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  1. all these reich ppl are crying because the lord of jajaja ronaldo scored 3 times
  2. damn ppl still play that game :DDDD
  3. It's pretty annoying to other ppl who are waiting a stall fest match ends to be able to play their own matches. And it already happened in the past that 2 stall fest players got DQ because their game was endless. I mean why isnt there a time limit for pokemon matches during official events?
  4. i wish someone solve this kind of plays Why not implement an auto DQ mechanics after like 60mins duel, or after 30 min of stall fest timer can't recover anymore? This players are making tournaments so long ...
  5. why would we update a move as 6th gen mecanich and not touching to the others?
  6. gen6 isnt at all interesting in this game .
  7. well this event was composed of what? 3 - 4 places? and 4-5 NPCs ? It was just a basicaly grinding area, not composed of a true storyline and such things. Also i don't know how much money donators are giving to the game per month, but i doubt it's enough to pay a salary for 3-4 ppl + servers. i'm not sure that devs are "working" for POKEMMO, so they havent 35hours per week to spent by coding. May be i'm wrong @Desu @Kyu @Darkshade i guess you can confirm that or not and clear that point about the possibility of a new region
  8. idk how many devs are able to code this game but making an entire region needs like 7-8 ppl to maybe make it in 1 year, you don't realise the amount of work
  9. ya know idc much about soccer and that's allways funny to see how you can scam in that game (dont argue with me kid i can bring funny videos)
  10. one of this word must get out that sentence :)
  11. this game (cant call that sport kek) needs some fixing on its rules : video refeering and yellow card = out for 10mins (like in all the other sports kek) after this i'll be able to enjoy that fggt game
  12. I am disapointed ... i expected 3-0 atleast :DDDDDDDDD @ErrorGlumac
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