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  1. The duplicate has been omitted, but you found a Super Potion in the pickup drop. So as a result of this find, you were credited for the discovery. Also, thank you for documenting your pickup drops. This is quite appreciated.
  2. @Frag probably has a huge competitive collection. When I spectate him, the pokemon he uses are awesome. Same pokemon nickname, but different variants.
  3. This has been suggested in the past, but the problem is inflation.
  4. All the items listed have been documented. Looking forward to your contribution RedRunt. When you spot an item being picked up, make sure to take a screenshot of the battle logs so I can see the item's pickup message.
  5. I beat the Hoenn league!! Thanks for showing me all those hidden spots in Slateport <3

    1. Bestfriends


      Happy to help you out. If you need any further assistance, then feel free to contact me.

  6. All items mentioned have been documented. Thank you for your contributions.
  7. I added two extra points in the Notes section of the guide to better clarify. As a brief note, what you are referring to is pokemon with the ability Frisk which scouts for the item and taking it away. Pickup mechanics work a bit different, these are item drops from pokemon after they faint. In relation to the item documentation, these resources have been documented.
  8. Trick or Switcharoo, you have to catch the pokemon. Pickup does work, but it only works if you knock out pokemon. The Pickup rate for each battle is around 10% as referenced to the guide. As for the second point, Trick and Switcheroo do not work due to an economic fix back around 2014ish. As for the items, they are now documented.
  9. All the items mentioned have been documented. Also, thank you for providing screenshots as proof of the item drops.
  10. Hoenn Part 2: Hidden Items: ____________________________________________________________________________ Hoenn Part 3: Hidden Items:
  11. Two Mystery Boxes can be obtained from the PvP Reward Match Reward System. I don't think you can get Mystery Boxes in the Artisan's Cave, but feel free to item hunt in the Artisan's Cave if you have a Pickup pokemon.
  12. Nice job with the fashion choice. You look better than a knight with the white and gold color scheme.
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