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  1. Staff and Ex-Staff Appreciation thread

    @Hisagi (Ex Staff) - Thank you for your service as Senior Game Master. Good luck with your endeavours.
  2. Allow us to delete characters

    What these people should do is purchase a Name Change Ticket and a Makeover Kit. I know that people do that if they don't like their appearance or their name in game.
  3. A way to Reverse an evolution

    I suggested this a long time ago, but @XelaKebert made a good point. This would cause illegal movesets. Thus this suggestion was locked.
  4. Darkshade's Ludicolo Poaching

    Man, you should be a Biology teacher. @Munya for PokeMMO High School Principal No more death! No Ludicolo will have its hat cut off! No ring of bark from trees should be removed! I can see it now! ---------------------------------------------------- Also, @Darkshade is arrested for hurting innocent Ludicolos. (Someone bailed him out of jail) He is a free man!
  5. Darkshade's Ludicolo Poaching

    I can see what I can do.
  6. Darkshade's Ludicolo Poaching

    Ludicolo is a plant, so it can always grow back its hat. As for the scalps, they do not grow back, so we should leave other people's scalps (or any other body part) alone. Watch as Ludicolo grows back its hat.
  7. Darkshade's Ludicolo Poaching

    We can always catch them and then they can see us wearing them. I am sure they would be happy to see that someone appreciates their hats as much as they do.
  8. Darkshade's Ludicolo Poaching

    I wonder if we can pouch some Gyarados tails next? They would look awesome! Don't feel too bad for Ludicolo, they can grow their hat back.
  9. Appreciation Threads Appreciation Thread

    Thank you for destroying Charamander. This is quite an accomplishment (I assume you also taught yourself Hydro Cannon).
  10. Appreciation Threads Appreciation Thread

    I appreciate Desu for being Desu.
  11. A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    This portrait of the Pumpking was spot on!
  12. A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    Man, this Walrein, ugh, the nightmares.... The memories..... It is..... Disturbing........ Ugh...... I set up spikes, Walrein Subs, Drill Peck does not do enough to break the sub, Belly Drum kicks in as well as the salac. My team was royally fried.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also, Pidgeot is OP. Look at this.... @Tranzmaster cover your eyes now! ----------------- Good luck @RysPicz. What you need is a Jolteon with Discharge. Although, @RacheLucario does have ways to get around Jolteon.
  13. Either this is made or a horde of pidgeys are going to do harm to me. In all seriousness though, @RacheLucario has been a wonderful moderator and person for the community. She also is the Head Bug Moderator so she catches in game a lot of our in game bugs so we the players don't have to suffer through them. When she is on a break, then she crafts beautiful art (I've seen them, but I would rather have her link her work). Another thing I admire is her honesty, when I credited her for something that she did not do, well, lets say that she got a hold of me to correct the record. A thing that a lot of people may not know is that around 2015, she taught me some comp skills. Man that Walrein, ugh, I get nightmares, but I deserved that Belly Drum and Salac Berry set up because I was carrying a ton of walls. I was taught not to carry a lot of walls because of her Walrein. Smart, honest, talented, and many more positive traits. Good luck RacheLucario on your in game journey!
  14. nikeboy's alt

    Or instead of JumpeonBoy, why not SkyHighBoy? Or GrizzlyBearBoy (this one may be taken by a certain someone) Good luck.
  15. Mayor Appreciation Thread

    Thank you for the wonderful tag! This tag is something that I cherish very deeply. There are some things in the works right now in my Mayor's Office that would make a lot of people excited. For now, I am going to keep it a secret until they happen.

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