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  1. It happened Guys <3 Finally got this fucking card back New expansion hype!
  2. Seens good, PM-me in game for a deal
  3. Template #1 Name: Risadex Team: LØRD Render: Shiny Torterra Text Color: Whatever u think would be cool Stain Color: use your imagination (2) Donation: I am poor af atm. I Can mail u some expensive ̶d̶r̶u̶g̶s̶ medicine Thank you in advance
  4. Yeah I got what u said, would be a great idea for all gift shinies, but I just think staff would want have a niche to implement a npc like that (considering the effort they give to comp players shiny system .-.) So if it helps the whole comp community instead of those 1/64 or 1/ 128 they prob had more reasons to implement that.
  5. I liked that "shards" part, beeing like a spoils system, which would be nice get a non-shiny comp Officials 1st place (gift shiny, u dont need anything else kek+ 2 shards) 2nd place: 2 shards 3,4th places: 1 shard CC: 2, 1, 1, 1 shards respectively Creating comps system (just imo, would be like) Perfect comp (6x30-31, hp customisable) : 6 shards Perfect comp (5x30-31): 5 shards Average comp (2x30-31, 4x24-25, hp customisable): 4 shards Average comp (2x31, 4x25, no hp): 3 shards All not shiny ofc
  6. :o So u just active the shiny sprite mods ? I never tought about that hu3 edit: Gratz
  7. When I got a Adamant Breloom w/o Spore pre-fusion/not possible relearn egg/pre-evo moves , it was perfect, them I rebreed it for put spore, 2 weeks later the update makes possible relearn pre-evo moves -_-
  8. Inb4: Desu lab was ever possible to be obtained in pvp boxes, the % drop is so low then people just got one now. Like 0,0001% (same as @Desu's happiness rate)
  9. I think also worth to mention explosion got the nerfs from gen V forwards in pokeMMO (it doesnt calc the damage with the target defense halvend anymore) so can use earthquake/counter/toxic/protect/w.e u want in the 4th slot depending which ur team needs.
  10. This is fun af to play with ur friends, and yeah remember me smash a lot, I just hadnt time for this, but I still have on my steam, I can say its good and u can use this to chill when u need. Also the offline practice option is good for try some shit without fear. kek
  11. I am in a maze lel