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  1. Interesting team concept ^^ sounds like a place my heart would thrive




    this is what i do to help the community

  2. I apologiize as I have been away a very long time and I should make amends I haven't been available to the community and that's all about to change now.
  3. I just wanted to say hi and that I'm considering joining the PSL again this season after a long and somewhat overdue break. I'm not sure If i'm allowed to return with a meme, however I am gladly around to say xd https://i.imgur.com/lxUUEfD.jpg
  4. KO will be revived by myself possibly? 

    Might I request leadership of this club if time so allowed me the freedom? 

    Let me know my wife... 

  5. I'm returning also. I'm battling depression too.
  6. He only just told you a truth about the OU history. Chansey has been in n out and so has snorlax. Lets see how this pans ou this time and keep a close eye on the details. I feel refreshed watching it to be honest. I never know exactly what IM going to see.
  7. I will probably always care about this game as long as it remains an active online wholesome pokemon RPG and it stands where it does with pallet town in Kanto. That was just part of me being a kid and I love this game for it.
  8. How articulate of you. Am I to assume you agreed with me?
  9. So now I feel it is time that I paid a small visit on this page. I think that the sheer over usage of Chansey over centralized the tier around itself. It created problems for all those special sweepers, every single one it countered them.f we all know it damn straight stops them all and its a single pokemon..... a single pokemon with high hp and a godly ability that counters tons and tons of pokemon in the game and its easily abused and exploited consistently. Turns fun matches and tournaments into long boring slow turn after turn of nothing exciting but slow eventual chansey fainting on once side. I think some of the worst times I have seen this in action was when I watched a 1 hour 20 minutes end battle slap back of two pp maxed chansey. I don't think I could handle playing this game if that happened to me often. If using chansey I ended up in a stall fight against it both users having no chansey. I would rather run something to exploit chansey than to use chansey..... That pokemon offered just a little bit..... no no a fat amount of coverage to literally every special attack in game. It made other pokemon useless while it lived because it was a prevalent cleric mon that boasts the ability both to status and and tank an attack and not to mention the end game chansey special sweeper endurance fights. People would hide chansey until end game and then if possible sweep down your special sweepers last with it. Basically having that poke in the hand allowed you to make obsolete any special attacking pokemon, and honestly any pokemon that is dependent on status or stall just like chansey. Umbreon is getting a lot more use now and I imagine that even wish vape will get more use also. That is just Simply unbalanced + unhealthy if you look at it from that perspective, atleast that is what I THINK. Fact of the matter is that its easier to teambuild when you can put a pokemon with such High hp and coverage capacity and amazing resists to all forms of special attacks. It covers the place of two special defensive walls which you are now forced to creatively think up and use. Subbing chansey takes about 80% of the difficulty out of building a team with the least special defense weakness because you can't just throw it on and know you can cover 3/4 of the threats in game. Now a little optimistic advocation on my part.... I think its crystal clear to see the positive side to having Chansey gone is actually really a good thing for the meta as a whole in OU. For example, having no chansey means that pokemon which where pretty much made useless by its presence, are actually a formidable force or now semi viable as before they where completely obsolete if chansey had even half hp...... Chansey I felt offered the ability to build a team easily because you don't have to creatively think about how to cover a special defensive weakness accurately you can just lazily throw fat chansey in that slot and let its fat take hits. On a side note.... The other thing I love to see is that matches aren't lasting an hour plus now, just because of people abusing the broken mechanics of chansey being able to wall any special attack. The overall analysis I can give, because I have observed it thoroughly, is that the Meta is thriving and becoming vastly different than it was, not to mention its very much more diverse now in terms of teams you see. It doesn't feel so stale as it was before. I absolutely love having this pokemon in uber tier and love the options given to players because of its ban. I fully support it being gone and I feel that it should have been a while back with Snorlax. These pokemon outclass everything in the OU tier truly just like the other pokemon in the UBER TIER. They give an extreme advantage and it becomes unfair for you if you aren't carrying them yourself. It almost forces you to build a team against them or to build a team on it with them. My cut and dry response to anyone who is upset about chansey ban, well you should work on building a team that can evenly take damage from special attacks and physical attacks and truly give thought to that compilation. I feel like normal type spdef walls with high hp stat offer to much coverage in a meta that hasn't truly yet advanced yet fairly counter them in a consistent pattern that doesn't get stale. IMO I used to do many different things to kill chansey. I am glad to say that i'm able to put the pokemon I used to counter chansey back to use in other ways It took a while and I realized just how much emphasis you have to put on the chansey threat when team building..... Stuck me like lightning with that thought too...... >now that its gone and it feels really good. @Takens I'm not going to let you just lie to yourself and everyone else, its not the same things as chansey. There is a huge variety of pokemon being used now that where not useful due to both chansey's high hp and its natural cure which was easily abused in combination with its heal bell which is now run on umbreons, which yes Ill give you are also more common along with the pokemon you listed but they aren't stale to use like chansey was. The usage they are getting is understandable because they are a very big threat in this meta. However none of them seem to insist upon themselves being such a big threat that you have to build a team of 2 mons just to cover one single pokemon choice. I remember carrying a mixed attacker just to kill chansey. Since then the ban the pokemon I have to say are getting less use the ones I would run mixed. Its freed up more offensive play styles and given the players in the competitive community a sense of thrill and excitement knowing they wont get walled completely by one tool that almost everyone abused. It was not a healthy competitive scene when chansey sat in OU. Specifically because of the ways that its abused to wall off special sweepers. For example Jolteon and espeon and alakazam being completely walled by chansey, so much to the point they would usually carry trick to counter it. Well that sucked. Who wants to put trick on a pokemon just to counter a single threat you have to sacrifice a huge part of a build or role that pokemon will play. Banded special sweeper holding band I'm so glad I don't have to do that to chansey lately. Its miserable honestly to think about sacking something or sacrificing a mon to status just to kill trick chansey, and also it puts a limitation on the class that pokemon can pull and item it can use. At one time I had an identical pokemon one with and one with trick during the chansey meta and it would serve its purpose ever 2 games i would swap out the counter for chansey into another one for it to remain unpredictable in some way shape or form. Now having said all that. I'm pretty sure we are all crystal clear this meta is full of healthy competition, excitement, and seriously tough competitive battles, which are now slow and stale but surprising suspenseful and more often than not rather fast pace. <3
  10. that toxic missed stopped me in the one turn i had to do work past not having haze on that milotic.
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