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  1. aftershocker

    Reaper Cloth

    wild duskulls can hold them
  2. aftershocker

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    1 mil on team USA winning this week
  3. aftershocker

    PokeMMO Teambuilding Lab Megathread

    I was bored
  4. aftershocker

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Do we call them Natus?
  5. aftershocker

    [Art] Shock's Handsome squidward avatars

    Noticed my boi @DoubleJ rocking his old Handsome Ava, decided to give him an upgrade
  6. aftershocker

    Search for 2 egg groups

    Pretty straight forward, alot of pokemon have 2 egg groups and being able to search between the 2 simultaneously can help save time and money. There's even space already available for it. I would suggest something along these lines. Maybe include a "and/or" option to further specify what you are looking for
  7. aftershocker

    does trick work or not?

    it's temporarily disabled due to a bug, it's been like that for a week or so
  8. aftershocker

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Isn't it obvious? It's the beginning of a war. The battle of whoa and woah (woah is correct btw, fight me), where the victor takes what everyone wants; A metaphorical W , and the losers take an L. For hundreds of years the whoa clan had claimed that they were superior to only be shut down by the divine Woah clan. Join me brother and we shall prevail over this monstrosity and show everyone what it means to take a W. *Wiggle*
  9. aftershocker

    NFL fantasy american football league

  10. aftershocker

    Goodbye ma boys

    C u next week
  11. Happy birthmas to me

    1. notmudkip0


      You 12 now?

    2. DarylDixon
    3. AlitoFernando


      Have a good one muser

  12. aftershocker

    Thank u

  13. aftershocker

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    This is e4, not gyms :p
  14. aftershocker


    Last played in december on a buddy's account, decided to start playing again on my own (pc). hmu IGN: TheAftershocker
  15. aftershocker

    A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    Still jealous of all the hero's of light sigs that were made

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