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  1. starmind is taken, blackblak is all yours
  2. 100k on the following matches NU - Abstractt VS wiriketchup SMOU - xUltraJesus Vs Lkrenz OU - PolitoBlack Jaawax UU - Thuxs VS Mkns NU - RaiderOP VS Kriliin Dubs - Zigh VS Santiii -Moi LC - BoysCap VS Yaritan OU - MentalSoft VS Lvke UU - MamoswineZ VS BlueBreath Doubles - Blackblak VS Rendi - xiaolinggg SMOU - Starmind VS LifeStyle -RNGive UU - DarkCeGn VS Umbramol -Moi 1 person per bet, void if sub All bets have been paid
  3. Im really just curious on the dunsparce "dubs" set
  4. me vs DarkCeGn in about 10 mins USA vs Venezuela B
  5. ign: aftershocker Country: USA Tiers: OU UU NU LC Discord: aftershocker#0351
  6. Yea bro I completely understand. Send a pic of your character and donate ign aftershocker
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