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  1. Scum will scum
  2. Paid @JIceJDragon @EricTheGreat owes me 300k from week 1
  3. Ill take erayne
  4. u still down for this?
  5. Lmao ez $$ @gbwead spitting truth
  6. ye
  7. 300k Blazikens win week 1
  8. I enjoy using thatch, also willing to take 1v1 bets cuz me > you
  9. Hmu next time yall play E: IGN is theaftershocker
  10. Ign: aftershocker Timezone: cst Tiers: UU,NU Fluff: 1 good season, 2 bad seasons. Time to even out the score
  11. add your name to the list and an extra 100k and you got yourself a deal
  12. Cuz she's all grown up now
  13. So, right now there are 2 major pokemon that are limiting my team building in NU, those being aggron and chimeco. I'm more curious as to how some of the other players are handling these pokemon. Aggron doesn't really have a perfect switch in for it, whiscash probably being the safest switch but it lacks an instant recovery move. As for chimeco, the variety of sets it can run and massive bulk/support just seems too good not to use in the current meta.
  14. I see Jhow run it with success, I'm sure there are others