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  1. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    316 hours first shiny :)
  2. Got another question. I found a decent Adamant Axew and I am making a Haxorus for competitive. I know I should definitely use Dragon Dance and Dragon Claw, but what about the other moves? I am reading EQ and Aqua tail, but my clanmates are saying I should pick Brick Break. What am I supposed to take?
  3. Hey guys. I made a 5x31 Adamant Trapinch. What is a good moveset. EQ and Dragon Claw for sure. What other moves and which held item do you guys suggest?
  4. Elite 4 totally broken

    I have to be honest about this one. At first, I was like: nerf it. We can't beat this. I think that's because compared with Unova, Hoenn and Kanto are very very easy to beat. You know the Pokémons every trainer has and its movesets, only choosing attack by the Pokémon type. Unova is different; they predict you, they switch when they haven't have the advantage, the Pokémons have coverage moves etc. etc. I think that's the main issue with Unova. And I finally beat it, with some time. Elite 4 was not that hard. It was hard, but it's not too hard. I think the problems are N and Ghetsis. That's where the challenge begins. N is where it begins. He keeps switching, every type has coverage. And that's the point where you have to think and be a step in front of N. If you have the advantage, he is likely to switch and pull something out that resists your move. And that's what happens all the time. After a few times N, you can predict what he does and easily beat him. Well, easily. I had to Hyper Potion stall his Reshiram because it did too much lol. Just stall his fire move 8 times, and it's dead after that. Same for Ghetsis' Hydreigon. The same for Ghetsis; if you can predict N, you can predict Ghetsis too. I didn't used any competitives. I just bought a Gengar lv 52, with a nature that decreases Sp. Atk lol. Leveling is suggested tho, between 54-56 should do it. Just farm Basculin horde in Victory Road. They give speed EV's, which made some of my Pokes quicker then theirs.
  5. Already big thanks for making this guide :)
  6. Your Team for Unova

    Dewott, Darumaka, Sandile, Aerodactyl and I am near Relic Castle. I want to add Eelektross and after that I don't know who I am gonna take for 6th spot :)
  7. Add The Remaining Gen 4 Pokes

    Unova just go released and people already start complaining about Sinnoh, calm down lol
  8. Make lucky egg great again

    Thank you sir
  9. Lucky Egg

    Yeah that's why I am asking. If they made it easier to obtain, it's not a huge deal. But it's a bit sad for the people like me who farmed hours and hours for it to obtain, and they destroyed that now.
  10. Make lucky egg great again

    Many threads? I am suggesting something here, that what this forum is for, right? On general, I asked why they reduced it ;)
  11. Make lucky egg great again

    I was reading the update log and my pants just dropped after reading this line: Lucky Egg EXP has been reduced from 1.5x -> 1.1x Wait, whut? Those hours and hours other people and I have spent to get one of those, and then nerf the crap out of it? Why :( Make lucky egg great again!
  12. Lucky Egg

    Lucky Egg EXP has been reduced from 1.5x -> 1.1x ---- So the Lucky egg hype is over? ;x
  13. PTS HYPE

    Last one, nice

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