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  1. I'll take these
  2. ign?
  3. Yo this looks lit Ign: aftershocker Team: Dallas Starmies
  4. Replace me with kimikozen in team [Drug]. Starting an hour later than I thought and can't play through it all
  5. Bold ludicolo walls it pretty hard, however venusaur and tentacruel are so common now its not really worth using imo. Forretress and skarm (eq or counter to hit back) also take hits fairly well
  6. ill take Senju
  7. Had a lot of crits this game, gg
  8. me and yang in 10 mins
  9. I couldnt resist
  10. You can be the ground type gym leader gym leaders can have up to 3 pokemon in a team if you want to have more than 3 just tell me what extra pokemon you want there is a discord for the league ill send you a link in a min

    1. eevee1012


      here is the link to the leagues discord

  11. forgot to mention this chick bred me a 5X30-31 hp poke in like 4 hours, definitely recommend to lazy people.
  12. Dibs on ground
  13. Team name: Druglords of Vermillion Team tag: [Drug] Registered players: Excavalier, Zymogen, Kevola, aftershocker, Suneet Team Captain: Excavalier
  14. Me and Laz in 30-40 mins Laz won, gg
  15. lf more sign ups, come on y'all the prize look good