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  1. some make me a signature ign frags thanks
  2. 001

    Food/Cooking thread

    step 1: boil water step 2: place hotdog in wat
  3. It's a sad day in memeland
  4. ffssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the sigs tooo big ruined
  5. 001

    Another post on implementing legendary mons

    thoroughly disappointed at you having the audacity to make a legendary pokemon thread and not mentioning Godzilla smh
  6. How do people ever lose to rng? Like just choose new numbers, dumbass @SweeTforU
  7. Thought I looked cute , idk might delete later you know I had to do it to em
  8. we only won cause I'm out here respecting womenu

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