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  1. Welcome to pokemmo.
  2. Interesting team concept ^^ sounds like a place my heart would thrive




    this is what i do to help the community

  3. I apologiize as I have been away a very long time and I should make amends I haven't been available to the community and that's all about to change now.
  4. KO will be revived by myself possibly? 

    Might I request leadership of this club if time so allowed me the freedom? 

    Let me know my wife... 

  5. I'm returning also. I'm battling depression too.
  6. I wish you guys success and that you can all have a fun time together as friends. Good luck with the healthy competitive aspirations LOL.
  7. Considering retiring. Any feedback from anyone?

  8. You know I speak English fluently but somehow I don't understand. This Thread has me so confused welcome.
  9. I don't care about anything in any update except one item. Damp Rock
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