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  1. Master of Shuppets (Saturday, 24th March)

    I'm pulling your strings!
  2. A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    Still jealous of all the hero's of light sigs that were made
  3. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    I'll take these, make our battle interesting :)
  4. [PSL9] Week Seven

    Won, gg Tenta's in playoffs. c u b-team/ goons
  5. [PSL9] Week Seven

    me vs redav in 40 mins
  6. nikeboy's alt

  7. [NU] Algum BR? (Tuesday, 27th March)

    More times like this! Thank you
  8. [PSL 9] Betting thread

  9. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    Same as here
  10. [PSL9] Week Six

    brave bat OP, gg
  11. [PSL9] Week Six

    aftershocker vs yosoyarca in about 20 mins
  12. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    ill take
  13. override the Hidden Power with Gems

    20 fire gems, so essentially you need 4 mysterious gems and 4 charcoals( for fire) The ivs will not change
  14. [PSL9] Week Four


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