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  1. Interesting team concept ^^ sounds like a place my heart would thrive




    this is what i do to help the community

  2. I apologiize as I have been away a very long time and I should make amends I haven't been available to the community and that's all about to change now.
  3. KO will be revived by myself possibly? 

    Might I request leadership of this club if time so allowed me the freedom? 

    Let me know my wife... 

  4. I'm returning also. I'm battling depression too.
  5. Considering retiring. Any feedback from anyone?

  6. You know I speak English fluently but somehow I don't understand. This Thread has me so confused welcome.
  7. I don't care about anything in any update except one item. Damp Rock
  8. I love the open ended options you gave me. I hope you are well. I'll @chuur once its finished <3
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