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  1. Yeah, I was checking weakness and pros b4 try using it. Not only the items fixed, but in the last update AI skills were increased. Ima study some goals for E4 Right now, but if the level became harder, they probably should increase the rewards too.
  2. You really got a nice team, mind if I paste it in the teams section ? (this thread is mainly to scout mostly pokemons items and moves, my team worked for a while, but I agree now its kinda obsolet :)
  3. Actually I just swaped the lead for a swampert with stealth rock and the team still works - 20~25 minutes is the medium run time, Ima update this when I get some concret team. Also I was aware of this (about all items working) in the OP LOL
  4. You can do it, just press and hold the finger in the move (unless they removed this function in last patch)
  5. Risadex

    Battle Speed

    Thats a pretty annoying point which ever has impact directly in game enjoyment. I didnt sugested something like this because i tought staff planned that. This was annoyiance for single player pokemon, we dont need this hits multiplayer too.
  6. Risadex

    Language in Chat

    Seens good,but cant Fully suply the demand, I mean, people use slangs and abreviations all the time (in the example you said, tons of people could use "algn", for example) Its harder make it work to a whole chain of strings. ( But common, its java, someone must have already done)
  7. Not really, but remember in a BP pass chain sometimes good defenses can make difence between survive a hit or not. (I'd using some 25+ mons, just the flat status are necessary)
  8. Risadex

    Value Advice

    Bronzong relaxed 31-30-31-31-30-0 ?
  9. Risadex

    Make Gen 4 & 5 Egg Hatching Faster

    Why just gen 5 eggs ?
  10. Risadex

    Elite Four Guide - Kanto & Hoenn

    Here is the new version. (Work in Progress atm)
  11. Reinstall the APP won't make your fingers drop from your hand.

    1. Desu



    2. Risadex


      Thats what you want to say everytime  but can't.

  12. Risadex

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    This usage method sucks, why drop it for 2 or 3 weeks if an updated is near™ and with acess to mold breaker it ll be even worst to fight. (But also foul play users beat it)
  13. Risadex

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Dragon dance sets takes tons of damage from bronzorg and forretress with gyroball Mostly dangerous set its SD wallbreaker IMO
  14. Risadex

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    You can't use masterballs in breeding.
  15. Maybe if you edit rom directory in some config.ini file, you can be able to use them

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