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  1. Good morning, I hope everyone is doing well. Every year, I leave PokeMMO for 3 weeks due to a real life memorial service. Once my memorial period ends, I will still have to wait two more days because Friday and Saturday are days that I do not log on for. August 2nd is the day that I come back, but meanwhile, I released a headline video rather early and also taped all the way up to the Kanto Elite Four on my PokeMMO Pokemon Stadium YouTube channel to keep everyone entertained while I am gone.


    If the update occurs while I am gone, then the update can be covered once I arrive back. I do wish the development team well with the implementation of the upcoming mechanics.


    Thank you for your time and good luck with your in game endeavors.


    - Bf


    P.S. Once the update is implemented and I arrive back, then the process of Guide Maintenance can start.

  2. Part 8: Hidden Items (Reserve): Channel Mentioned:
  3. Part 7: Hidden Items (Reserve): Guide Mentioned:
  4. Part 6: Hidden Items (Reserve) Guides Mentioned: Channel Mentioned:
  5. In a lot of circles, people like to think of their teammates as an extended family. If you are annoyed at someone logging on and offline, then you can either consult with the Team Leader to ask the person not to do that or leave the team you're in. There are plenty of teams hungry for new members.
  6. I believe that there is a person that may be working on a guide for this question.
  7. Part 1: Hidden Items (Reserve) _________________________________________________________________________________ Part 2: Hidden Items (Reserve) _________________________________________________________________________________ Part 3: Hidden Items (Reserve) _________________________________________________________________________________ Part 4: Hidden Items (Reserve) _________________________________________________________________________________ Part 5: Hidden Items (Reserve)
  8. YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEzWERpGCFFcJoTPf6ElGJg Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. This channel was made because of the amount of requests I had received over the years of making a new walkthrough channel. Since you can find a lot of generic walkthroughs of PokeMMO on YouTube, I had to differentiate my approach a bit. I opted for a Pokemon Stadium run of the game with basic rules with some hidden items obtained (Hidden Items are indicated by a *ding* in the walkthrough video): Walkthrough Rules (Video Form): Walkthrough Rules (Written Form): Questions about the walkthrough process: Question 1) Why did you pre-select your teams prior to going through the regions? Answer 1) I want to reduce the amount of errors that could be done during the walkthrough. _________________________________________________________________________ Question 2) When will the next walkthrough episode be taped and released? Is there a set schedule for these walkthroughs? Answer 2) I can't really give exact dates. However, the schedule depends on a few factors: "What schedule does my co-host have?", "Goals in the walkthrough", etc. _________________________________________________________________________ Question 3) How do you pick co-hosts for your walkthrough and how would I know that a co-host is featured in a video? Answer 3) Co-hosts are usually picked randomly to give a "man on the street" approach. As to how you would know if a co-host is in a video or not, you may want to look at the bottom left of the video thumbnail. If you see a green square smiley face, then at some point in the video, you will have a co-host. _________________________________________________________________________ Question 4) I want to co-host with you in a walkthrough. How would I apply for a possible spot? Answer 4) There are a few factors that I look for. If you want me to work with you, then I need to know a few things: a) Age b) Are you new or experienced? c) Do you have a microphone? d) Discord ID (Name#Number) e) Can you access where I am at in the walkthrough? _________________________________________________________________________ Question 5) Can hidden item timestamps be documented? Answer 5) I would probably do that near or at the end of a region walkthrough. Ideally, I would like to go through my video playlist to watch every walkthrough and listen for dings which would make my job easier for documentation. _________________________________________________________________________ Credits: @MightyBoxer - Documenting all the hidden items. Co-hosts - For featuring yourself in a walkthrough to put your flavor of spice in the walkthrough For starters, I am going to link my first 5 walkthroughs in a post and go from there. I hope you enjoy my walkthrough series.
  9. Hello there Tinuven, I hope you're doing well. When I was making my PokeDex Guide, you were one of my intended audience groups. Feel free to check the collapsible spoiler tab by each pokemon in my guide. As a troubleshooting note, when visiting the guide, I would recommend that you visit the second page and duplicate it on your browser and then go to the first page so you don't need to flip pages. Wild Locations are one of the categories documented in this guide.
  10. I was looking for Pickup solutions for the evolution stones, but the purchase option can also be documented as well.
  11. I often find that patience may be the answer. Sometimes it takes a while for my Android Client to load as well. However, if you do feel that this is a more involved issue, then you may want to file a Support Request.
  12. Good evening, I would like to thank you for notifying me about the Leppa Berry Growth Time. Since I do not have the picture files for all the Berries, I had to write all the information from scratch which was why it took a bit of time for a response.
  13. There is another ape that is envious of this tournament name: I do wish you well with hosting the tournament. We all know that Infernape is the superior ape.
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