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  1. Suggestion Translated from Portuguese to English: I think it would be really cool information like items, pokemons (all from Dex), Tm's and Hm's, Events, Trade, Map of Regions (all of them), to make it easier for new players to know and start hunting their Poke and enjoy game. This is my suggestion so that the site is not only to create the account but also to know more information contained in the game. I think it would look great! "Thanks to all the staff, your work is very cool, reliving a long experience in my smartphone, congratulations!
  2. Sonyzin, you came at the right time. Sinnoh is coming soon! You may also want to check out this post:
  3. Good evening, I hope everyone is doing well. When this thread was made, people told me "staff want to lock up this thread" and "staff cannot take criticism." This goes to show that not only do staff take criticism, but they also take it seriously. If I can, I would like to relay a story that may sound shocking to the people that are sceptical of staff. There was a thread way back in 2014 or 2015 (I forgot what year it was made) and it was nothing but hurling insults and harsh criticism of the Staff's Moderation methods. This thread was still alive for a few days and the curiosity was killing me, so I asked a staff member about this thread. She told me something which may in fact shed another light on the matter and may even change how some people view staff as a whole. "In order to grow, you must be able to take criticism." Guess who was behind this quote? The person was none other than @Rache. Staff also want to get rid of the "rotten apples" just as much as you do. If you find any rotten apples, then feel free to report them to the Senior Game Masters. No need for a thread to flame the staff member(s) in question (I am referring to future threads). -------------------------------------- Personally, I had a wonderful experience communicating with the fine people over in the Staff Lounge. They were very professional and some even helped me with getting my YouTube channel a start (thanks @Noad). Also, I know that this is personal, but for the sake of this thread, I have to reveal something. Back in 2014, I was immature and mutes were issued to me. The question was at the time, "did I learn my lesson?" The answer was a bold yes and I have matured since then. Also, I read and even print out the Code of Conduct so I can refer to it in the future. From 2015 - now, I am "Mute Free" and proud of that record. As the Mayor of PokeMMO, I know that it is important to be a good example for my fellow citizens here on PokeMMO, so I try my best to educate the public on the Code of Conduct. The reason why I revealed my in game mute from 2014 is due to me wanting to back up @Rache 100% on the quote "in the majority of cases, they're justified." My 2014 mutes were justified and I am not going to complain about them either. In my experience, a mute is usually used as a learning tool on how not to break the rules around you and be more aware of your surroundings. I went to school in a rough place, so you can imagine why those mutes were issued to me back then. Due to the reasoning that I stated above, I had to vote a strong "Yes" in the forums poll. Generally, the majority of staff try their best to do their jobs. Also, I highlighted something that stood out to me in the @Rache quote: I hope that the post I made here was helpful for people who may or may not understand the general disciplinary actions of PokeMMO. Rather than complain about the mute issued, take it as a learning tool. If you feel that the mute is unwarranted, then file a report to the Senior Game Masters.
  4. On the Roy Rogers News channel, I decided to make a playlist dedicated to Player Obituaries. I feel that this would be a good way to remember the players that passed away. As for the Vanity Suggestion, I am sure that Roxxass would not like for us to profit over her memory. However, for anyone that would like to have a grave of her, then my video may be the answer that you're looking for. I consulted with Cali for a good 20 to 30 minutes so I can write a descriptive obituary for Roxxass (and I almost cried in the middle of the video). If you want to have a physical object in game to remember her, then I have a suggestion. Catch an Eevee at Route 116 in Hoenn and train it at the Special Room in Twist Mountain in Unova. Your Eevee will evolve into a Glaceon which is her favourite pokemon. Before I taped the obituary, there was a wild horde of Cubchoo that I encountered. I caught the one Cubchoo that used Endure and nicknamed it "Roxxass" in her memory. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a message for Sociopaths:
  5. Thank you Cali for helping me construct the obituary of Roxxass. I provided no music in the video due to this being a sad occasion.
  6. Due to @Roxxass being such a wonderful person, Cali and I constructed an obituary for me to read on YouTube. Thank you @calidubstep for helping me with my goal.

