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  1. LØRÐ - Lords of the hax Players: EpicVerde Moisessss EfronX AngelOrgulloso Takens Sebat Abelachy ZhikoDark Isperea xXLegacyGiXx Team Captain: Takens
  2. oh this means other edited postes had a copy after the signup starts so cus this they could be edited? Now it make sense.
  3. we cant edit the post to submit the inscription? :P (I think we cant edit only after the tournament starts - on saturday)
  4. Jolly golem also beneficts from outspeeding uninvested milotic in OU, which almost guarantee a 2hko with EQ.
  5. Just to add, Relicanth is a perfect one, as it appears in lvls 30-35, chincou appears only at 25, lanturn and clamperl only at lvl 30. So a lvl 31 might work (I havnt tested yet, but following the logic, it does)
  6. I was wondering how ur boxes in PC would looks like:


  7. Toma no teu cu Translation: Congratz
  8. Yeap i forgot conclude, I am just exposing that data, and as u said , we dont get thaaaaaaat much encounters while ev training.
  9. @XatuXatu @RaederzI Ev train all days (my last shiny were found while ev training) I started collect data and average encounters needed. Here is an estimate based on current spots I use.* *All values are counted considering you use macho brace, if u dont, DOUBLE the number of encounters then are necessary. 2HP (Ditto cave- loudred/exploud) :~78 SPEED (island 5- Persians/meowths/pidgey/pidgeotto): ~ 78 SPATK/ATK (pattern bush- Beautifly/Heracross): u need 60 hera encounters and 45 beautifly encounters but they are 50% rate. Average encountera for ATK: ~120 Average encounters for SPATK~ 90 SPDEF (Island 7/ Tentacool/Tentactuel): ~ 90 DEF (Victory Road/ Graveler/Onix/ Marowak/machoke): ~90 All values considering 252 EVS Those numbers are averaged with base on my last 3 ev trainings for each stat, they can be higher ow lower depending if u are lucky or ev train other places (pls notice some places can have similar values i.e island 7/ 6 all can be used for train speed)
  10. I like how u limit the max wins per event, sometimes its kinda frustrating see some people winning like 5 rounds in a row @Treus @Adamesh98 @DarylDixon kek
  11. A masterpiece IMO
  12. He threw a rock on him 2 catch?
  13. Its fantastic :o Ty :)
  14. Choice of two colors: Red and Yellow/Orange (its for look like flames, if u have a better color options, pls do it :] ) Name: Risadex Team (Optional): LØRÐ Render: Typlhosion