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  1. But regular tournaments involve setting aside a couple hours of time when they're pre determined to happen, psl is an event people like me can make work around my own schedule instead of being forced on at a certain time, so it's way better than tournaments in that regard. And having it be more exclusive means I can feel better about myself after if my winrate is good. Granted I personally prefer 10 tiers just because it seems more fun to me to have more people, catering to bad players isn't what I'd want the reason to be for it to happen.
  2. if the name + avatar + shiny kabutops isn't enough for you to figure out who it is you probably don't know who the person is. it's pretty easy to put together.
  3. While it does sound kinda lame we could just go with a Swiss format instead of round robin as a way to add more teams while keeping the duration of the event the same.
  4. Tell people to stop using it in UU
  5. I'm just saying, there's other ways to get comp flygon. like if this were the last tournament to ever happen i'd be glad it was starmie to have a chance to get as a comp shiny, since getting one by other means is way less reasonable compared to flygon.
  6. as far as comp shinies go, i think starmie is kinda better. with any of those things the average shiny trader could make a comp one if they got a hold of a female.
  7. Those 3 skulls had to stick together
  8. Well fuck they got a win
  9. pfffft 1m, I'll give an extra 2m to who ever makes the best Morty theme.
  10. This is exactly what everyone who doesn't actually count their encounters tries to say. It gets old and I'm fairly certain the numbers are very over exaggerated about 99% of the time. Including this time.
  11. Nah fuck you ive lost hope RIP Celtics
  12. i meant a fossil lab one from before they were shiny locked.
  13. Unless it's old from before the gift ribbon existed
  14. 500k on the celtics winning at least one game against the cavs.