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  1. Is there a teamspeak or discord?

    I feel that the community and staff want space from each other. It makes the life of a staff member much easier and the community doesn't have to worry about their chat not sticking to PokeMMO policy. This is a win-win situation on all sides.
  2. Bestfriends "about me" section looks much better than before I like how he organized it. Nice job!

    (I use to have to scroll all the way down...)

    1. Bestfriends


      Thanks, my goal is try to make my viewers' experience as pleasurable as possible. Thus, I figured that my profile would be a good start.

  3. POKEDEX FIRST PAGE FOR FREE!!! ( Close topic please)

    Good afternoon Nibero, I hope your doing well. Let me assess my argument point by point: 1. There is a difference between trying to hunt for the pokemon and actually catching the pokemon and registering it to your dex. Think of it like a pirate with a treasure map, he/she has the map of where the treasure is and he sails around for that treasure. A map should not be lumped into the gift wrap analogy since it only tells you the locations and not a part of the bio for a pokemon. If you don't believe me, battle a trainer that has a pokemon that you did not see before and check your dex in the regular pokemon games. They tell you the location after you had seen the pokemon. 2. Your calling me a hypocrite for giving you a map as to where the pokemon in question is. Lets take the map from the pirate's hands and tear it up. He will have no idea where the treasure is buried, but the pirate is required to go on Google and find out the locations of the pokemon himself. The type info should be earned rather than given and location info on a pokemon is the map he/she uses to track down the pokemon in question. I figured that this is necessary to draw a map and illustrate my point in order to help you understand where I am coming from: The 'X's represent the locations of the pokemon and you have to fly to those said locations in order to catch and register the pokemon in question into your PokeDex. Even type information can be in the treasure chest once you open it (the treasure chest is the pokemon you encounter and catch). You will feel a satisfied feeling after you catch the pokemon (I tried it and this was fun). Just like in a college paper, you should be willing to put in the work instead of hiring someone to do it for you (which you can do at the Global Trade Link).
  4. POKEDEX FIRST PAGE FOR FREE!!! ( Close topic please)

    Good evening Nibero, I hope your doing well. We do not see eye to eye on your premise. The details on the pokemon you caught or bought is a reward for you making the effort to receive the pokemon. Why should any part of the pokedex be exposed. This is like me wrapping a gift for my cousin and leaving 25% of it uncovered. My cousin would not really be too thrilled to receive the gift since he already figured out what was inside before he went back home. Personally, I would like to see the Wild Locations exposed in the dex if you saw the pokemon and your trying to hunt it down for registration. As far as YouTube is concerned, I want to show my viewers that I want to do the effort of tracking down pokemon for my dex to ensure quality tournament commentary content. I want people to make effort on their behalf of registering the pokemon in question.
  5. Question about implementation of abilities:

    Probably @Desu
  6. POKEDEX FIRST PAGE FOR FREE!!! ( Close topic please)

    I agree with you on this point. Effort is important to receiving information and if your not willing to put in the effort of catching the pokemon, then you can purchase the pokemon you want on the Global Trade Link or GTL. For YouTube purposes, I plan on logging in once I complete real life errands and try to make a dent in my PokeDex for tournament commentary reasons. Information should be a reward for obtaining the pokemon instead of given for free.
  7. [Video] Roy Rogers Inc (Official Forums Page)

    Good evening everyone! I am pleased to announce that I shaved down my tape from 6 hours to about 5 hours and 31 minutes! I would still encourage you to watch my health disclaimer near the beginning of the after story. There is one thing that I regret, I would rather make the margin of error about 75% - 90% instead of 90% - 99.9% on the completion of the after story. Once the after story is published, then it will make history as the longest video ever published on the Roy Rogers News channel! Once I publish the afterstory, then I plan on logging into Bestfriends for celebration purposes. I am thinking about taping winter exclusive activities once I log in. Once I am out of my walkthrough mode on the News channel, then it is time to find studios for my Headlines and update reportage, tournament coverage, and a trailer for the Roy Rogers Life channel (I have very low standards for this channel since I am not a narcissist). I have lots of plans for the days ahead, so stay tuned!
  8. [Video] Roy Rogers Inc (Official Forums Page)

