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  1. Oops, my mistake. Although the calc i made were with lum berry haxorus. The point is still valid since it still ohkoes mandibuz with Life Orb. +2 252 Atk Life Orb Mold Breaker Haxorus Rock Slide vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Mandibuzz: 172-203 (79.2 - 93.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock
  2. Agree with everything bar the bold. The fact H.O. teams with dual screen's are popular right now, its one more advantage for Lucario, since it can have different sets and your opponent won't have the the properly answer for both sets at the same time. Yah this + download makes P-Z setup relatively easy vs walls like mandibuzz, jellycent, gastrodon relatively easy. Also specs/nasty plot sets hit like a truck and there's no realiable way to deal with it besides revenge kill (or you can run haze dusclops and name it HOPE LUL) Haxorus is a issue and have a common answer (Mandibuzz), but since the SD set is problematic as it ohko mandibuzz with stone edge after rocks and mold breaker leaves bronzong hopeless
  3. The only cons would be longer than usual tournaments, but since 1/3 of the world are in home atm, that couldn't be an issue. This is a common scene now days, so make at least the 2 most popular tiers (OU and UU) 128 seats for default. This can be don at least while server peaks are bigger than normal. This was during a Tuesday. Another option (as already mentioned) could be a flexible tournament seats, based on the size of the queue. Loss a tournament is bad, but with current global situation everyone have time to play and is even more frustrating get out of a tournament because sign-ups bugs/ lag/ queue is full. Side note:I hope the devs notice there is time of take advantage of the server population and bring some cool changes aimed for those players returning due to covid-19
  4. Team Name : BRAZILZILZIL Team Tag : BRA Registered players : Risadex, Elvesss, MakarovMaster, boyscap, Shentiger Team Captain : Risadex
  5. Scarf gets walled, banded is a dangerous wallbreaker, but easier to revenge kill, also get huge recoil by its main stab/ rocks
  6. As pointed above, there are 4 pokemons weak to fighting moves, and tough reuniclus can check mostly fighting mons, but struggle in some cases, like u-turn users. once he's down you might have issues. Cofragigus is the prime fighting counter, and can answer threats like conkeldur and mienshao. Your team doesn't have some answer to rain teams (at average ELO, you probably will face much rain teams in ladder) , and your team doesn't have a good answer to them. You might focus on your main team first, then focus on covering if you start to face much rain teams. There are some Pokemons common seen in rain teams: Peliper Specs kingdra Fetrothorn Wobbufet Dugtrio Scizor Kabutops Ludicolo Cloyster Good luck.
  7. -your hydreigon's nature is about your preference, but keep in mind modest reachs 150 speed while timid reachs 165. For that you should make some calcs to see if the modest nature can score some KOs from your interest that with timid wouldn't be possible. Also you need to check which pokes are being used and check their speed tiers. There's a list with the most popular mons of last month (based on usage) Pokemon Percentage avg. Speed 50 Scizor 30.12% (85-117) Garchomp 28.95% (154-169) Conkeldurr 25.13% (65-97) Gengar. 23.05% (162-178) Ferrothorn 20.33% (22) Magnezone 17.70% (112-123) Hydreigon 17.03% (150-165) Skarmory 16.90% (90-134) Volcarona 14.95% (152-167) Kingdra 14.23% (137-150) Pelipper 14.23% (85-128) Milotic 13.81% (101-146) Tyranitar 13.38% (113-124) Dragonite 12.89% (132-145) Gyarados 12.19% (133-146) Jolteon 12.05% (182-200) Excadrill 11.64% (140-154) Rotom(Wash) 11.55% (107-151) Salamence 11.04% (152-167) Blissey 11.02% 75 Togekiss 10.86% (100-145) Cofagrigus 10.64% 30 As you can see, there aren't many matchups which timid takes advantage, since mostly mons use a speed nature, the 2 interesting matchups would be offensive rotoms and opponent's hydreigon. Nothing (non-gimmick) can outspeed adamant excadrill in sand. Jolly excadrill would be useful mostly for countering other excadrills. Most people use bold reuniclus 252 hp/def @leftovers or life orb Calm mind Recover Focus blast Psychic This set can break through passive walls like blissey, and have much opportunities to setup. If your opponent doesn't have a phazer/powerful dark/ghost/bug STAB or trick, it can wreck havoc mostly teams. Can also be used as a check for mostly conkeldurr sets (be aware of flame orb facade on switch) With this spread and moveset, would be interesting a sassy nature for tyranitar. So it can check volcarona better, or a brave nature if you want to hit harder. If you have something specific to outspeed, just put a -def nature instead. Magnezone is mostly used timid, so you can outspeed up to base 115 pokemon. It means you wlil outspeed stuff like Gengar, starmie, modest Magnezone, etc.
