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  1. So, right now there are 2 major pokemon that are limiting my team building in NU, those being aggron and chimeco. I'm more curious as to how some of the other players are handling these pokemon. Aggron doesn't really have a perfect switch in for it, whiscash probably being the safest switch but it lacks an instant recovery move. As for chimeco, the variety of sets it can run and massive bulk/support just seems too good not to use in the current meta.
  2. I see Jhow run it with success, I'm sure there are others
  3. think dude is just salty he cant get past 5k credits, whereas I went for 12k even after going 1-7 the prior season. Do you even play this game? @EricTheGreat nvm, this guy is literally ez pickings for anyone that wants a shot at manager and I'm not about that life. Gimme JJ, dude kicked me from that LYLE life
  4. lmao this guy is about as relevant as gluumac and thinks he's in a position to trashtalk.
  5. Some would say that there are a lot of [NORE] representation in this thread. I, however, would disagree and say there is not enough. IGN: aftershocker PokeMMO team: GG [NORE] Experience: Played in the past 3 PSL's, we don't speak of the last 2. Can't get drafted into bad teams if I manage instead amarite. Motivation: IMO, manager spots should be given to good looking, active, social members of the game. I happen to be all 3. Looking for a new way to redeem myself after my last few performances and this is a perfect way to do so. I'm not dead or irrelevant like some of the other managers that have applied and I definitely have my eyes set on claiming the championship this season. Fluff: I can speak spanish, but more importantly
  6. info on qwil
  7. Im good for the weekends, except the 28th.
  8. Aftershocker
  9. Rip Chris Cornell :(
  10. ez
  11. Can you change Lyle to NĂ˜RE?
  12. Me vs sweet in 15 mins GG
  13. You changed teams alot, but my fave memories are when we shared team tags :]
  14. interested in some pokes, hmu ingame sometime