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  1. I'm just trying to spread my oats, alright?

  2. Lunanova

    It is I,

    All hot boys post a pic of yourself in here so I can see. This pleases me. 
  3.   What kind of name are you looking for? Plain? Fantasy? Pun? Describe what feeling you want to be invoked when you hear the name.
  4. Lunanova

    It is I,

        ...alright, I forgive you. Let the party begin!
  5. Hello where can I get hired to nickname people's pokemon?   Bring 'em to me. :eager:
  6. Lunanova

    It is I,

      alright, homeboy could get it lets be real lol
  7. Feelings fresh to death.

  8. I see you have a style going to I'll do two: Your style: DawnFlare, PyreClaw My style: Cindre   I always tend to go with fantasy-like names *-*
  9. Lunanova

    It is I,

    the frenchiest fry.   How is everyone? Just joined tonight and hoping to see what this is all about. It'll take a while to get used to the new digs, I imagine. Looking forward to meeting and making friends!   // -Luna   
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