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  1. Just a question When you say they can't outspeed a Pokémon with at least base 80 speed fully invested do you mean just 252 EVs or 252 EVs plus +speed nature?
  2. Are you going to add Berry Powder info eventually? I've done some tests and it seems that Lum Berry is the best one to farm for Powder since it gives x5 each. But I couldn't test every Berry yet so idk,
  3. Oh yeah sorry I forgot about that. I will try to find someone then :)
  4. Spending almost 1M on secret base decorations on my old account.
  5. Confirmed IVs is NOT the reason people cant sell 30 IVs wtf are you talking about. Maybe it was sold for newbies who actually had no clue how IVs confirmation works, but most people would ask the person selling to confirm the IVs. The reason people cant sell 30 IVs is because the new breeding system, not confirmed IVs.
  6. So you are actually against confirmed IVs?  You must be the only person in the game who is against that lmao. Besides what does that have to do with this topic?
  7. Why the hell is Hyper Beam 35K? Do the devs think it's like the strongest move ever? Not that I'm interested in buying one by the way, but that's just silly.   Thanks fred and PlayLikeNewbs, thats really helpful.  
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