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  1. [PSL9] Player Registration

    IGN: Risadex Timezone: BRST Fluff: Played last PSL in the boosted monkeys last season (Managed by YUBELLLLLLLL), tough I had a hard time a reserve in a team with Great names in the Tiers I was playing (UU/NU) such as Kanzo and Laazaro I had some opportunities to play in some valueless games and I guess It can be used as credit and experience. Most Preferred Manager: Rat kid Least Preferred Manager: Rat kid
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJYX-avA_Kg
  3. Possible Ridiculous Spawn Rate?

    I ve found exactly (only) 3 monkeys yesterday. One of each, stop the cry. (Unless it have flex individual rates like shinies, what i doubt cus if that was true catching events shouldnt exist)
  4. Ordering system for GTL

    We just need an auction/bid system. @Desu Also about the graphic with the price variations it could be nice to see the price variations of items at least (or. Shinies, but that its a much smaller niche)
  5. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    All gyms at level max give like 5600~6200 Exp for each 2 pokes. (get 2800~3100 with exp share) its kinda ~18k Exp total per Gym (9k for the poke with exp share)
  6. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    Not any worth to mention. Trainer tower level is flex (it adjusts for whatever higher lvl mon u have in the party), but there are some pre-evos and other shit pokes which gave less EXP) Giant chasm horders give ~6k EXP per horde (~3k if with exp share and the mon didnt participate in the battle)
  7. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    I think they just didnt expect people would try abuse this flag instead of searching for other areas/npcs (Btw if u dont know, trainer tower has infinite cooldown too, and lvl 100 pokes. The exp is nerfed tho)
  8. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    Actually there are other methods which gave similar exp (like hordes in giant chasm and other end game areas)
  9. Lower the berry powder costs for pp ups

    - PPmax (untradeable) for Battle points. (like ~3k BPs, idk) - Still leave the craftable ones. -It pretty doesnt affect the GTL economy (some people still ll sell them by borrowing pokes to max it, but I doubt it ll fuck the economy cus a huge ammount of Battle Points can be necessary). -People still can farm berries cus they have other utilities
  10. Nice Cofagrigus ;) GJ guys, it came faster then I expected LOL
  11. Prankster Ability

  12. Kyu done snapped with this one

    I was thinking in some way to introduce a Macro for berry combinations. For example a tool (which could be for RP or BP) which memorizes a given combination of seeds. So u drag it for hotkeys and u can plant berries using the setted combination and Making it easier. (Unova farms make the game looks like Happy Harvest) Ofc you dont want this kind of tool which could leave the game too much easy right? @Darkshade
  13. effectiveness visible in moveset

    Actually not. But its quite fun tho. LOL @Topic I personally dont think it ll change nothing in PvP. Unless we adopt gen VI foward mechanics which remove dark and ghost resistence from steel types or something like that. I didnt like so much the UI too (sorry Devs we know u work hard), but its cus its just useless for me (and tons of people too). I like more clear UIs and less visual polution, so a "disable" option would be nice. (no, thats not a issue, just a sugestion)
  14. Draco meteor?


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