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  1. This Account Is In-Active, Just cleared all my friends and all my profile feeds. Ecept for 3 of my great friends and 1 Profile Feed that made me laugh. Check out my account @GoldenSunIsaac c ya there o/

  2. Other ways to farm money:   >Farming the Islands with lvl 100 Persian Pay Day with amulet Coin. (Vs.Seeker, to Re-battle Trainers.) (Islands 3,5,6,7) >Farming Everstones from geodudes, and gravelers in Magma HideOut. > Pay Daying random Pokemon in the wild.   These are also ways to make money fast.
  3. To add users as friends you can right click their names if you see them on chat. or you can right click their character and press add friends.   Another way is to go on Menu>Social and than type in the username of the character you wan't to add and select "Add Friend".   Menu>Social>InputName>Add Friend or Right Click Names or Character Sprite> Add Freind.   Easy to do man, I hope this helps.
  4. Welcome back Neko o/
  5. Welcome to Pokemmo enjoy your stay :)
  6. Lugia Wings FTW!! make it happen DarkShade :3
  7. Once again sorry for being impatient :(. And I love it Ploegy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you :D
  8. This battle today OP Hoopa Unbound -----> Pokemon Showdown
  9.  Nice work once again ^_^ Ploegy really is getting better.
  10. I agreee thats a great idea. It's irritating checking over and over again.
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