ of others are lazy. These all need literal/specific answers or else nothing will probably happen. (which nothing will probably happen anyway) These are all questions for long term solutions to the 'problem' Questions to answer to solve this 'problem' if you want to make berries vendor for $0: -How do we create a money sink to curb the inflation already incurred? -How do/Should/ we create opportunities for new players willing to grind to have similar opportunities in terms of getting money or assets to those who have 'abused' this method of farming? Why or why not? -Should we get rid of harvesting tools price since they no longer vendor or reduce them to $25? -Do we cut everyone's money down to 20 million or less to re-balance the market from the 'over use of berry farming'? Questions to answer with no changes to vendoring berries to make things more balanced naturally: -Do we increase base prices of items used in endgame? -Do we increase the base reward rates of NPCs? -Do we just adjust everything to curb the inflation so the berries are the same as others in terms of time investment and adjust other prices accordingly re-balancing the market (this would make everything ultimately have the same value as before the inflation occurred as they'd appear to have higher numbers but since all the other rates are adjusted with inflation they'd cease to have a higher percentage of time rewarded income even though the number itself is a higher price)? All of these things require specific laid out answers, not just the programmers will know how to fix it kind of answers in generalities which are all associated with the 'problem' you perceive. There are several other 'problems' occurring from mostly others not using this method of farming whatever their reason may be. As a capitalist myself I believe in increasing opportunity as well as equalizing opportunity to make money; not taking away methods or creating unfair advantages for a specific caste grandfathered in. So that's a better way of explaining myself. As all I want to be is fair to everyone if this is a 'problem' we want to 'fix'.
  4. I guess I'm just looking at it to what it really has effected in our current inflation situation and how that effects new players. Since the old players will be grandfathered into to their own monopolies... We aren't really looking at a different problem just the same problem differently. I'm more concerned with newer players considering my team is filled with many new players who feel like it's impossible to catch up with someone like myself or some of our veteran players. Comp prices have gone down from supply and demand the only things really effected are shinies, comp shinies, and vanity items. Which those don't really matter so much for new players. I'm not saying inflation can't be curbed either, just know I'm saying that even the biggest and best markets can't curb it in a video game literally used for markets and that it is a very hard issue to solve and deflation of shinies value and vanity value would come with more supply of those things just as it has comps (since their prices have mostly stayed static or went down). Good idea for a sink of gold though through how your thinking is: A shiny token worth 200 million in game money that can make any pokemon a shiny it's used on. Also at the same time nerfing farming. If you really want to make the game a severe grind again.
  5. You can't deflate it, there is too much money in the economy as is. Increasing base rates which veteran players aren't really using to farm as often is a great way of helping new players. Considering they have a lot to catch up to in comparison to veteran players as well as the bands for breeding would stay the same cost allowing them to get comps more quickly which would ultimately help them. The best example for an economy is like what wow does. They make huge gold sinks that are flat rates from NPCs to get rid of money out of the economy to hopefully stop inflation rates from players who have too much money. And even that only works so much. Because you can't just lower everyone's money supply to 0 you'll make too many people quit. Really it is about trying to make new players feel like they don't have goals that can't be reached in comparison to players who have played this since 2012. The veterans already have accumulated what they can which means any nerfing of farming rates in how they currently are is then actually hurting the players who haven't discovered this method of farming and haven't been able to reap the benefits. Making older players basically continue to monopolize the economy because of their vast wealth and cutting off the ability for other players to do the same would be completely unfair to them. A lot of new players really just want comp pokemon ASAP. The more casual ones are shiny hunters that come here typically. So the ones that stick around play comp mostly and are the ones farming more typically. Make it easier for the new comp (wannabe) players. I think that makes sense, but not too easy. Just allow them to get comps easier by increasing base money supply in other things. Perhaps by 50%
  6. You can't fix what inflation did. You can only create a better "minimum wage" to make up for it. It would also help noobies a lot. I mean outside of berry farming I can make around 2-3 million a day... Berries increase that but it would be nice if there was better time investment for that 2-3 million or the price was inflated for that type of work so it had similar time investment for money worth. But completely nerfing berries would make no sense. Especially for those who can't play very often.
  7. Honestly Berry farming was already nerfed. If anything they need to buff gym farming to be able to match it better.
  8. I agree. The cost of getting seeds is so high. It's hard to make a farm that maintains itself. Or give like 2 seeds per harvest or something.
  9. EazyDog you're telling me this person had 18 Characters just growing berries constantly? That's about what the math comes out to... That's like, 3 hours worth of maintaining twice a day with 2 devices, not to mention the hell of buying all the seeds and planting which would take 4 to 5 hours to do with that. What sucks is I just did the math on berries and was starting my first batch and before I ever got to make money off of them they nerfed it. Sucks to suck I guess. Berries still give a decent amount about the same as gym running every day. Even then there is better out there as well. I put numbers up on one of my posts.
  10. Thanks, I was going to say I play some of those games, or at least used to, Ark, Atlas, and so it seemed to work pretty well. There is a large curve though to get into the competitive scene and start to be able to compete with some of these players that have been playing for years. As I said I don't mind the grind but I have team mates who have complained about it and a lot. But increase in Gym battles or something by 50% for a bit wouldn't be too bad of a change for the lowbies who have close to nothing and not much of a boost for the guys at the top. Figured I'd mention it since I've heard the complaint a lot.
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