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  1. Congrats LuisPocho for winning, can close this now
  2. le bracket
  3. Details: Single battle Unlimited Players 4v4 OU Date and Time: Today, 9pm EDT/1am GMT (roughly 50 minutes from this post) Location: Silph co ch7 Registration: Registration is open, post your IGN here or whisper me ingame IGN: aftershocker Special Rules: Only items allowed are choice locked items (choice band, swift choice band and special choice band) You can choose to not hold an item Banned Moves: Destiny bond Prize: 1st place - 1 Million pokeyen
  4. I can almost hear the sound of Kricketune's beautiful battle cry
  5. Added stuff to the wish list, also give me pokes to train
  6. Petition to make Texas its own country
  7. Gimme Wiri and Havs
  8. kanto, i use teddiursa w/sweet scent eq and hyper voice also the route before victory drops them with pick up aswell. (rt 23 i think)
  9. aftershocker
  10. This seemed fitting
  11. I get a good amount while ev training defense in victory road with pick-up.
  12. It can, might be helpful if you are trying to breed a shiny comp arcanine
  13. Team Flare is actually gen 6, Plasma was gen 5, but we already had plasma hat lel
  14. That's 1 ugly voltorb