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  1. Maybe not a offical format since it gonna affect a huge amount of players and make competitive even less newbie friendly. But some gimmick format for seasonal competitions would be good, even to help TC with possible ban hates. In an example it would look like Draft/Arena format examples (comparing to card games, like in hearthstone where you can participate in an arena without have a deck, just drafting random cards) Ofc it couldn't be able to do in pokemmo due to the Mmo factor, but think in a more complex version of battle factory and a less RNG version of random battles. (And you can make it seasonal so it doesn't remove the main focus of the game) The game need some fresh future wise content
  2. Bugs attacks normally damages rock types, they take double damage from rock attacks though. Bug attacks does damage halved vs steel types, they take normal damage from steel attacks tho.
  3. its funny how it inst sync with vanities sales xD
  4. Achievements could definitely be another bonus/late game content. There are some marks which are quite easily to fit in an achievement, i.e. Filled Dex, Mewtwo capture, Rayquaza capture, 8 Badges in each region, max EV a poke, play a PvP, to plant a berry, etc. There could be "Hot times" (which we already have, in PvP ranked matchmaking) people which login or make specified requirements in this time, can receive a mail or claim a reward from some NPC. Really can't agree with all, but I confess there are a few strategic places which would be interesting to land. (like shard tutor's place i.e.). While events can look like challenges in some form, they haven't specific rewards at all. All Battle frontier's instances can be considered "challenges", which all-time rankings, but they doesnt offer any other reward for this neither are reseted (people which used some broken strategie to achieve that probably wont be able to break their own record after they were balanced). Challenges can be put together with achievements like "beat a max level gym with only 1 poke", or "beat the elite four only with pidgey and evos" @Rache Poke Ride is purely a cosmetic Bycicle, though it should probably count as vanity (idk about @Darkshade position about it) Personally I think it would flood the screen with tons of poke-rides + Following sprites.
  5. Assuming that people didn't created characters with all those names just for yolo
  6. Basicamente agora no começo tu precisa seguir a história do Fire Red (já que começou em Kanto, mas também pode mudar para outra região assim que chegar a 4ª insígnia. Recomendo usar um desses detonados comuns mesmo, pelo menos pra zerar a história: https://tec8.com.br/detonado-pokemon-fire-red/ Lembrando que há algumas variações que podem ocorrer, visto que o jogo é um MMO e não apenas uma cópia do Original (por exemplo os lendários) Não tem muito o que ajudar a menos que precise de alguns pokes lvl baixo, visto que tem uma espécie de barreira pra você não zerar a história muito facilmente. No mais é isso. Tem Vários BRs no jogo, e tu provavelmente vai achar eles muito fácil, só aguardar o horário de pico do pessoal logar. (Ah, nessa área do fórum sempre é bom colocar uma tradução em inglês em baixo)
  7. @YIBU @Edniss If anyone could please move this to Work in Progress subforums, would be much appreciated. (Maybe I can update this during vacations)
  8. OMG I AM SO HYPED. Its all that I was waiting for!
  9. They ll do. You can check pokedex for full info. Also, you can teach any move the current specie could/can/will learn by level, not mattering the lvl. it does includes pre-evo moves.
  10. Actually not if doing it efficiently. Most people struggle cause they have generical mons for stuff aka typlhosion, gengar, starmie, dragonite, etc bringng a 6-100ish team which cover a whole region generally makes you avoid PC unless recharge PPs, save exceptions of some mons using focus sash, but thats the average. Generally I spent more time running to the gym or puzzles than the battle itself
  11. Well, PvP vs the AI its still a point, or otherwise, if PvP money was an efficient way of farming resources, thousands of people would start just using cancer teams at matchmaker and proofit. Also, if i remember, legendary IVs system ll be kinda of an "Crafting" which ll need several runs of a Dungeon or Lucky. Thats probably gonna influence too. I can do gyms with 30 minutes, but E4 just doesnt give enough proofit anymore, not worthy the time we spent. Not surprised people farm berries or just buy a vanitie and wait 2 years to sell it LOL We need Bid system for trying stop overpriced stuff. PLEASE GIVE US
  12. The game has growed up a lot, i think some Black friday relationaded RP discount or vanities would be nice (or some RNG box /special Black friday packs)
  13. @SephirothUSA There is a good guide for that Personally I train: HP - Icirrus City (surfing) ATK - Pattern Bush DEF - Victory road exit (Unova) Spatk - Golducks (Route 12 - Unova) Spdef - Tentacruel (island 7 - Surfing) Speed - Dragonspiral tower (surfing) All with hordes.
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