    Good evening everyone, before I sleep, there are two brief updates on the six hour walkthrough I would like to tell you all about: 1. Look out for Looker's theme when I release the afterstory (it took me some time to find a good theme for him). 2. As I am typing this, I just passed the 1:20:00 mark. Tomorrow, I plan on giving this afterstory all I got and then do the same for the days ahead. My goal is to surpass the 2-3 hour mark tomorrow. If there are any more updates on my progress, I can post in this thread about it.
  9. [Video] Roy Rogers Inc (Official Forums Page)

    Good evening, I have an announcement to make about my Unova walkthrough on the Roy Rogers News channel. As of yesterday, I taped my last Unova Walkthrough and I tried to cram in 90% - 99.9% of the Unova afterstory. When this video is complete and published, it might just make history on the Roy Rogers News channel as the longest video ever worked on by yours truly. This video is big enough to make me work on it for a few days possibly. Here is what to expect (numbered in order from first to last): 1. This is going to be me warning everyone about the potential health risk of watching this video in its entirety. 2. Me showing you the party used 3. Intro 4. Hopping around to places you can visit in the afterstory, I feel 90% - 99.9% confident that this video covered almost all of the afterstory activies you can do. 5. Sign off Due to heath reasons, I am going to warn my viewers not to view the entire video in one sitting. Take periodic breaks and write down where you left off, so you can view the video either later in the day or even the next day ahead. As a Content Creator, I have a responsibility to cite possible health risks if there are any present in my publication if I know about it in advance.
  10. [Video] Roy Rogers Inc (Official Forums Page)

    My goal has been reached, all four videos listed before this post have been uploaded! I look forward to covering some after story content in Unova.
  11. [Video] Roy Rogers Inc (Official Forums Page)

    Good evening everyone, I am sorry that video production is slow on my end, but I am currently working on four tapes. Let me lay out my upload schedule for the release order of my videos: Parts 6, 7, and 8 were taped on the same day, 11/23/17 1. Unova Walkthrough Part 6 2. Unova Walkthrough Part 7 3. Unova Walkthrough Part 8 4. [OU] It's no truffle at all (Sunday 26th November 2017) - This link will take you to the official page for this event and shutout to @Bilburt for hosting this awesome tournament! Thank you for your patience, Bf
  12. Good evening xatu, long time no see, I hope your doing well. We do not see eye to eye on this suggestion and I will counter each of your points: The reason why we do not need a restart button is because of the following: I feel that the staff did a pretty good job at eliminating the need or even making it much harder to make alt accounts. (ie: Gym leaders are much harder in Kanto and Hoenn). There are some people that do not really want to do speedruns, I feel that people would rather profit from alt runs instead of doing speedruns. The developers made it more complicated to do alt runs and it is actually quite costly to make an effective alt run which seriously affects the profit margins. As my grandmother told me, "if you want someone to really feel the pain, go after their pocketbooks." In conclusion, I feel that the developers did just that. Why do we need bonuses after we keep on restarting the game? I think that @Kite already stated a bonus: Re batting gyms and e4 members. If you want to advocate for more after game content, then be my guest, but I do not think that a giant reset button is really needed. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Even though I disagree with this suggestion, I still commend you for thinking outside the box.
  13. Dev & Staff Appreciation Thread

    I also thank the staff for their determination to give us a good experience on PokeMMO. When things are old, the staff want to modernise it. PokeMMO also has a lot going on from a news prospective and I am glad that I have the pleasure to deliver the headlines over to the community. This game has a lot of potential to grow and I hope it keeps on growing. I know that I was not on PokeMMO when Character Customisation was first introduced, but I am going to thank @Darkshade for his work in making our sprites have depth and I am glad that he reworks our sprites every now and then to make them better. From chubby and fat to long and fit, I am glad that Darkshade has taken time out of his day to do this. I am also going to thank him for taking the time to make our sprite placeholder models (the sprite on our trainer card, in battle, or in the log in screen) to replace our old Pokemon FireRed sprite placeholders. I cannot say it enough, but the developers think like Steve Jobs. They give us something that we did not know that we wanted. Some people did not see Unova coming and the developers delivered on that. Steve Jobs knew the potential of his iPhone, so he marked them to death and now a lot of us have smartphones (your probably using one right now to read this comment). The developers seem to raise the bar just a bit higher every time they work on something. A message from me to the PokeMMO Developers: Keep up the good work! Roy Rogers News can cover the latest announcements you make or even update coverage that you implemented.
  14. Your the only player that I know of that has a similar look to my sprite. Same skin tone, similar colours on the clothes, I am amazed.
  15. Kanto Gym Leader Rematch!

    Thank you for putting in rematch abilities in the Kanto gyms.

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