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  1. Risadex


    In-game name: Risadex Forum name: Risadex Country: Brazil Tiers signed up for: NU/UU/OU Discord name: Risadex#5566
  2. The game has growed up a lot, i think some Black friday relationaded RP discount or vanities would be nice (or some RNG box /special Black friday packs)
  3. @SephirothUSA There is a good guide for that Personally I train: HP - Icirrus City (surfing) ATK - Pattern Bush DEF - Victory road exit (Unova) Spatk - Golducks (Route 12 - Unova) Spdef - Tentacruel (island 7 - Surfing) Speed - Dragonspiral tower (surfing) All with hordes.
  4. Feels



    1. Risadex



      Lets make this my halloween happy album

    2. Risadex
  5. Risadex

    Hide other players

    In this casw you can f12 to hide UI Edit: is this possible on mobile? (Hide ui option) @Munya @Darkshade Thanks to clarify (i wasnt aware about this option lol)
  6. Risadex

    Hide other players

    Its pretty hard found NPCs/Find yourself sometimes (mainly when events like this are running). People with low end PC's also have FPS problems. With mosty recently halloween event, I can bet the game just breaked it simultany online player record. (gratz) But with this some people struggles to have fun (in my case I am having headaches to find a single NPC XD) Let us Hide other players sprites and let us just the name spoted. Make it optional (maybe a filter of friends/teammates) If you feel this can struggle with the design purpose of vannites, at least make it able to activate during catching/any sort of events or when channel is full. Much populated games like BnS have this option, which is pretty nice for some people.
  7. Risadex

    Final Boss Bug?

    It happens when you use the special candy.
  8. Kudos to you for that banner, its fantastic  \o/


    Good job.


    1. Rache


      Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

  9. Risadex


    Yeah, staff might gonna be testing stuff to prevent bugs and see if everything is ok.
  10. Risadex


  11. Risadex

    Elite Four Teams

    There arent currently updated guides from E4 I guess. Tbh mine topic was intended to gather information about all the teams. (the teams are just bonus) I need update it with the remaining held items anytime (i am kinda not much active in the game atm) But yeah, baton pass/ hazard damage its a good strategie, its just hard to fit it now since the AI its more powerful (and the same ammount of prizes doesnt encourage even me which have like 100+ lvl 100 comps to make it)
  12. Risadex

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    Gimme 1m so i can bet 1m brah
  13. Risadex

    The State of the Economy

    It ll depend of which kind of rewards gonna be released with the dungeons (beside legendaries ofc), Like rare vanities or something like that (upgrade legendary IVs item should be the new money sink if applicable) I guess he means you cant just put a ice gem on GTL and request exchange for another gem or item, for example. Auction mode when ? :/
  14. Risadex

    The State of the Economy

    k. Btw, the market isnt currently build only around comps, but around shinies too. Its much more complex than it. In the pre-items/UI upgrade Elite 4 patch, it was a good way of making money (the "Yen per Second" rate was good). I didnt even tryed a single League rematch after update (more for time lacking), but seens like now the consumables required are slight elevated, as the time to beat them too. (Which doesnt make it look so atractive, at least for me). I literally skiped gyms cus they were boring and just focused on that instance. BP braces/ability pill were a good kick-off, they can just upgrade this system and make the game less dependent on pure yen to achiev goals.

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