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  1. One day I was preparing for the event and there was a little furry animal that was starring right at me.... The good news was that I fed it to @Teddi and @Bearminator since I do not eat Caypara meat. Anyways, back to my event prep...
  2. I have a suggestion for you lottebug, why not catch the starters in the wild? Let me give you a chart of where all the starters are located: If you would rather insist getting them organically, then you can only delete up to 5 characters per 24 hours.
  3. As far as I am aware, they can appear on any channel. However, in order to spawn a Legendary event, someone has to hold the legendary from an encounter.
  4. My favorite pokemon is Kingdra, but my preferred shiny is Arbok.
  5. Thank you for proofreading the scripts for Metagross and another pokemon that I plan to feature. Your contribution will not be forgotten!
  6. Important PSA about the Sinnoh Yellow Shard Tutor: He will now be able to teach Ice Ball as well. You will need 2 Yellow Shards and 1 NeverMeltIce.
  7. That would defeat the purpose of the sailor at Castelia City.
  8. Vitamins can be bought with Battle Points on PokeMMO now. HP Up: 275 BPProtein: 275 BPCalcium: 275 BPIron: 275 BPZinc: 275 BPCarbos: 275 BP
  9. Looking forward to seeing what the game has in store for us! The hype is real!
  10. A massive update is about to arrive. Buckle your seatbelt!
  11. Thank you for the kind statement. I try my best to provide guides that are useful for the community!
  12. Unfortunately, the site is no longer active. However, I would like to thank @BlueNose for giving me permission to use his information to construct the Egg Move Index and the PokeMMO Vanity Index.
  13. There should be a prompt to buy once you see the preview. Thank you for the PokeYen conversations. Not only will I modify the guide with Coin to PokeYen Coversations, but you will also be credited for doing so.
  14. BlueNose has shut down his ToolBox website, however, I did document the clothes listed in my PokeMMO Vanity Index Guide. I would like to thank @BlueNose for giving me permission to use his clothing pictures in the Guide.
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