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  1. In other very important news, Kyu is a strong guy. Find out more on the Roy Rogers News channel.


  2. I am going to be gone for a few days due to real life activities. Here are the days that I will be gone:


    1. September 18th - 21st


    2. September 25th - 28th


    3. October 2nd - 4th


    4. October 9th - 11th


    I wish everyone well with their in game adventures.


    - Bf

  3. Time to get to work on the PokeDex Guide. Hopefully, the guide can be modernized quite soon.


    I would like to thank @YIBU for your assistance.

  4. Good morning, I hope everyone is doing well. Every year, I leave PokeMMO for 3 weeks due to a real life memorial service. Once my memorial period ends, I will still have to wait two more days because Friday and Saturday are days that I do not log on for. August 2nd is the day that I come back, but meanwhile, I released a headline video rather early and also taped all the way up to the Kanto Elite Four on my PokeMMO Pokemon Stadium YouTube channel to keep everyone entertained while I am gone.


    If the update occurs while I am gone, then the update can be covered once I arrive back. I do wish the development team well with the implementation of the upcoming mechanics.


    Thank you for your time and good luck with your in game endeavors.


    - Bf


    P.S. Once the update is implemented and I arrive back, then the process of Guide Maintenance can start.

  5. Nice profile avatar. How do you find great forums pictures?

    1. Teddi


      Hi mayor, thank you! :)

      I like to look for new images. This one is actually an emoji, I just thought it looks a lot like me hahaha!

  6. Good early morning, I hope everyone is doing well. Today through Saturday night, I have to take time off due to religious circumstances. Before leaving for holiday, I wanted to provide value to the community. So with the help of @Edniss documenting most of the prize amounts, I was able to construct a guide.



    I hope that this guide can assist people while I am offline. Good luck with your in game endeavors.


    PokeMMO Mayor At Your Service!


    - Bf

  7. Good evening everyone, today is the day! The PokeDex Guide has now been completed, so thank you for your patience. As an added treat, I decided to put a brief breeder list at the end. Also, the reserve posts are for futuristic reasons (dungeon locations and the like). Let's roll the credits:


    Thank you:

    @YIBU - Organizing the Move Lists, Wild Locations, and Evolution Trees information in a nice way.

    @LeZenor - Troubleshooting during the early days of the Guide being formed.

    @Teddi and @DemonicDax - Listing the Starter Locations.

    @RevzSM - Listing the Icy Rock and Moss Rock Locations.

    @Deviluke - Cleaned up all the extra posts that were not needed.

    @SecretDjinn - Moved the PokeDex Guide to the Guide Tavern.


    If you need any assistance for a Pokemon's info and you did not document that pokemon in your dex yet, then feel free to see my PokeDex Guide for your questions about a pokemon. Since I have a complete Dex at the time, there were two options for me:

    1. Show it off

    2. Use this moment to construct a guide that could help people new and old.


    I knew what option I had to pick. Thus, the PokeDex (PokeMMO Version) was born! Perhaps, you can use this guide to complete your own in game PokeDex, find breeders, help you during a PvP match for pokemon you did not document yet, etc. Good luck with your adventure!


    - Bf



    One Final Clue before my Announcement in the future Headline video: Perhaps an in game challenge can be pursued.

  8. Good early morning, I hope everyone is doing well. This guide has been worked on for months and the final product is about to be rolled out. Tonight, I tackled two generations and the previous night, Generation 1 has been taken care of. Now I only have Generations 4 and 5 left to document for the Base Stat totals. I have to thank @YIBU for suggesting another monitor for me to purchase. The two screen method is quite effective with working on Guides.


    Thank you for your patience, the PokeDex Guide has had its ups and downs. After years of questions about certain pokemon, I decided to construct a guide about this. Hopefully, it can be quite helpful for people who would like to know about a certain pokemon before documenting it.


    PokeMMO Mayor At Your Service!


    - Bf





    (I forgot to write clues in my other Profile Statements, so here is clue 4)


    Announcement Clue For Headline Video 4: This game introduced me to Pokemon as a whole. Wouldn't it be great to take some aspects from this game and incorporate it in a PokeMMO Environment?

  9. The man, the myth, the legend! Jerry, my long time friend and council member has arrived back to PokeMMO! Thank you Jerry for your contributions to the community.




  10. Good early morning, I hope everyone is doing well. The PokeDex Guide has had some touch ups to its Guide Key as well as a brief Coin guide for the Game Corners in Kanto's Celadon City and Sinnoh's Veilstone City respectfully. Also added some pictures for easier guide information hunting so the experience can be more pleasing to the eyes.


