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  1. Team Name: LORD Elite Team Tag: IspeLord Registered Players: KiiritoX, GodOfPokeNU, Kepzal, ZacMorales, tMoi, Wrarhthend, Redav, Cali, Isperea, MexiDany Team Captain: ZacMorales Substitute: Santii Cheerleaders:, Plears, Liiaa, XlearsiX
  2. You already know her, I don't understand why you pretend, it's worrying.
  3. I think the rules change in favor of some players because not all of us have those privileges, and they hide that they are not part of the rules and what they are doing at this time was not considered.
  4. I think it is not fair to unite the two Argentines as well as me they did not allow me to participate with any other country, just because in Mexico I was not well received despite the fact that I did not connect for a while for an operation, and they told me that they are not part of the rules and what they do neither. Argentina B sucks and they should stay there to lose.
  5. IGN:isperea Country: México tiers : Doubles UU, NU and LC
  6. Cubone, Remembering his mother ☹ ☹ Ing: Isperea ☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟
  7. Team Name: Mexinarcos Registered players: MexiDany, Isperea
  8. Team Loque Sea (souu, zanderson, lunet, ispeream, crisscy, cuervosabio, ninamik, jamhel, mansterix)
  9. Team Name: Renegados Registered Players: Kriger, KiiritoX, Isperea Team Captain: Isperea
  10. Void if sub The Soaring Staraptors (0) Vs The Knights of Corviknight (0) OUx2: CamilaKawaiiChan (0) vs Kiwikidd (0) 100k each UUx2: Cristi (0) vs Makxx (0) 50k Each @kiwi NUx2: xShandow (0) vs SweeTforU (0) 50k Each LC: Mkns vs YEYOxD 50k @hannahtaylor LC: Mkns vs RealDevilLegend 50k @kiwi // 100k @mago1993 Dubsx2: Xigbaar (0) vs Intimidoar (0) 100k each @hannahtaylor The Pretentious Pachirisus (0) Vs Eternatus' Pain (0) OU: Zeknshooter vs PoseidonWarth50k @hannahtaylor OU: Zeknshooter vs JulianFNT 50k @kiwi // 100k @mago1993 // 50k @dIOXprooo UU: JasonSparrowX (0) vs xLuneth (0)150k Duelo1 UU: JasonSparrowX (0) vs xLuneth (0)150k Duelo2 @kiwi NUx2: AurumPegasus (0) vs Tawla (0) 100k each // 100k each @PoseidonWrath // 50k each @dIOXprooo LCx2: Getovaherez (0) vs TheDrakeHope (0) 150k each Dubsx2: Nagahex (0) vs Leviatharian (0) 50k each @hannahtaylor // 100k each @PoseidonWrath // 50k each @dIOXprooo No Shaymin Losing (0) Vs Delicious Donphan's (0) OU: Abstract vs Epicverde 100k Duelo1 @kiwi OU: Abstract vs Epicverde 100k Duelo2 UU2: Lkrenz vs Umbramol (0) 100k each @hannahtaylor NUx2: Santiii (0) vs Sejuani (0) 150k each @kiwi // 50k each @dIOXprooo LC: Elcoolio vs Kiritox 100k @kiwi // 100k @Haazuu // 100k @mago1993 // 50k @dIOXprooo LC: Elcoolio vs Lazaaro 100k @kiwi Dubsx2: Kepzal (0) vs Lluvvia (0) 150k each Frag Squad (0) Vs The Squirtle Crew (0) OU: Fabroooo vs Bluebreath 150k // 100k @mago1993 // 50k @dIOXprooo OU: Frags vs Bluebreath 150k UUx2: Zhiko (0) vs ZDFire (0) 150k each @xLuneth // 50k each @dIOXprooo NUx2: Titinn (0) vs Haazuu (0) 150k each LCx2: Yosoyarca (0) vs Stelian (0) 150k eacg @kiwi Dubsx2: Titoooo (0) vs Zigh (0) 150k each @hannahtaylor // 50k each @dIOXprooo
  11. Team Name: TheLordsOfTheHax Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: Sebat TiToooo Redav Santiii KiiritoX Kepzal EpicVerde moisessss ChilyOCB isperea ZacMorales Aleso Cali cifudemian xkuroy Team Captain: EpicVerde
  12. I only accept one bet per person, void if sub The Soaring Staraptors (0) Vs Eternatus' Pain (0) OU: Luke vs JulianFNT 100k UUx2: Cristi vs xLuneth 100k each NUx2: Busso vs Tawla 100k each LCx2: Nowall vs PoseidonWrath 100k each Dubsx2: Mkns vs Leviatharian 100k each The Pretentious Pachirisus (0) Vs Delicious Donphan's (0) OUx2: Getovaherez vs MadaraSixSix 100k each UUx2: Pachima vs EpicVerde 100k each NUx2: AurumPegasus vs Sejuani 100k each LC: Sebat vs Lotus 100k @Haazuu Lose Paid LC: Cali vs Lazaaro 100k Dubsx2: Nagahex vs Lluvvia 100k each Frag Squad (0) Vs The Knights of Corviknight (0) OU: Elvessss vs Kiwikidd 150k @Haazuu // 100k @mago1993 // 150k @kiwi Paid OU: Frags vs Kiwikidd 150k // 100k @mago1993 // 150k @kiwi Paid UUx2: Zhiko vs Moisessss 150k each NUx2: Miraizura vs SweeTforU 150k each // @kiwi Paid LCx2: Isperea vs YEYOxD 150k each @Haazuu // Each 100k @mago1993 Paid Dubsx2: Redav vs Intimidoar 150k each @Haazuu // Each 100k @AurumPegasus // Each 100k @mago1993 Paid No Shaymin Losing (0) Vs The Squirtle Crew (0) OUx2: LKrenz vs Bluebreath 100k each @drdray NO Paid NUx2: Dinofish vs Haazuu 100k each @Haazuu LCx2: Elcoolio vs Stelian 100k each @Haazuu // Each 100k @mago1993 Paid Dubsx2: Santiii vs Zigh 100k each @Haazuu Tied
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