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  1. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    yeah Its just throw some low lvl poke for it copy the stats (which is bad if u were Shiny farming in a possible ditto spot
  2. Hearthstone. Lets talk

    It happened Guys <3 Finally got this fucking card back New expansion hype!
  3. Template #1 Name: Risadex Team: LØRD Render: Shiny Torterra Text Color: Whatever u think would be cool Stain Color: use your imagination (2) Donation: I am poor af atm. I Can mail u some expensive ̶d̶r̶u̶g̶s̶ medicine Thank you in advance
  4. Event Reward

    Yeah I got what u said, would be a great idea for all gift shinies, but I just think staff would want have a niche to implement a npc like that (considering the effort they give to comp players shiny system .-.) So if it helps the whole comp community instead of those 1/64 or 1/ 128 they prob had more reasons to implement that.
  5. Event Reward

    I liked that "shards" part, beeing like a spoils system, which would be nice get a non-shiny comp Officials 1st place (gift shiny, u dont need anything else kek+ 2 shards) 2nd place: 2 shards 3,4th places: 1 shard CC: 2, 1, 1, 1 shards respectively Creating comps system (just imo, would be like) Perfect comp (6x30-31, hp customisable) : 6 shards Perfect comp (5x30-31): 5 shards Average comp (2x30-31, 4x24-25, hp customisable): 4 shards Average comp (2x31, 4x25, no hp): 3 shards All not shiny ofc
  6. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    :o So u just active the shiny sprite mods ? I never tought about that hu3 edit: Gratz
  7. Things you're not proud of

    When I got a Adamant Breloom w/o Spore pre-fusion/not possible relearn egg/pre-evo moves , it was perfect, them I rebreed it for put spore, 2 weeks later the update makes possible relearn pre-evo moves -_-
  8. Desu in pvp Mistery box

    Inb4: Desu lab was ever possible to be obtained in pvp boxes, the % drop is so low then people just got one now. Like 0,0001% (same as @Desu's happiness rate)
  9. Brawlhalla ;]

    This is fun af to play with ur friends, and yeah remember me smash a lot, I just hadnt time for this, but I still have on my steam, I can say its good and u can use this to chill when u need. Also the offline practice option is good for try some shit without fear. kek
  10. PokeMMO Meme Contest

  11. [Screenshot] Post your visual bugs here!

    I am in a maze lel
  12. PokeMMO World Cup - Feedback Thread

    -- Yeah when it started I tought 2 of each group would advance. I think some people also forfeited cus they didnt want bring their best in the group stage, so people could be averagel in the group and give it best and use their secret weapons in the playoffs. The original idea also contribuited for that IMO, some players innitially want this as single player Tournament, maybe after it got changed for a team they lost the interest cus some countries didnt get enough players. -It could be 2 classified per group as the World Cup. -then the Final 16 a best of 2 -the final 8 In a silph CO tournament with double elimination.
  13. Repel Trick Guide

    Just to add, Relicanth is a perfect one, as it appears in lvls 30-35, chincou appears only at 25, lanturn and clamperl only at lvl 30. So a lvl 31 might work (I havnt tested yet, but following the logic, it does)
  14. I was wondering how ur boxes in PC would looks like:



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