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  1. Food/Cooking thread

    step 1: boil water step 2: place hotdog in wat
  2. Another post on implementing legendary mons

    thoroughly disappointed at you having the audacity to make a legendary pokemon thread and not mentioning Godzilla smh
  3. You're the funniest black guy I know, youre the only black guy I know awell.

    1. 001


      alrighty then

  4. kill me

  5. Wats goos Bro, how's life treating you?

    1. 001


      Alright mate, and you?

    2. Jon


      Pretty good, last time we were on ts you fell asleep on us

    3. 001


      Not surprised

  6. Music General Thread

    https://soundcloud.com/stephan-tinsley/pollari-lil-llari-prod-by https://soundcloud.com/off-narcotics/back-on-drugs https://mikecarmichael.bandcamp.com/track/blame-game
  7. Music General Thread

    dont sleep https://soundcloud.com/keyworld/ahead-level-up
  8. BAN SWAGGER !!!! (for tournament mode )

    how would roshi win anything then
  9. [Sig] Draekyn's Signatures

    Name: Suffer Team (optional): Background (optional): roses and shit i guess Render (Pokemon/Character): Shiny Duskull
  10. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-417081537 this game is way too easy ban ekans
  11. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/uu-368963691 rip
  12. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-409245121 decent game despite my complaints about rng I actually did click eq idk wtf happened

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