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  1. Man you scared the Builder. MPDH, I knew that you were capable of giving nightmares. Regardless, good luck on the event!
  2. I am from the 2013 era, but I remember you and Rachel (man those were some good times). How are you and Rachel these days?
  3. Howdy Berd! I warned you that Berd is going to rule the world with his army of Pidgeys. Time to take shelter now.
  4. I just saw this now. Etermal Mayor of Pokemmo! Glad I followed you then!

    1. Linfanz
    2. Bestfriends


      Thanks man, looking forward to helping people new and old.

  5. Good morning, I am going to take a leave of absence from 10/8-10/9 for personal reasons. So that I won't have to list the days I am gone, I can up a list now:


    10/8 - 10/9


    10/13 - 10/15


    10/20 - 10/22


    While I am gone, you can look at my Gym Guides, watch some Mayor Bestfriends YouTube videos for self help or watch some videos that I did with mtbirchfield. Good luck to everyone!


    - Bf

  6. Finally done with my Gym Guides + Morimoto Guides! Feel free to check them out. I would like to thank my Contributors for helping me with certain details to the guides.


    Kanto, Hoenn, Unova, and Morimoto


    However, there is still some work for me to do. Looking forward to posting future guides!


    PokeMMO Mayor At Your Service!


    - Bf

  7. I am not a staff member, but I can be of assistance. Can you tell me your in game name?
  8. Trust me, I've seen guilds put on some pretty epic events. You just have to find them. As for player retention, try to advocate for people to explore other aspects of the game if you need a break from competitive play. Perhaps invite your friends for a Pickup expedition, join the Lilycove Contests (I am almost tempted to make a guide about this since there is little attention for this feature), chat in Vermilion, play Hide and Go seek, etc. There are so many activities here on PokeMMO, no need for daily events. Reserve untradeable vanities for holidays (oh no... @Desu may pop in with a jump scare, ok I warned you..). Anyways, explore the game and there is a likelihood that you may find a hidden treasure inside (PokeMMO is a big place).
  9. Some people have their alternative accounts join guilds that do events with certain rewards. As I mentioned before, PokeMMO has several avenues for earning items in game. It is just a matter of effort to receive said items. As to the "all mmos make this" argument, PokeMMO's economy is not like a typical MMO. Call of Duty is a game that allows you to kill people (yes you can buy upgrades to those guns, but the economy doesn't really matter), Fortnite is a game that you can buy aesthetics from, but Fortnite's economy doesn't matter since it is about hopping like a bunny rabbit, building huts, shooting people, breaking things for huts, etc. Minecraft is a game that is about gathering resources to build a house and fighting spiders and zombies. I am taking examples from 3 of the most popular games (out of the list, I only played Fortnite, too busy to continue with it). I can make my economic lesson a little more palatable for those who are not astute in macroeconomics (if I can refer a guy for you to watch, then it would be Milton Friedman). When you introduce items into the game via daily rewards, then it could lead to inflation. Thus, people who would normally go and do some Pickup hunting would be farming more alternative accounts for their shards, pearls, etc. Even if it is locked into your bag, you can still trade over your pokemon over to that alt for tutoring the move that requires a certain shard type. I suggested this to obessedlady, why not look into the Contests in Lilycove? It is a fun side hustle that is barely receiving any attention (and you win items and Ribbons). You are still working to buy the PokeBlocks to increase its stats and you can go into these contests (I am too busy to join you, but it sounds like you played for a while. You can tag along with some friends in your Link).
  10. Going to rest up tonight, but tomorrow expect some minor changes to the Gym Guides and Morimoto Guide.


    Link Key:

    G = Kanto

    y = Hoenn

    m = Unova

  11. Thanks for the offer, but @Xigbar PMed me the salaries of each of the gym leaders and Morimoto. Since I am now the author of all the gym guides (took on Kanto and Hoenn from the original author and added certain details that were left out originally), there are plans that I have in the making like listing Weather Setters and even putting the stones beside the gym leaders of the best weather teams for them. (ie: Smooth Rock on Blaine's Team to give an example). I am looking forward to growing my Gym Guides and perhaps pursuing other Guide Projects.
  12. Good evening obsessedlady, I would like for you to explore the Beauty Contest Hall in Lilycove City in the Hoenn region. It is not tied to the competitiveness of your pokemon, just its ability to perform. You can link up some friends and get rewards for it as well as your pokemon obtaining a ribbon. No team leader required for this event nor any competitive know how. It is just not practical on an economic scale to implement free rewards on PokeMMO. I am going to go deep into macroeconomics here so proponents of this suggestion can understand just how deadly this could be to PokeMMO's Economic Ecosystem. PokeMMO generally operates in a Capitalist structure, so items are usually earned or purchased from earning money from Gyms, farming, etc. Logging in and doing a mini daily quests defeats the purpose of this Capitalist structure (ie: Earn 10 Red Shards by battling 40 NPCs). What this suggestion is advocating is a little taste of Socialism and that is going to ruin the incentive of this game (working hard to earn your resources). If I want 10 Red Shards, then I should either pick them up, thief them, or buy them from the Global Trade Link. Speaking of which, the Global Trade Link is serving the purpose of an Amazon or a Walmart minus shipping or driving (as of the time of writing this, I do not have any items on sale on the Global Trade Link, so there is no conflict of interest here). The Shard market may see prices range from 1k - 3k a shard which is going to hurt their bottom lines. Also, you may see people using alts more often just to complete these quests. Now turn that 10 Shard number into +100 Shards with just 10 alternative accounts. We should stir away from this and continue to go by our Capitalist roots. As for quest points, you can get a "badge" or as they call it "ribbon" on your pokemon for completing contests in Hoenn so you do not need another badge or achievement saying that you did something, you can show off your pokemon and tell the world that, "this pokemon has earned all the Smart Ribbons, I did something!" This is an encouraging system for people that want something extra to do and there is no shortage of the amount of Contests you can do. If you completed all the Ribbons on a Pokemon, then work on the next one with your friends linked up.
  13. Ghetsis would like to see MPDH in his office immediately. He said something about, "there can be only 1 N and he has a Reshiram!" Either way, good luck MPDH on your event!
  14. I don't think that PokeMMO needs to reward people for logging into the client and as @hannahtaylor mentioned, they are likely to log in just for the reward and log out again. To me, this sounds more like something that a guild can do rather than PokeMMO. The reason I say this is from my observations of in game guilds on PokeMMO: "win x number of battles and you will be rewarded with x!" I hope that the Clubs section can assist you in finding the right guild for you. Personally, I just use my Pickup pokemon to obtain items, but there are guilds out there that do these types of events. Good luck on your search! Mr. Bolt, the economy is a fragile thing. We can't just haphazardly introduce new items to the economy without working for them (like picking them up in certain locations). Daily Rewards can hurt the Item Farmers on PokeMMO (I knew a person who made his money off of farming for shards). There is an old saying that rings true here, "don't fix something that isn't broken." I've seen several guilds that already reward people for doing random activities, you just have to search for them in the Clubs section. The leaders of said guilds probably do a lot of Pickup farming just to distribute these rewards. So my point is that, some of the in game guilds are already taking care of this, no need to advocate PokeMMO to do something about it. As I mentioned before, you can create your own enthusiasm in game. If you feel uninspired, then say to yourself, "today, I would like to do something productive in game! Perhaps, do some item hunting, maybe battle a few gyms, think of a new comp to breed up, complete the OT Dex, plant some berries in game, etc." Or, you can do something nontraditional in game and maybe play a game of Hide and Go seek (@Gilan I see you). There are so many things that you can do on PokeMMO to lift your spirits up.
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