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  1. I am going to be gone for a few days due to real life activities. Here are the days that I will be gone:


    1. September 18th - 21st


    2. September 25th - 28th


    3. October 2nd - 4th


    4. October 9th - 11th


    I wish everyone well with their in game adventures.


    - Bf

  2. You cannot trick the balloon once it pops.
  3. You can trick the pokemon to keep the item from busting, but the pokemon has to be captured afterwards so you can keep the pokemon and the item.
  4. Bestfriends

    hi :)

    Welcome to the PokeMMO Forums AnjaraMTK, I hope you enjoy your experience here.
  5. The item slot for the Rockstar vanity is the Eye section.
  6. All the updates you mentioned have been documented. Thank you for your contributions.
  7. All changes have been made, thank you for your contributions.
  8. The Pay Day Pokemon Selection (Pros and Cons Included) The in game Pay Day Mechanic is when you throw coins at a wild pokemon and you will get x10 the level of the wild pokemon (Level 20 Roselia x 10 = $200). Pay Day does not stack up if repeated nor can you repeat it in an NPC battle. Pay Day only applies to one target. I hope you all are doing well with your in game adventure. When the move Pay Day was made a TM, my first question was "who are all the pokemon that can learn Pay Day now?" I could give you a list of all the pokemon in this guide, but I would like to list the abilities, base stats, and the perks and drawbacks of each Pay Day pokemon that is categorized here. I should note that Meowth can learn Pay Day naturally at Level 12 and Smeargle has to Sketch the move Pay Day on it. The other pokemon will need the TM which can be purchased in one of the Department Stores for only $10,000 (make sure you have at least 8 badges in at least one of the regions first for the full TM selection). Without further ado, let's start analyzing these coin tossers (numbering is based on the order for the PokeDex): *Important Note: STAB stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. 22. Fearow 25. Pikachu 26. Raichu 31. Nidoqueen 34. Nidoking 52. Meowth 53. Persian 54. Psyduck 55. Golduck 56. Mankey 57. Primeape 78. Rapidash 79. Slowpoke 80. Slowbro 86. Seel 87. Dewgong 112. Rhydon 133. Eevee 134. Vaporeon 135. Jolteon 136. Flareon 143. Snorlax 187. Hoppip 188. Skiploom 189. Jumpluff 196. espeon 197. Umbreon 199. Slowking 225. delibird 235. Smeargle 300. Skitty 301. Delcatty 446. Munchlax 464. Rhyperior 470. Leafeon 471. Glaceon 509. Purrloin 510. Liepard
  9. The change has been added, thank you for letting me know about this discovery.
  10. Welcome to PokeMMO Kenge, I hope you enjoy your experience here on the PokeMMO Forums. If you have any questions, then feel free to contact me.
  11. Welcome to PokeMMO AberCake, I hope you enjoy your experience here.
  12. Garchomp can be recycled for a PvE setting. Level them to 100 and have fun with battling the Gyms, Elite Four, or Horde Battles.
  13. Bestfriends

    Rich List

    There is no need to create a Fortune 500 List of people in game. Currency is a way to receive resources (TMs, Services, etc). What you do with your currency is up to you.
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