  7. As the Mayor of PokeMMO, I am truly grateful for my time with Roxxass. She has done a lot to help provide player unification like helping @OrangeManiac with hosting the World Cup and generally being a nice person. In a world of political divides, we need more people like @Roxxass, relaxed and willing to speak with anyone from all walks of life. I did not know that she would pass away, but I taped a battle that she had against Santiii (it was the final match I taped). Feel free to watch my tournament commentary. Also, after the battle, I congratulated her via a PM in game (I had the censors on due to me wanting to keep my videos Rated PG): Here was my last conversation with her (I am going to put 6 Spoilers in here, so that you don't click on it by accident. The last words that she told me gave me goose bumps. If anyone is sensitive to this, then I would advise that you do not look at the last words she told me. I highlighted the words). Rest in Peace @Roxxass March 31st 2019 Thank you for your service to the community Roxxass, you will be missed.
  8. I am not for discrimination between newer and older players of PokeMMO. This feature would allow for this to happen. If you want a time reduction to Egg hatching, then I would advise for you to purchase and use the Donor Status. Anyone new and old can purchase Donor Status from the Gift Shop and you would be helping the game through your donation.
  9. Good evening, I hope you're doing well. It is time for me to update everyone on my progress of unmasking the Gym Leader sets. 1. Roxanne was already documented in this guide. 2. Brawely was already documented in this guide. 3. Wattson was already documented in this guide. 4. Added details about Flannery 2. 5. Added details about Norman 2. 6. Added details about Winona 2. As a note, Winona 1 and 2 are very similar except for the change from Noctowl to Sigilyph. Both sets are Power Herb sets. 7. Added details about Liza and Tate 3. 8. Juan was already documented in this guide.
  10. I was able to log into PokeMMO. If anyone has any further problems logging into the client, then please post your concerns and screenshots of the error or errors in the Support Request thread.
  11. Good morning everyone. I hope you're doing well. Due to an important dinner that I have coming up tonight, I figured that I would collect as much information on the gym leaders as I can before I log off. Rarely do I stay up all throughout the night, but this is how dedicated I am towards helping out the community in this regard. Let me discuss the information that was collected: 1. Brawley 5 2. Wattson 5 3. Touched up some informtation on Flannery 1 4. I forgot to stop by Norman, but I was on a bit of a time crunch. 5. Did not document Winona because Winona 1 already has its items, pokemon, and movesets documented. I do not have a pokemon that can Trace abilities. 6. Tate and Liza 2 7. Juan 2 Have a nice day everyone. - Bf
  12. If you feel that you were banned for a wrong reason, then feel free to issue a statement in the Ban Appeal section. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/
  13. Good evening Quakkz, people keep asking me to give a statement about this matter. There is still a debate on the issue, so I decline to comment. I have confidence in the PokeMMO development team in doing what is best for PokeMMO. Hello Emlee, I could be more active in the Cartoon Thread or I could make a difference on PokeMMO by helping people with their guides and publishing more self help videos and guides of my own. I was assisting @RedactedColour with his Gym Run guides Kanto and Hoenn edition before I logged off. There are a lot of things that I do behind the scenes to help out players on PokeMMO. -------------------------------------------------------------- Let me discuss a bit about politicians. They would do what @Quakkz and @Emlee would want me to do. Write up a sweet statement that is not very descriptive like: "I will fight this Great Depression tooth and nail!" and be more active in a Cartoon Thread. As the Mayor of PokeMMO, I want to make an impact in people's lives and I am not a typical "do nothing and say sweet stuff that means nothing" politician. Unlike most politicians, I do care about everyone in the community and I want to make an impact in your in game life. This is what I dislike about most politicians and it irritates me when they do nothing or break their promises. I am trying to make a difference on PokeMMO and fulfil my promises to the best of my ability. If you want to know what I am working on right now, then I will inform you about it. Currently, there are translations being written for my Mayor Bestfriends self help videos due to the Spanish Community issuing a statement on the forums. They had a concern that can be addressed (and is being addressed while I am typing this response). While the translations are being written, I am looking for Guides in the Guide Tavern that can use an extra hand.
  14. Good early morning, I just completed this Norman set thanks to my new Frisk pokemon Gothitelle. Stantler is holding a Focus Sash while Stoutland is holding a Choice Band.
  15. It was a pleasure helping you get started with the 4th - 8th gyms. I don't have a pokemon that can scout abilities nor a pokemon that can scout items, so I am going to rely on @RedactedColour to do that part. My main function for this guide is to get the movesets and take note of any ability or item that I can see with my own eyes without the need of a Banette nor a Gardevoir.
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