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  1. [MOD] Gen 5 Follower Sprites (2.3)

    Is there any way to fix frillish's/Jellicent's female follow sprite? love this mod btw
  2. shiny voltorb lottery

    ill take 22-23-24-25
  3. NU group

    Count me in
  4. Happiness buff

    mago berrys raise by 10% and are fairly cheap on gtl, in a way pay-to-groom is already in.
  5. PokeMMO Community Combat

    why tho
  6. Any trainer has it ?

  7. Voltorb Lotto

    gimme 3 random numbers
  8. [Pre-comp] E.V. Training Guide

    Route 10 in unova is pretty good for atk evs Bouffalant X3 (6 evs) and Herdier/Soutland X5 (11-13 evs)
  9. Where to find Sawk

    weird, I think they took it out of there. It was available during pts but looks like they dont want a free-be when fighting the normal gym
  10. Move Braces / Everstones to a new item tab

    they are already filtered out in the items option tho they even have a search bar, not sure what more you want
  11. There is one in route 13 (unova) you need cut
  12. [Pre-comp] E.V. Training Guide

    Heracross hordes don't endure anymore \o/
  13. Hey team, with the update coming close I decided to start a free ev service for the team. The way this will work is I will have a set schedule (listed below) for the ev's I will do on that day. Feel free to catch me ingame or mail me with a specific spread. I plan on doing this for atleast a month, so enjoy while it lasts. I wont be doing leveling services this time around. If for whatever reason I couldnt get your request done I'll save some time to do it on Mondays. If you are not from RISÉ and I am mailed a pokemon to ev train, I will assume it is a friendly gesture and you will not be getting the pokemon back Tuesday: Speed Wednesday: Attack Thursday: Sp. atk Friday: Hp + defense Sunday: Sp. defense For the most part, will be doing most of these late at night my time so for any Europeans expect them to be mailed back by morning.

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