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  1. Android Release HYPE [Coming Soon]

    I hope my zentrashphone run it.
  2. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    Isnt too hard, if you have a mon with "Iv sum >= 160 + a ninche of good natures for that mon + specified time" U can unlock a ribbon or @Kyu @ThePrettyPetardI dont like the money refound cus is the community which decides the prices of this kind of Stuff. But making it they would just proof they had some incertain decisions b4 implement that, what isnt good.
  3. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    It really hurts me seen people using those 100k pokeballs
  4. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    I had tons of genderless comps too (just had breed a cryogonal prior the update RIp). Those 3x+ dittos prices was just riddiculous. I mean, who decided the price for them? Also all those people which had almost unlimited breeders from the CloneMMO era. (They dont say nothing, but nowdays u still see 2014 4x30 genderless comps in GTL for dope prices). This kind of upgrade is necessary for make people enjoy more the game and take less grind (Also got rekt in tons of MMOs with updates which give away things you grinded for days ). The ditto farm isnt useless they still worth a lot mainly for rare genderless species. (1x31 speed dittos reached like 30k value after the update, 25k atm). I guess legendaries ll be the new money sink in the future, since Kyu said they wont be able to breed with ditto. (idk if even between same species) ---------------------- But I felt like the game could just give it some special reward for those comps in the past at least to recognize the effort (I dont think any money refound would be done) Like a RIbbon or untradeable vanity idk
  5. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    Idk why people are crying, any MMO sometimes makes u change your proofit method. Also kyu gave the hint which were pretty obvious (I told to my friends to sell their genderless like 2 weeks ago) Not all them hear me so here we are @Takens (kek) Dittos are still useful since the lack of pokes of same species ll prob. occur also only male species. Legendaries prob ll be the new money sink in the future since @Kyu said they wont be able to breed.
  6. Dream Match

  7. I can be too much hopeful by doing this suggestion, as since the Unova Update the staff said dungeons could come in 4~6 months. Also there is a small chance of the progress of all thematic dungeons be at the same stage. This sugestion is based on discussions made with the staff, which said Hidden abilities and Legendary pokemons would come in thematic dungeons (i.e water, fire, etc) With base on this I think the dungeon which could have more impact and be more useful would be a Water Dungeon. The following water pokemon could be breeded with their "useful" hidden abilities (assuming all they would be available on this dungeon): * Almomomola (regenerator) Blastoise (rain dish) Carracosta (swift swim) Crawdaunt (adaptabillity) Feraligatr (sheer force) Floatzel (water veil) Gyarados (moxie) Huntail (water veil) Lanturn (water absorv) Omastar (weak armor) Politoed (drizzle) Poliwrath (swift swim) Quagsire (unaware) Qwilfish (intimidate) Relicanth (sturdy) Seaking (liighting rod) Seismitoad (water absorb) Sharpedo (speed boost) Slowbro (regenerator) Slowking (regenerator) Simipour (torrent) Starmie (analytic) Tentacruel (rain dish) Walrein (Ice body) *I've not included the LC tier or Possible ubers hidden abilities The following pokemon are legendary which could be implemented in a water dungeon Keldeo Kyogre (I doubt lel) Manaphy Palkia (Idoubt ²) Phione Suicune Tbh I aint giving a fuck for what dungeon comes first , I guess we all are waiting for this and it ll be appreciated, not mattering whatever the dungeon type, when it comes.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJYX-avA_Kg
  9. Possible Ridiculous Spawn Rate?

    I ve found exactly (only) 3 monkeys yesterday. One of each, stop the cry. (Unless it have flex individual rates like shinies, what i doubt cus if that was true catching events shouldnt exist)
  10. Ordering system for GTL

    We just need an auction/bid system. @Desu Also about the graphic with the price variations it could be nice to see the price variations of items at least (or. Shinies, but that its a much smaller niche)
  11. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    All gyms at level max give like 5600~6200 Exp for each 2 pokes. (get 2800~3100 with exp share) its kinda ~18k Exp total per Gym (9k for the poke with exp share)
  12. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    Not any worth to mention. Trainer tower level is flex (it adjusts for whatever higher lvl mon u have in the party), but there are some pre-evos and other shit pokes which gave less EXP) Giant chasm horders give ~6k EXP per horde (~3k if with exp share and the mon didnt participate in the battle)
  13. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    I think they just didnt expect people would try abuse this flag instead of searching for other areas/npcs (Btw if u dont know, trainer tower has infinite cooldown too, and lvl 100 pokes. The exp is nerfed tho)
  14. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    Actually there are other methods which gave similar exp (like hordes in giant chasm and other end game areas)

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