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  1. Instead of ash, why not have pictures of the PokeMMO developers. $1 = @Gizmo $5 = @Shu $10 = @Kyu $20 = @Desu $100 = @Squirtle
  2. Since there is a New Generation that is in the works, why not implement Sinnoh starter hats? We have Pokemon X and Y starter hats.
  3. I feel that Sinnoh might be the region that is being considered. Due to a central game (Platinum) and the fact that the bridge is fogged up, it points to Sinnoh.
  4. This time, I did actually make the tournament, but I only got the finals (stay tuned): Congratulations, 1. LucasCisneros for winning 1st place! 2. Carlosbreak for coming a close 2nd! 3. riickd and Esttefy for sharing 3rd place! Here is my tournament footage:
  5. If you want Dunsparce, you need to go to France. I assume you have a passport, if not, have pidgey fly you there.
  6. I am sure Zehkar is going to appreciate this thread. Lets just wait for Gen 4 to come out instead of asking the devs to implement another region. Now since you mentioned this, I feel that the devs will take this as a challenge and implement Johto.
  7. Items found in this episode: *Hyper Potion*: 51:23 Blackglasses: 4:39 Ether: 39:36 TM32: 48:40 Antidote: 42:44; 53:25 Revive: 1:00:17 Carbos: 1:04:35
  8. I am sorry to disappoint, but I am here briefly before my Sabbeth to check up on stuff. Good luck to whoever is fighting
  9. Please be sure to read the Code of Conduct first! Intro = 0:38 - 3:32Download Process = 3:44 - 10:29Rom Layering = 11:51 - 13:33Customisation = 16:44 - 22:55 Old video, but I think it still answers your question.
  10. I sure most people know about my lab coat. There has been people asking me to sell it and I had to decline because it is part of the "Official Roy Rogers Look." Even if I got a new look, I am still not looking into selling it.
  11. Unfortunately, I was not able to tape the tournament, but in return, I am going to make an announcement: Congratulations, 1. Sebat for winning 1st place 2. yosoyarca for 2nd place 3. overToasted and Jostarr for sharing 3rd place
  12. I am going to let Zehkar say it.... I do look forward to publishing the video about this tournament!
  13. Items found in this episode: Revive: 2:49; 48:43 Great Ball: 5:37; 44:42 Ether: 3:36 Full Heal: 41:21 Poke Ball: 52:46 Repel: 1:05:09
  14. You may like this scene....


    23:46 - 27:10



    1. Bearminator


      "I'm sure bearminator gonna like this video" hell yeah. What a great comeback for @wiriketchup, that was lucky his opponent didn't had any quick attack mon. 


      Also,  Good Job with video as always !

    2. Bestfriends


      Thanks, I try my best to give good commentary! Belly Drum Ursaring, I mean it just screams your name.