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PM64ctn.gif&key=4fe76a055479e28d1b8d5b47bf18aa5b8c650895c81bcea53132dcba34670e3aMy Player Bio:



I would like to introduce myself, my name is Bestfriends and my in game date of birth is August 4th 2013. As a player, I explored through Kanto and even stopped by Celadon City. In late 2013 - early 2014, I left PokeMMO due to achedemics, but around July to August, I came back on PokeMMO due to YouTube reasons (I did not want to buy a 3DS Capture Kit for $300 USD and PokeMMO requires little to no equipment). I can discuss my YouTube life in the "YouTube Bio" Section, but I wasn't just a YouTuber, I was also trying to figure out how to grow as a player. One day, I might attend an official when I am ready, but due to life being so busy, it is hard to book a time to attend a tournament, hopefully, I can attend more of them in the future. I enjoy 1v1 battles because they are random and sometimes (if I have the time), I might even attend some of them. Other than that, I usually run a lot of player errands in game and once in a while, I might chat with someone while I do those errands. I would like to thank the community for electing me as PokeMMO's Mayor! I look forward to growing as a player and hopefully attend tournaments.

PM64ctn.gif&key=4fe76a055479e28d1b8d5b47bf18aa5b8c650895c81bcea53132dcba34670e3aMy YouTube Bio:



"Hello, Welcome to the Roy Rogers News channel, thank you for watching!" - My intro on almost all of my recent Roy Rogers News videos


I wanted to start a YouTube channel for Pokemon X and Y, but there was one catch, the 3DS Capture Kit was $300 USD, so I passed on that and I found PokeMMO in my laptop's files, so I decided to come back to PokeMMO in mid 2014, but I am glad I came back to start my YouTube channel. Due to this, Roy Rogers was born and at first, I was doing abstract projects like traveling with friends, PokeDex Videos, and many other things that really did not have purpose. One day, I went to Viridian and I met a prominent lady that gave me a good series to do (and a series I still do to this day). Her name was NoadHunter and I remember the day when she invited me to film the Dailies. I appreciate NoadHunter taking the time to help me learn the art of competitive play. While I was learning, I wanted to know what was going on with PokeMMO and there was no channel that covered the politics of PokeMMO, so my headline segment was born.


Roy Rogers News:


Channel Description: I covered this channel in the first paragraph of my YouTube Bio, but there was a brief name change. I changed my name from "Roy Rogers" to "PokeMMO News." One day, a well known player who was a subscriber to my channel approached me and he told me that I should rename my channel back to "Roy Rogers." We negotiated, and "Roy Rogers News" was the new name and it stuck ever since.


The motto: Headlines, tournament coverage and commentary, and update reportage!


For more developments on my YouTube life, please visit this forums thread:


PM64ctn.gif&key=4fe76a055479e28d1b8d5b47bf18aa5b8c650895c81bcea53132dcba34670e3aMy Mayoral Bio:



On Feburary 5th of 2018, the community elected me as Mayor of PokeMMO and on July 8th of 2019, I was re-elected as the Eternal Mayor of PokeMMO. I am grateful for the community to give me such an honor. As the Eternal Mayor of PokeMMO, I feel that I need to make a difference because the community of PokeMMO put their trust in me to make their experience a swell one. My accomplishments as Mayor so far are going to be listed below:


1. Formed a Mayoral Council for consulting and various opinions on certain proposals.

2. Started the Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel. Also, if you partook in the poll for the name and studio location of this channel, then I would like to thank you for making your voice heard!

3. When I was elected as Mayor, one of my goals were to lower down the poverty rate on PokeMMO (and when I was elected, the poverty rate was low, but thanks to the How to Make Money video on the Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel, this rate was decreased much further and I am proud of the progress on this goal).

4. Constructed some guides on PokeMMO that may enhance the experiences of players looking for information.

Thanks to @Akshit, I don't have to make a Horde EV Training guide which was planned after my 1v1 guide. Thank you for your contribution to the community!

Made the Volcanic Ash Guide before I was Mayor, but it complements the Secret Base Guide well.

5. Gave away pokemon that I don't need from the MayorBestfriends account (I made sure to level them to 20 before I gave them out due to the first level cap).

6. Took a more active role on Forums by liking and commenting in some important debates.

7. Translating transcripts for the Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel for viewers that may not speak English. (Shoutout to the council members involved with helping me reach out to people from parts of the globe).

8. Helped @RedactedColour with his Kanto and Hoenn Gym guides (I made a separate guide for Extra Kanto and Hoenn Gym Information including recommended weather teams for your Amulet Coin Run).

9. Hosted one tournament so far: The Passenger's Brawl!

10. Completed my Unova Gym and Morimoto Guides.

11. Revamped my original TM & HM Locations guide.

12. Revamped @KaynineXL's Find Every Move and In-depth Money Guide - Multiple Methods guides.

13. Revamped @Solist's [Money Farming] Ditto Farming guide.

14. Constructed a Honey Tree Guide upon the advice of @Terresa.

15. Revamped @RakuenX's ItemDex Guide.

16. Completed my PokeDex Guide (for some devices, the first page may not load. To counteract this problem, I linked the second page and you can go to the first page from there).

17. Completed my Coin and Battle Point Exchange Rate Guide.


I would like to conclude this section of my profile by emphasising my desire to make a difference in the lives of our players here on PokeMMO. When I picked my council, I was looking for people who excelled in certain fields of the PokeMMO ecosystem. Once I found them, I invited them to my council for well rounded discussions on certain matters. If you have a suggestion for the Mayoral Council to consider, then you can write a suggestion in the forums post below, PM me on here, or mail me in game (my name is the same in game).



