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  1. IGN: Isperea

    Reason: Player since 2012, I have been in the last 2 PSL. In what I see that they do not usually give the players the opportunity, "they are always the same, even if they have been losing duels all season", there are many people who should participate and give them the opportunity and not always for the same

    They probably won't select me (I'm aware) but the one who perseveres is enough.

    Come on IspeClan !!!!

    I am a love.


    4 minutes ago, CrissCy said:

    como que no fuiste bien recibido? yo sigo esperando la razón por la que te saliste del equipo


    pd: que horrible se ve el post de la semana



    You already know her, I don't understand why you pretend, it's worrying.


  3. I think it is not fair to unite the two Argentines as well as me they did not allow me to participate with any other country, just because in Mexico I was not well received despite the fact that I did not connect for a while for an operation, and they told me that they are not part of the rules and what they do neither. Argentina B sucks and they should stay there to lose.



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