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  1. aftershocker

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Swiss Round 1/5

    gg, sweet came prepared
  2. aftershocker

    Goodbye ma boys

    C u next week
  3. aftershocker

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Signup thread

    Aftershocker CST 25th(early)27th(late) 1st(early) 3rd(late) might be able to get some time off work just let me know the day of draft in advance I can stay active Dallas Omastars
  4. Can we consider a 9 pokemon max? Would love to see teams be more variety in teams as well as some love for the the PU/Free slot pokemon
  5. Happy birthmas to me

    1. notmudkip0


      You 12 now?

    2. DarylDixon


      u mom


    3. AlitoFernando


      Have a good one muser

  6. aftershocker

    Thank u

  7. aftershocker

    What about the MMOBA?

    Would love to see something like this happen. Of course it wont be on the grand level as psl because of the limited amount of players this offers it is still worth a try imo. My biggest concern would be the tiering of pokes, will there be a council to rank them? Our meta isnt complete and constantly evolving so hearing peoples opinions on where certain pokemon will land may contradict one another. The lack of competitive updates is killing the reason to even log on, atleast with an active event like this we would have a reason to breed multiple and creative sets to teambuild every week. Im down to participate and help donate if you do decide to make it happen.

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