  8. Yeah, but it doesn't work neither its the main purpose of laddering. People mostly practice with friends and/or teammates because they know they know how to play/ have some experience and can multi battle with different teams. I think reducing uu/nu ranked timee can be good, but isn't enough by Itself. People are lazy (that's because only splitting the schedule won't work) and since ladder is also a form of generating resources, there's a plethora of stuff do be added as rewards which can be healthy to the game. (At least while those ladders don't increase in popularity)
  9. Great idea, but it also doesn't give us the fix to the main problem: It probably would work in the first days (the same way UU/NU ladder worked on the launch) but then turn forgotten when people don't find one or two matches in a row. Battle boxes used to be one big thing to make ladder more flexible. The fact you dont need stay with your comps and feel free to do other things while in queue is very nice, but it still need some fixes and more features, like more functions (like increased battle boxes, or remember the item held by the mon, and auto attach on it whenever it is selected by the battle box and the item is available on inventory.) Other ladders also need some propper announce, better rewards in normal games (maybe). Maybe weekly and monthly rewards would increase people's interest aswell
  10. Well I would like to share the team I use, it kills mostly gyms in 4-5 turns and only need to swap leads acording to gym. I am with smartphone, so forgive me the formating. Leads depend on the gym: I ll use an example with hoenn ones, but they are similar in other gyms: Fighting gym : octillery + typlhosion normal gym: Aerodactyl + typhlosion rock gym: typhlosion+ octillery (swap typhlo for duck if there's sandstorm. In other sandstorm gyms you should start with golduck because they have sand rush exca.) fire gym: octillery + golduck / octillery + aero flying gym: aero + typhlo psych gym: octillery+ typlho (if slowbro/king couple, just send galvsntula) water gym: golduck + octillery/ galvantula electric gym: aero+typhlo (or typhlo + octillery but then lanturn can stall a turn.) this strategie can struggle just a little bit vs rain teams (after golduck was introduced, it became really easier) it also can suffer a bit vs Iris, besides her, the average time spent in each gym (excluding puzzles) is 2~3 minutes. I use only 5 mons, generally the 6th slot is for leveling mon or whatever you wanna to put. With this i generally can beat hoen + kanto within 1 hour and left time to beat morimoto if lucky. Can't do the same with unova+ sinooh cus those gyms have a lot of wasting time puzzles.
  11. 30 gyms @ ~14K= 420.000 1 gym @30k (triple brothers) Morimoto 23k = ~473k All this is (almost) doable with 2 amulets i.e = 2 hours (assuming only 1 turn to ko a couple of pokes) Theres also some npcs inside gyms and heatran mountain which give a good amount of money, but the time spent increases drastically. Problem is, some puzzles from sinooh, as well as some from unova take several time to be done. Also Elite 4 despite BP nerf, didn't get any compensation at all. And it also makes the "rotation" betweens npcs a bit crazy. Those mechanics were good before bp and amulet coin nerfs, but assuming you gonna buy amulet coins (after frisk nerf, you can spent hours hunting this, paydayng is more profitable) for around ~20k and the increase of gyms is about ~4.5k, it means you loose the profit of 4.5 gyms per amulet coin. Elite 4 is challenging and a true eng game pve content, but it doesn't seen attractive at all anymore. @Kyu
  12. Are you really asking to ban RNG? Cus thats pointless to me. Just remember people asking to ban body slam from snorlax and look what happened... The same way you loose one match for a miss focus blast or stone edge, you loose to a miss from sand veil. Even with 1/24 crit chance there's still crits, RNG wll be rng as always.
  13. This can be Toxic for the Current Metagame ? AS far as I know, the devs tends to bring the last generation updated mechanics, with some exclusions (gengar's levitate, rock tomb, outrage, etc) If this mechanics were release, how much it could impact at the point of making some pokes uber-level? Share your opinion, please
  14. honestly, if anyone is interested in continue the project, feel free to get all the info i've gathered and just go on with project, the same way i Did with K9's one. E4 isnt my focus right now, so if anyone wants maintaing the project, just PM me or create the topic then notify me, so i can ask to moderation to close this one. :)
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