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  1. i'll take the last five
  2. could do two part bracket with like swiss then elimination. Just single elim kinda seems like it'd really crush some dreams when its a huge hyped event and you play one match then RIP. Could do Pools based on region too actually, that seems like it could be cool. Like put countries near each other in the same pools to play, end up with NA teams, EU teams, etc. in a single elim bracket after pools.
  3. 3m for aerun vs gluumac + 2m for your team losing the week.
  4. and just like that @SpartacusGD owes me 5m
  5. I have a colored one. no pictures at the moment though
  6. Jovi the answer is very simple. move to a better country
  7. its actually not doubles turn, the last 2 tt had doubles.
  8. Say no more I'll start the new thread right now
  9. if a new host is going to be decided will there be an actual process to pick or are we just gonna get a surprise new host per usual.
  10. Yeah there's the cringe again
  11. The delusion is real
  12. Every time you call trying to take bribes for last week something like "getting resources for the team xd" makes me fucking cringe. like no, that's not a thing. Yeah sure you could've possibly spent it on comps for the boys or something but what the fuck even could exist that isn't owned somewhere between an entire PSL team worth of active players? I can pretty much guarantee it would've turned into pocket money completely unrelated to PSL, and even entirely regardless of where the money goes, a fucking bribe is a bribe and you still look scummy as all fuck trying so hard at it.
  13. I'll take it
  14. 3m on aerun beating gluumuk