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  1. I know pretty much nothing about football other than that the patriots win a lot. Tag me when the betting thread exists so I can win more free money.
  2. Weird. Where I live it's really common. I remember in elementary school there was pizza for lunch every Friday. The choices were cheese, pepperoni, and linguica. I figured it was just a common thing.
  3. "Linguiça is a form of smoke cured pork sausage seasoned with garlic and paprika in Portuguese-speaking countries." Not sure if you're serious but yeah.
  4. Since moving in with my friend, having a household of just us two dudes has forced us to learn to cook. One thing I've made a couple times that is good is linguica and rice. You cut up a pound of linguica, brown it with I think like a quarter cup of butter, and I usually chop up some onion and throw that in with it too. Once the linguica is browned you put in two cups of rice, 4 cups of water, and some salt. Let it cook until the water is gone. I also usually cook it with crushed red pepper too since if food doesn't make my mouth hurt when I eat it why even bother.
  5. I've never gotten 4 notifications that quickly lmao
  6. JJwead or DoubleGB for their couple name?
  7. I've still got 1m on frexa and 1m on nik that hasn't been taken I believe
  8. For just you vs enchant or do you have faith in your teammates too?
  9. Also yeah I'll put 1m on each machoke in the tie breaker
  10. Kimi is my boy though and he's definitely good at DPP. frexa gonna give him the uguu in sm though so if you'll excuse me I have some bets to make
  11. I'll do the 1m bet with you jovi. To be clear I'll put 1m on enchant
  12. hey if any of kimis matches were won with hax it was the one with me. He barely won with practically a 6 turn head start where I was getting full parad by thunderbolts and missing fire blasts. And i may have lost my 3 DPP matches this season but I don't think any less of myself as a player because they were all great matches. Also taking second in the tournament beating people like nik, sweet, and raaidn in one of our three matches was pretty good. I may may have had a pretty bad record this season but when it comes to DPP it's pretty bullshit to call me an unimpressive win.