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  1. Yeah, you put together sprites for me to import and I'll do my best to bundle them into a release, but without sprites there's not much for me to do here. :P
  2. For what it's worth I've still got access to most of the tools for B/W hacking so could potentially do sprite inserts. (As mentioned before animations don't work as far as I know, though to be honest the amount of extra work required to even make one animated sprite is huge compared to creating several static ones instead, so it's not that big of a loss in my opinion). If moemon decides to push onward I'd be happy to provide technical support in getting the B/W ROM hacking side of things up and running for bimonthly or whatever releases, but I don't really have the experience/time to provide the artistic direction needed to make spriting decisions on what should go in or not.
  3. Thanks! It's always great to hear that other people are enjoying what you do. :D Trading should work in normal old moemon as long as your emulator can handle it because it's just a graphical patch. I'm not sure if it will continue to work in sigma emerald-based versions or not. For the Magikarp trainer you're going to need to dig into the ROM and edit the files yourself; I believe the nameless sprite editor could probably do it, but I haven't actually used it myself so don't quote me on that.
  4. And after a bit of tougher college slowing my updating speed, patch version is updated to the latest 2.0 version of the fire red moemon! Happy gaming all! :D
  5. I don't think it's possible to randomize sigma moemon; too much is being changed behind the scenes for it to work properly IIRC. (Normal moemon should randomize just fine though). And still working on updating the patch, should hopefully get it out sometime in the next couple of days assuming real life doesn't rear it's ugly head up. :P
  6. Probably not till next sunday/monday at the soonest. I've got pretty heavy school stuff for the next week or so up through saturday night.
  7. Didn't quite make it within the week from my post, but here's the new version regardless. Happy gaming everyone! :D
  8. Works just fine for me. Are you sure that you are: 1) Using the right ROM version? 2) Using the correct version of Sigma Emerald (if you are using that)? 3) Not using any other mods? Any of those things can break it and cause it to not work right. Also my apologies for not getting a version updated to the latest sigma emerald yet, I just recently got back to my normal computer after several weeks of traveling around to various places. I should hopefully be able to have an updated version for the latest edition of sigma emerald sometime within the week. :)
  9. You're probably looking at the wrong one if you are thinking anything about sprites needing to be redone. You want The Other Moemon Emerald patch, it's the one that is currently being updated to match the mainline one.
  10. Wait, 68x128? Last I checked if you had two sprites stacked vertically like in the video it should be 64x128. That said are you seeing the edited sprites in the location prior to you doing the replacement (i.e. seeing the moemon sprites)? If not then it's probably a limitation of the Nameless sprite editor in working with repointed sprites. Personally I can't help you too much, sadly, I've always used the Advance Series toolset for all of my sprite work rather than the Nameless sprite editor.
  11. The belt helps, but if possible I think we need at least a little bit of shading/outlines to break up that solid single-color front that she currently has. The fact that it's a single color without any variance for the whole thing when combined with the very strong outline that it has makes it really pop out and seems like it's somehow floating on top of everything else rather than underneath the coat part (this is most visible on the sprite without the belt). I know we're limited for colors, but at first glance I honestly thought there was some sort of black shield floating in front of her as it currently is.
  12. Ah, my bad on the pigtails thing then, I missed that. :P
  13. It's the left shoulder joint that's still making it look slightly weird (the right one is much better, and the hair covering conceals any slight misplacement left). Basically the curve on the shoulder breaks the realistic neck+collar+shoulder curve, which makes it look like the joint is located outside of the main part of the body (rather than slightly inside of it). Here's a bad paint skeleton drawing for how to fix it. If you do decide to go with the pigtails you might also consider adding just a few pixels visible in the front sprite; a tiny portion of the right pigtail should be visible over her shoulder in the front sprite at the current angles.
  14. And updated! Also it looks like DraconianWing finally got around to adding animations back in, so All you Moemon Sigma players out there get to enjoy dancing moemons at the start of each battle again!
  15. Personally I liked the more action looking direction that Moetal's very rough concept was trending towards, though if I had a choice I'd probably go for a tunic outfit more similar to the picture below (ignoring the weird red knot thing in the front and probably sticking with the concept's hair design) than the bra+skirt combo Moetal's original concept was wearing; that lets it push a bit more towards the battle-ready sprite without totally losing that long dress aspect that I think we both agree works well with Rayquaza. The other sprite was okay in design, but honestly my biggest issue with it was the oversized breasts; Rayquaza is characterized by a long, slender body (lots of vertical lines), and strapping two giant water balloons to the front kinda ruins the moemon's body type connection in my personal opinion. She doesn't need to be a pancake, in my opinion, but any Rayquaza moemon should definitely be landing on the smaller rather than larger side in that particular aspect. Of course since I don't have any immediate plans to stop this being a direct port whatever ends up being made would still need to work it's way through the approval process and into the Firered moemon version to eventually make it's way in (though I'll definitely help lend my approval and help there as much as I can if something looks good :P). In other news tomorrow is my last day of finals and then I've got maybe a day or two of grading other people's homework before I'm totally free, so with any luck I should be able to have an updated version of this up and running sometime this weekend.