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  1. Here is a myth which me (and other people) doesnt have sure: Its possible capture these Global Legendaries just by throwing a pokeball ? (instead of traditional mechanic of 1 HP + status + Ultraball)
  2. You can always use pokemon with frisk ability (i.e: Gothitele/Banette) to detect if a wild pokemon/horde are holding an item.
  3. I gonna give you the info about one poke wchich can potentially kill yache berry garchomp 1x1 every time with ease: Garchomp fits in the same offensive position Dragonite were 6 years ago. A dragon been bully. Even been much more slow, Conkeldurr fits almost the same situation of chomp, it has very few checks if running right move. IF you dont have cofagrigus in your team, you probably have no safe switch-ins for any move Flame Orb conkeldurr have, thats it. Cofagrigus has more usage than high ammount of stuff and I agree he ha ve a lot more utilities, but mandibuzz does also have more uses than just try to wall garchomp. iirc great amount of mons gonna get new tools which gonna shake the meta a little bit, chomp doest get acess to any shocking new tool if I recall correctly. Other mons gonna gain more offensive presence which can make chomp a bit less overwhelm. Wait the next cycle and you guys probably can decde if it deserve a new thread of ban worthy questions. Personally, as player I get embarass by watch this kind of miscomunication and/or disagree between TC members. AFAIK you need to be indicated by other TC member to have a chance of been part of TC (don't know if ADMs have some participation) You guys need a way to make new decisions by not only asking the community in discussions, but it could have a major rotation of TC members, aswell specifc TC members for each tier, which could make more sense and give better results. The current policy is ok, but sometimes it needs to be refreshed so it doesnt have the seesaw effect;
  4. Awn, its really nice you including your childs in community <3 Amazing art
  5. There's a point, electrode doenst get acess to both screens untill gen 7. He is the best dual screemer of the game, and have acess to full power due to gen mechanics shenanigans. Isnt op, but just encourage people to running those H.O. teams due the relatively lower effort to makes decisions, as we dont have acess to strong unaware walls like Quagsire and Clefable yet.
  6. I think than he's idea is put in trainer info (C) the total number of pokemon you ever encountered and a shiny encounter number. Personally i think its a great idea, mostly pve players doesn't have something to show their effort. This could be nice (even if they couldn't score the previously captured Pokemons) maybe some higher usage from server data in high scale, but seens very good @Darkshade
  7. Didn't deserved to win, but gg
  8. There are viable mons which can use it properly too in NU. Vaporeon can Baton pass Focus energy to any scope lens mon and make it 100% crit, tough its a 2 turn setup, but its effective. There is also super lucky Honchcrow.
  9. Isnt really so simple like that i think, once you have a realiable way to farm those items, there ll be no point in farming it through other ways, so yeah it would hurt a bit more than expected. You can also get money in form of BP sell, then purchase the mentioned itens. they already implemented bracers by BP which was a really good improvment. AS next big update gonna be focused on PvP mainly, i really think we can expect some enhancements in rewards so lets wait a bit. I personally think there gonna be another ways of farming mysterious gems and this hopefully could be added as part of next update, as the item doesnt have a realiable way of farm, since people rarely hunt for them and if announced in global chat there's a big chance of it been announced in some foreign language.
  10. Good Job updating it. Congrats for the effort.
  11. Standard one is CB Scizor which generally runs u-turn, bullet punch, superpower and pursuit Well it gonna depends of the team you're using. Milotic in general is better for tanking as it have acess to recover, scald, ice beam, haze/dragon tail, good ability and great spdef bulk. Swampert has other role as stealth rock setter as well more offensive presence with great stab earthquake which comes with his useful secondary typing which gives immunity to electric attacks.
  12. It really would be good if you breed a scizor asap. Scizor its one of the most used mons in OU, and isn't really hard to figure why. It can perform a great volt turn core with your jolteon ,or rotom (another good pivot) In other hand, you have only 1 viable defoger (skarmory) the OU meta is full of scizors which is good as skarmory chrcky it very well despite the loss of momentum in form of u-turn. It can also perform as a hazard setter, in form of stealth rock and/or spikes. You also have rain team pieces in form of kingdra (assuming isn't DD one) and ludicolo. Peliper is a great partner as it have acess to drizzle and is a core piece in any rain teams, the defensive one can also be useful as it can check the previously mentioned Scizor as well some variants of conkeldurr. Gengar can fit well in any team with a multitude of roles it can perform. Infernape is a great late game cleaner but people generally have a answer to him. Blissey can be useful if you don't want to be sweept by standard volcarona and some mixed dragons. In another worlds, you really lack some key pieces which could sinergy very well with those mons. With only those pieces available, i would pick the following: Breloom @toxic orb with spore + substitute +2 moves (good answer to rotom wash) Tyranitar @choice band with stone edge/crunch/pursuit + superpower or fire Punch (useful for trap stuff like reuniclus and hit like a truck in general - can be used scarfed to perform a better revenge killer role.) Porygon 2 @eviolite recover/toxic/ice beam/ tri atk id personally pick this over blissey because he have a better matchup vs some physical threats like gyarados and it can trap stuff like dugtrio and magezone (tough it can suffer vs some variants of volcarona) Gengar @life orb shadow ball/focus blast/ substitute/pain split Standard gengar. Hits hard, can break stall and can wreck havoc teams if no properly answered. Skarmory @rocky helmet/leftovers/shed hull brave bird/defog/roost and taunt or stealth rock or spikes it can handle some key physical threats of the meta like non-mixed garchomp, scizor, etc. I really don't recommend have a defoger with also sets hazards, but your other options are only sala and crobat, the former can be used as defoger, but generally is better in a defensive version, and bat Just have so many switch ins which can abuse him in OU. You have also other hazard setters and if you don't mind do not have a defoger (if your tram doesn't suffer a lot for hazards) ferrothorn can easily replace skarmory in this function with much efficiency. Lastly i would pick both infernape or Arcanine to be a mid game threat/late game cleaner. Infernape is generally superior as your opponent won't know which set are you running. Arcanine have 2 good abilities as well priority in form of extreme speed tough it takes 25% dmg if stealth rock is up. Well this was made in blank with the options you have. Imo it have little to no answers to commonly used threats, like conkeldurr, Rain Teams (tough ferrothorn and blssey answer them well), etc. I recommend you start to watch some matches in lader and official tournaments replays. So you gonna have some info about what's been used and what's synergies well. Good luck o/
  13. Oh so rip me i really tought it was due to levitate and they were immune only to shadow tag smh I think there are some disagree, sub disable gengar isnt that used, and honestly, its kinda risky rely in an offensive mon to stop some stuff imo
  14. Aron with Sturdy + Endeavor + Shed Shell + Sandstorm support is far more consistent, i Think, but suffers the same way due to level restrictions. I really think this is to prevent fresh non-finished storyline players to joy pvp Queue. Tough somebody gave a sugestion that could solve this problem for us. Its a good sugestion, maybe it just needs to be more elaborated to be posted
  15. I am glad than after all that speculation I've made, something gonna happen for real HYPE Well theres no confirmation about Fairy types, but I really doubt they gonna be implemented right now. I think they will nerf Gengar so they can give him nasty plot. It allows Dugtrio to revenge kill gengar, otherwise it could be problematic since he have a hella big movepool to abuse with Nasty Plot.
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