Thank you for reading,


PM64ctn.gif&key=4fe76a055479e28d1b8d5b47bf18aa5b8c650895c81bcea53132dcba34670e3aMy Guide Index:


PM64ctn.gif&key=4fe76a055479e28d1b8d5b47bf18aa5b8c650895c81bcea53132dcba34670e3aPokeMMO Headlines 6/2/2020:



PM64ctn.gif&key=4fe76a055479e28d1b8d5b47bf18aa5b8c650895c81bcea53132dcba34670e3aPokeMMO Update Coverage 3/17/2020 and 4/2/2020:






PM64ctn.gif&key=4fe76a055479e28d1b8d5b47bf18aa5b8c650895c81bcea53132dcba34670e3aSignature Collection:




(Thank you FixedGaming for making new sigs for me)



(Thank you Startear for making this sig for me)



(Thank you LoveTaps for making a sig for me)





(Thank you VegetaPrince for some nice sigs)



(Thank you Brooklynmr for the sig)



(Thank you Diano for the nice signature)



(Thank you PKMNtrainerJC for the wonderful signature)



(Thank you AlitoFernando for your patience and for the signature design)

PM64ctn.gif&key=4fe76a055479e28d1b8d5b47bf18aa5b8c650895c81bcea53132dcba34670e3aMemories In Game (Player Version):


My New Twin:0be0122eeffcf0d252abaa4479892d50.png


More Twins:91eadf53f2a62587a983f0b7e0c5e63a.png


Even more Twins:B0wpG9p.png


The FBI of PokeMMO:ef9109b9c79e5ea36c0d16bb630c3799.png


The Reunion:3cb16ec60e709ea6f45211e9f4a84ca9.png

Me and BillionTH's rocket:014d7866c05e2522584bca9408d8b6f6.png

What me and BillionTH brought back from the moon: d7697d9cb3dfd70a01bcbd269ae6790c.png


Youngster Joey in the flash!: 39c770a0d564396dd1acbe3473c60419.png


One of the commanders of YOLO:60702f95168ebd775f3b96c817b60875.png


Hm... This guy is 60 years old:cf937fcf34f562fdd86b4c25fa8c9cb2.png


The New knight in town:d24ab55df7c03475c89d369fbd0985b4.png


The STRONG knight in town (left of shedinja):

Picture 1: 7ef2f720fc1f3c92c66f770b0993d9c7.png

Picture 2: wPbSdrB.jpg


Cyruss' dragon (as well as my dragon): 32a8892a105b4ed6de6a4249aefeb546.png


What a nice couple:

Picture 1: e9295fc6569a9b6c1aba4dbcca1e13d1.png

Picture 2: cf080adb96bda1c0429dcc957afe940c.png


Jerry and I looking at you: 2b53e885586c8c8f6cef95a5b3bc3177.png


Me and Bunny at the entrance of my base: 83b80e37b788692178cdf33a615d9bc8.png


Leorodo and Glumac shiny battling: e22c94a664d365af5d52083c68ff2da3.png

BillionTH's bike shop: e3bab26204eb8380fbd64dbb8d480c72.png


Joe sitting here like a boss: e3c96d7daa948c2fa3da7220c6da4d8b.png

Eleine's base pictures: b85e0e25aece53bd11434c0dbcdeff3d.png1b801ce711fdcd444ddc4911b97fef55.png

Me and GoldenSunIsaac at my House (Base): 89dde19fa8382a92085b62ea8ff244c4.png

PM64ctn.gif&key=4fe76a055479e28d1b8d5b47bf18aa5b8c650895c81bcea53132dcba34670e3aMemories In Game (Staff Version):


Jerryzoo is so popular, Squirtle and the the rest of the cool kids came by to say hi:64cbf0a53dd9994a318b1cdd8df37bfb.png

Me and Jim just chilling out after a tough day: ee57c7596e7a7803c506541aad86463d.png

Noad and Rache in my base: 6d4b681bc202af49063ff65c557d5b9f.png


Me meeting Shu in game: 2c85848c8530d22094b37f476464213c.png


Getting to see the back of Desu:1dc63d76420e013077a6877d33ff6543.png


Me and Eggplant's sprites look a bit alike:61cf25384bc29074ad8a1bcd71efb076.png


Rache is terrifying me: 7adc15320fa2654517c6494f43f5fac2.png

Rache breaks the wall: 38ddf61941a68d54d1f068928878333e.png

Noad and I at an official (she is in our team!!): c1bf540304a413c3304d6e641f590f18.png77439931b0c0d17f4dd7e2d23eddda59.png

The Anorith Lines: 1fc949416a814813b39465e2c05ce6f0.png487b2510e082bb99b82b9e277b9f9571.png


Me getting the privilege to

go behind the Daycare on Island 4! He is the STRONGEST knight of all PokeMMO:185fa19f6fde07c2779e09ae41ce4c48.png


Squirtle appears in Vermillion. His hat has a tail:d762cbcbb7247ac6a74f167f7b98b759.png

Squirtle is holding the phone for me, (this made my day): e749cc4dc2279b1c4acb481bc0613fc0.png


Squirtle wants to know what I am up to (Noad took this picture. The time for me was 8:00pm when Squirtle checked my profile out.):



The Zehkar and Bestfriends Guards:




Courtesy of KaynineXL (we are roofwatching): aa71d0f7bf366ffc8625dae141744f1e.png


Thank you @Brooklynmr for my profile avatar!



Thank you @Gilan for touching up my profile thumbnail!



Thank you @Fixedgaming for formating my in game sprite for the PokeMMO Forums!


Rest in Peace: Roy Rogers Tutorial Roy Rogers Walkthrough Roy Rogers Life

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