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  1. Thank you for your contribution. I may be away from forums or Discord for a few days to tape the Sinnoh Walkthrough, but please keep posting locations here on forums. The information documentation may be documented a bit late.
  2. You need to go to Pastoria City to take the ship back (I asked this question to someone).
  3. Looks like Giratina is learning from the Pumpking. Either way, looking forward to covering it for a future Sinnoh Walkthrough episode.
  4. Going to work on the Sinnoh Walkthrough a bit later, but I have this video for now:
  5. As a note, now you can have Nasty Plot Mismagius and Cofagrigus.
  6. Of course I am not a false account DoubleZ. I am real.
  7. Thank you @Desu @Kyu @Shu @Squirtle @Rache @Darkshade and many more people for bring us a great region. Roy Rogers News is going to tape the Sinnoh Walkthrough once Sinnoh is officially implemented. As a note, I just got done taping the update log, so I am waiting for that to encode at the moment.
  8. Currently typing this in my recording studio. I am looking forward to exploring the beauty of the Sinnoh Region on the Roy Rogers News channel!
  9. SINNOH IS COMING!!!!!!! Roy Rogers News is going to have more detail on this!
  10. SINNOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Bestfriends


      Roy Rogers News is going to have more detail on this!

  11. Toxicroak is great from a design standpoint. I don't want to spoil too much, but Toxicroak may not be used in the Sinnoh walkthrough due to me not having it back in 2009. However, Staraptor is going to make an appearance sometime.
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