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  1. She was an OG in this so that you don't hate her in G/C/S
  2. Golden Magikarp theme.         [spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler]I need it.[/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]
  3. Am I amazing or what

  4. Being if I was a FlareBlitzz I'd take recoil damage.

  5. Starting my Nuzlocke on my profile with pictures and words under the picture

  6. Can you post a download link that isn't MEGA? MEGA doesn't work for me so can you do mediafire?
  7. They're elf ears. :)
  8. But... You posted a picture of it meaning you didn't lose it... xD Just copy the pic of it you posted earlier. :P
  9. Swords on your hands?
  10. +1 I love this idea and it would help for people who have a budget. I'd put about 100k in my budget but 500k overall which I can't spend in a day unless I REALLY want it. :)
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