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  1. I am glad to be back on PokeMMO. Before I do anything major, an update video is in order. After the update video, I can then tackle the objectives I have on my virtual in game desk. Looking forward to helping people new and old once again!


    PokeMMO Mayor At Your Service!


    - Bf

  2. This Campaign Promise has been accomplished! While I leave PokeMMO, you can watch this self help video to help sharpen your competitive skills. @amanisnoone and @FNTCZ have won several tournaments over the years, so they can help you learn the inner workings of comp!
  3. Good evening everyone. I hope you are doing well. From July 21st until August 11th, I am going to leave PokeMMO due to an annual memorial service that is held. Also, from August 12th until the 18th of August, I will be on vacation. While I am gone, there is a Competitive Self Help video that you may be interested in watching (Once I arrive back from vacation, I could then work on the English transcript for that video).


    PokeMMO Mayor At Your Service!


    - Bf

  4. What channel are you on andycrabbe?
  5. You mentioned Roy Rogers News, however, you did not mention the Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel.
  6. You may want to check out the Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel. That channel has a lot of self help videos for activities on PokeMMO. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Q0RPFVF3FTjsQLYXQPJww
  7. 5.) No request threads, if you wish to request a user make you something, PM them personally, or find a shop that fits the details of your wants.
  8. Thank you @Kyu for the new role! Now that I am the Eternal Mayor of PokeMMO, I can take a more measured approach to future projects to make sure that I do as much as I can to ensure a great result!


    Quality > Quantity


    PokeMMO Mayor At Your Service!


    - Bf


    1. Bestfriends


      No need for hails, at this point, I want to do what I can to serve people new and old.

    2. Bestfriends


      (I omitted Dibz response because I do not want people to hail to me, I want to be a person that can help others. Let's Conquer The Future Together! PokeMMO Mayor At Your Service!)

  9. I updated the roster, since the election has concluded, I am going to go back to work and serve the community. Thank you once again @ProfesorEinsteinnn and @Haazuu for joining the council! You guys contribute lot to the community and I am looking forward to working with you guys on future projects! Since the campaign is now over, I would like to go back to my original slogin: PokeMMO Mayor At Your Service! - Bf
  10. Good evening everyone, I hope you all are doing well. @ProfesorEinsteinnn and I had been friends on PokeMMO since 2015. Earlier in the night, Einstein and I had a productive conversation about our roles in the community. When he told me that he was planning on resigning from the Mayoral Race, I knew what I wanted to do. @ProfesorEinsteinnn and @Haazuu welcome to the Mayoral Council! Together, we can host tournaments for people! Welcome aboard guys! Looking forward to working with you! -------------------------------- As for my campaign promise of researching for the tournament self help video on day one of my re-election, I already have a rough draft of a script. Now, I just need to look it over and consult with people before the video can be produced. @ProfesorEinsteinnn and @Haazuu, Let's Conquer The Future Together! - Bf
  11. Here is an example of two of my many projects: Helping newer players become dedicated to the game. Letting them see a side to PokeMMO that is quite fun (like the upcoming competitive self help video that I am about to make). And older players can be nostalgic about the tournament formats that I am hosting. These are not my only projects, but I mean it when I say, "helping players new and old." I would be here all day telling you about the projects that I have on my desk.
  12. I only voted for myself once. I would encourage people to vote for me. There are so many projects and competitive plans that I have on standby. Let me give you two choices: ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Bestfriends Wins Re-Election: a) Continues to work on projects that are currently on standby. b) Hosting tournament formats that were not used in a long time. Reviving such formats would be an honor for me to do as Mayor. (I plan on making a separate department in my council dedicated to tournament making). c) Working on an epic self help video for the Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel that could help out newer players on PokeMMO know about the competitive scene. Thus seeing a surge in competitive attendance. 2. Bestfriends Loses the Election: a) The Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel is shut down. b) The council is retired. --------------------------------------------------------------- You make the choice. I've been Mayor for a year and there are still some unfinished projects that I would like to pursue. Please help me finish those projects by re-electing me to office. Let's Conquer The Future Together! - Bf
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