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  1. Answer 6: I am glad that people are helping others. Helping people is not just a Mayor's job (I hope that is not the case or we live in a cruel and dark world). However, as the Mayor, I have a whole team or council I can turn to for advice on certain topics pertaining to everyday activities in game and how to make them easier for people to understand. Also, as a public utility, I own the Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel which takes a lot of hard work to write scripts for and to find experts to help in my videos. People who want me to write speeches ask me this. It takes a lot of man hours (and even months) to write scripts to videos, upload them, constructing guides (depending on how complex the topic is), etc. Speeches or complaints about a new region is just a waste of time for me. Razimove, you helped me in writing the script for the How to Make Money video on PokeMMO and thank you for helping me out.
  2. I am impressed with the early voting. Thank you for your confidence in me to continue serving PokeMMO! For the campaign, I made a slogin that is what my Mayoral Term is looking like so far: "Less Talk, More Action!" Some people may complain that I don't write a lot of speeches. The time I use to write up a speech is time that can be used for projects that help players new and old navigate the game. As of late, I am working on this Unova Gym Guide: Let me do a quick Q and A session from concerned players on PokeMMO (if there is a question that you would like for me to address, then feel free to ask them [please no trolls]): Now here is a question for me to ask you the player-base: "Are you satisfied by my job performance thus far?" If the answer is yes, then make sure to vote for "Bestfriends." There are a lot more projects that I plan on pursuing. Thank you for your time everyone! Less Words, More Action! Bf
  3. You can catch Raquaza, but it is on a timer just like Mewtwo in Kanto. There is only one Raquaza and Mewtwo in the whole server, so if you are defeated in a battle while holding Mewtwo or Raquaza, then you will forfeit the legendary to the winner.
  4. At least you can sell some Chansey breeders on the Global Trade Link due to a healthy demand in the Blissey market. As for the catching record for Chansey, I would like to congratulate you for keeping up the catching streak. Personally, I am too busy to challenge you on your Chansey catching record. However, PokeMMO is a big place, so you may find another challenger to your Chansey streak record.
  5. It is not possible unless your friend is livestreaming the experience on YouTube.
  6. This idea sounds good. There are some people out there that collect OTs of prominent players, so it can make it much easier to accomplish that goal.
  7. From my experiences in the Battle Tower, Annabelle did not appear, however, I would like to give you some goals to pursue. Try to pursue a 50 win streak and a 100 win streak. Reward: Upon talking to Scott, you will get a Silver Shield (50 win streak reward) and a Gold Shield (100 win streak reward). Also as a side note, your name could be presented in the Hall of Fame building if you continue to keep your streak going.
  8. I can try to help you on this. The Secret About Ghetsis:
  9. Happy to help, if you have any further questions, then feel free to shoot me a PM.
  10. Zerom, there is no way to revert back to the original battle animations due to the old battle animations being scrapped for a newer set of animations. If we were to revert back to the older battle animations, then the Unova pokemon would not fit in well.
  11. 1. and 2. That would make Secret Bases too OP for PokeMMO. There were previous discussions about this concept: 3. Adding more Secret Base Ornaments sounds like a good idea. 4. and 5. These is not my expertise, so I cannot comment.
  12. Well, snap elections are not really fun though. I was in the middle of helping RedactedColour document Hidden Powers for certain gym leaders. Let's wait for 2020 and then an election is expected to happen. I was truly caught off guard by this election post. As for all the election advocates out there, I have an offer to make. Why not channel all of your electoral energy in helping me document sets for the Unova Gym Leaders (if you help me with one or more of the sets, then I will list you as a contributor in the guide). This is one of the few open projects that I have for the community at large to participate in.
  13. Thank you Darkshade for making the news. I am looking forward to obtaining Rotom in my party as well as Rampardos.
  14. During the first few days of me taking office, a man asked when the next election would be. Kyu then issued the following response: This was why I said that 2020 was the election year. Kyu mentioned it during the first few days and I started making some plans on how I can serve the community till re-election time in 2020. I have a lot of plans, still little time, but at least I have a few more months till the end of 2019. My translators are hard at work translating my self help publications and I am hard at work trying to finish up a gym guide and helping RedactedColour on his guide. With that being said, I look forward to accomplishing more things in game as the Mayor of PokeMMO. PokeMMO Mayor At Your Service! - Bf
  15. I would like to address you're response then by the following statements: 1. I sense some animus towards me in your post. There is no way that I want you to host an election. 2. Last time I checked, 2020 is election year. You were off by one year. 3. I am not a dictator. I am just a Mayor, but this position is used to help people new and old. I have an election in 2020, but I do not want you to host it. You have proven yourself to be a dishonest moderator of said results. 4. The How to Make Money video on YouTube has +27k views. I do not know how you can equate 500 views with 27k views. 5. As for a Chinese translation, there is one already drafted for this publication. (Thank you @Deviluke) 6. You can't just do a snap election and leave people behind. I was working on projects and you took my attention away from said projects just to address this thread. In summary, I feel that this snap election harbours some ill intentions and I do not trust you, plan and simple. I ask that you not quote me by saying "words" because not putting my full quote in a horrible example to go by. When I quote people (even people that may not like me), I still have the decently to put the full quote or part of the quote for context. I feel that you're a dishonest broker here. Enough is enough.
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