    One last statement, the guide is almost done! All I need to do is to document the Base Stats of all the pokemon in the PokeDex. Perhaps, tomorrow I can try to tackle this. As of now, I am off to sleep due to this guide taking my entire night making sure things look right.


    Have a nice day/night everyone.


    - Bf



    1. White


      Nice job!

  11. Good early morning, I hope everyone is doing well. Evolution Trees have been documented for the PokeDex Guide. Now the only piece of information left to document are the Base Stats of the pokemon. This guide is now nearing completion.


    Thank you @YIBU for your contributions to the PokeDex Guide. It is quite appreciated. This has been a project that has taken a few months to document.


    Looking forward to unveiling the final product of the Dex Guide.


    Thank you everyone for your patience.


    - Bf





    I forgot to insert an announcement clue in my previous profile statement, so you can have two clues for what I am about to announce in my future headline video.


    Clue 2: Ted Lewis the voice actor


    Clue 3: This question may be interesting to answer.

  12. Good evening, I ask that people leave comments that are appropriate. Thank you for your cooperation.


    On a lighter note, I just received new data for the PokeDex Guide for the Evolution Charts. Thank you @YIBU once again for providing essential data to this guide. I don't plan on logging into my "Bestfriends" account in game until the evolution charts are completely uploaded to the guide. Hopefully, this guide could help you with your in game endeavors.




    - Bf

    1. Diano


      gut gut

  13. Good evening everyone, I hope you're doing well. To all my followers on forums, thank you for supporting my ventures here on forums. I can't believe that there are 100 people following me at this moment. Congratulations @RysPicz for being my 100th follower!


    When people follow me on forums, it gives me the feeling of responsibility to engage in productive discussions or make guides that could help out the player base as a whole (for the guides that I've worked on, feel free to check them out in my Guide Index in the About Me section of my profile). I hope that my guides or my discussions have helped you in some way in game.


    As a token of my appreciation for the community's trust in me to serve, there is going to be a brief announcement in my next Headline video which I plan on launching in early June when I can listen to music again (as of the time of me writing this post, there is a religious ordnance that prohibits me from listening to music for several days). However, in my status updates, I could drop some clues as to what my announcement is going to entail:


    Clue 1: Thumbnail for version as of 02:47, 11 September 2008Thumbnail for version as of 02:47, 11 September 2008Thumbnail for version as of 02:47, 11 September 2008Thumbnail for version as of 02:47, 11 September 2008Thumbnail for version as of 02:47, 11 September 2008Thumbnail for version as of 02:47, 11 September 2008



    Thank you for your trust in me to serve as the Eternal Mayor of PokeMMO. I enjoy contributing to the community as a whole. As for the PokeDex Guide, I can keep you updated on any developments with that project. Until then, I wish you all well with your in game endeavors.


    PokeMMO Mayor At Your Service!


    - Bf



  14. Good evening, I just completed the ItemDex Guide! Thank you @RakuenX for letting me revamp your guide. Items serve a lot of the game's functionality. Now, I only have to document the PokeDex Guide actively. The Community Pickup Guide is a more passive project, but if you have item locations, then feel free to comment down in that post.


    Thank you for your patience.


    - Bf


    Guides mentioned in statement: 




  15. I do have to admire your hospitality on forums. Thank you for the welcoming messages in the Introduction Section of the Forums.

    1. Dianinha


      Of course.

      So nice to encounter new players :D

  16. Good early morning, I have two announcements to make:


    1. As for the PokeDex Guide, the order has been restructured from sets of 50s to sets of 25s. This is due to post restraints. So far, the information that is currently documented are as follows:


    a) Starter Locations

    b) Guide Key

    c) Re-documenting the information collected before (Pokemon, Egg Groups, Types, Abilities and Hidden Abilities, and Wild Locations). Added Movelists throughout the week, plus information that @YIBU has collected for me for the evolution lines of Bulbasaur and the Eeveelutions.



    All I have left to document are the Base Stats and the Evolution Lines of each pokemon. Hopefully, I can complete this guide without any hiccups. If more reserve posts have to be made, then I can let you know. For now, things are looking good. Hopefully, you can find the information that was collected in this guide useful for you. Looking forward to further progress in regard to the PokeDex Guide.


