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  1. Somebody can teach goodchima how to format texts please
  2. Risadex

    Quick Wishlist

    1- Notifications when tournment signup is about to start 2- Notifications when official events are about to start 3- Disable Notifications option for dummies (and people which will cry about notifications)
  3. Just giving a possible idea for future Fantasy Games like this: A weekly version with the possibility of change members of the team (even the whole team) each week. In this case anyone participating could contribute with 50k (just an example, but shouldn't be too high to still promove individual bets). In the end lf week, players with the highest score (W/L ratio) get all money distributed between them. Example: 40 players *50k = 2m prize each week
  4. IGN: Risadex Reason: Be the best benched in @Sebat's team Preferred Tiers: NU, UU Competitive accolades: Nothing worth to mention besides one of Lord's Cleffa Cup Discord contact (optional): Risad(d)ex#5566 Other random stuff: Pepega
  5. I've saw some good arguments from both side. Both have their part of reason and thats why this is a complex subject. Old laddering was more iterative. New laddering makes it have different situatios and this also makes you think in a specific strategy. We ll never have big team pool in Higher tiers (OU/UU) Because we don't have enough mons (or H.A) for that. Even NU tier which has tons of useful "B rank mons" has some monotony sometimes. With Counter Building or Not, the pool isnt that vast (see HO Trode team in UU as an example) The game is a MMO and also needs fr
  6. That's what makes the game very unique imo. If you want this been the same stuff, just go play official games or just showdown lol
  7. Risadex

    Quick Wishlist

    First of all, this update (until now) were a really, really big improvment for Competitive scene, and PvP in an Overall. The New Ranked UI Is great, and the biweekly Reward system is something very neat, which could potentially be used in other scenes too. (Also PvE) There are a few points that I think are worth of been consider to be implement in some point of future: Filter duels by trainers Name. We have the possibility of Filter it by Highest to lowest (and vice versa) Elo/Duration and separate the tiers. If Pvp became a thing more pupular now, more
  8. WIth new data of usage. partners, %win rate ,etc the competitive part of the game gonna be more acessible by new players and even casuals. Personally i really like to see this kinda of information and the layout made is awesome. I also like the way they didnt put the usage of moves in each pokemon, as it make different strategies have greater value and not been spammed. Also Idk if is just the hype, but NU and DUBS ladder is much more acive than I speceted! It really would be great if they stay as much active as they are today. A great improvment for both tiers :)
  9. Here is a myth which me (and other people) doesnt have sure: Its possible capture these Global Legendaries just by throwing a pokeball ? (instead of traditional mechanic of 1 HP + status + Ultraball)
  10. You can always use pokemon with frisk ability (i.e: Gothitele/Banette) to detect if a wild pokemon/horde are holding an item.
  11. I gonna give you the info about one poke wchich can potentially kill yache berry garchomp 1x1 every time with ease: Garchomp fits in the same offensive position Dragonite were 6 years ago. A dragon been bully. Even been much more slow, Conkeldurr fits almost the same situation of chomp, it has very few checks if running right move. IF you dont have cofagrigus in your team, you probably have no safe switch-ins for any move Flame Orb conkeldurr have, thats it. Cofagrigus has more usage than high ammount of stuff and I agree he ha ve a lot more utilities, but mandibuzz does al
  12. Awn, its really nice you including your childs in community <3 Amazing art
  13. There's a point, electrode doenst get acess to both screens untill gen 7. He is the best dual screemer of the game, and have acess to full power due to gen mechanics shenanigans. Isnt op, but just encourage people to running those H.O. teams due the relatively lower effort to makes decisions, as we dont have acess to strong unaware walls like Quagsire and Clefable yet.
  14. I think than he's idea is put in trainer info (C) the total number of pokemon you ever encountered and a shiny encounter number. Personally i think its a great idea, mostly pve players doesn't have something to show their effort. This could be nice (even if they couldn't score the previously captured Pokemons) maybe some higher usage from server data in high scale, but seens very good @Darkshade
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