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  1. Team Tag: Live Team Name: Little veterans Team Players: Abstractt, Luisanderson, MrNoa, Isperea, Wiriketchup, ZDFire, xLuneth, Souu, Brianattackpro, Rayuwu, Yanstrixd, ACZINO,BlackHunterX, Shiigo, Varick, Crisscy and Cessy (The twin ladies), Captain: Wiriketchup
  2. @TiToooo And @MadaraSixSix the duel was not given, they gave the win because there was no possibility for mexico to pass
  3. Choice of two colors: Blue and silver or blue and Gold "the best" Name: isperea Team (optional): Render: Kindra and gyarados
  4. urge que te conectesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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