    2. I cannot log on PokeMMO for a few days because of religious circumstances. However, I wanted to document all the information I have on me for the PokeDex Guide before I leave. As for the World Cup, I wish you all well with your event. I commend @Xigbar and @MathewMat for hosting such a large event.


    Thank you for your time and a nice week.


    - Bf

  17. Good afternoon, I hope everyone is doing well. As of now, I reached the same problem of maximizing the guide post's capacity limit once again, so instead of splitting the PokeDex into sets of 50s, I decided to go for sets of 25s. That would mean that I would need to reserve 26 posts on my PokeDex Guide. Hopefully, I can get the information documented without any hiccups. Thank you for your patience once again.


    - Bf

  18. All Wild Locations are documented! When I am available, then movelists can start being documented. @YIBU did a swell job organizing the information for me to document, so I would like to thank him for his contribution to the PokeDex Guide. As of now, I am now near halfway done with the PokeDex Guide! Feel free to see the information that is currently listed:



  19. Good evening, I hope everyone is doing well. When I was documenting the PokeDex Guide, there was a problem with inserting the information into the guide's posts. Thus, I decided to make 14 Reserve Posts for reformatting the guide structure to save space.


    650 Pokemon/50 Pokemon Per Post = 13 Reserve Posts


    Legendary Post = 1 Reserve Post


    13 + 1 = 14 Reserve Posts in total


    Hopefully, I can start documenting information again. If there are any troubles, then I can let you know. Also, I decided to buy another monitor for an easier time documenting information for guides. Thank you for your patience once again.


    - Bf


    P.S. = Please stay safe. I am optimistic about the outlook of medical innovation in relation to the virus.

  20. Good evening, I would like to inform everyone about me being gone for the past few days. I ordered another monitor to have dual screens so guide documentation would be a bit easier for me to do.


    Hopefully, the set up can be done by today or tomorrow so I can start items on Google Docs. Thank you for your patience.


    - Bf

    1. Kupokun


      Don’t worry, you’re too loved to be forgotten <3 

  21. Good evening, I've been having quite a bit of difficulties with the PokeDex Guide in regards of inserting the Wild Location info. After trying for some hours, I decided to inform @LeZenor and @YIBU about the issue on hand. Currently stuck at abra, but since I cannot do it on my side, I've decided to given permission for both of them to insert the information on my behalf. It is the only tool left in my toolbox. Hopefully, the PokeDex Guide can be up and running sometime soon.


    Thank you for your patience, it is greatly appreciated.


    - Bf



  22. Good evening, my temporary break has come to a halt. @RakuenX has given me permission to revamp her ItemDex Guide.


    This guide is going to be quite a lot of work to undertake since my plan is to gut the original structure for a newer Excel type of model so that I can add some items in case new ones are implemented in the future. It may take either a few days or even a few weeks, but this guide is quite important. I would like to thank YIBU once again for his work with the PokeDex Guide. The PokeDex Guide for me is a priority, so if YIBU gives me information for it, then I plan on taking a break from the Item Dex guide to work on the PokeDex Guide.



    As for anyone that would like to help me with the Item Dex Guide, let me make an offer for you. If you assist me with finding or even formatting these items for me, then I can credit you in the guide. This is quite an undertaking for me, but I enjoy assisting people new and old (although I do take a breather every now and then).


  23. Welcome to forums mtbirchfield. I hope you enjoy your experience here.

    1. mtbirchfield


      Thank you brother!!!

    2. Bestfriends


      You're welcome. If you want to use my guides for illustration purposes for your viewers, then you have my permission.

  24. Good evening, I hope you're doing well. Just a few minutes ago, I completed my portion of the PokeDex guide which was EV Yields, Ability info, and Type info. Now, I am going to wait for @YIBU to give me the rest of the information. Once I receive the remaining information (Base Stats, Movesets, Wild Locations, and Evolution Chains), then I can work on documenting this information bit by bit.



    Meanwhile, I hope that the information that I documented so far can be of use for you. As for the documentation of Hidden Abilities, I want my guide to last for a long time (although Hidden Ability information may still be useful for you to know for re-battling Gym Leaders or Elite Four members).


    Thank you for your patience. I am looking forward to this guide being in a complete state.


    - Bf


    P.S. Added the pokemon's types in the spoilers because some people may not know them from memory.

  25. Are you the same PinkWings as from 2014? If so, then welcome back to PokeMMO!

    1. PinkWings


      yes I am! thank you :)

    2. Bestfriends


      You're welcome. I've been quite busy with guides lately, so I hope that at least one of them assists you with your inquiries.

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