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  1. Nice forums avatar. Did you paint that yourself?

  2. I sea where your coming from. Nice shiny prize, did you fish in the see to get it?
  3. Hello friends

    Good afternoon Toupi, I see your point which addresses my first question. I commend you for your strong counterarguement. I do have some setbacks with things that may make PokeMMO a difficult game to play: 1. The UI and pokemmo stuff is the beauty of PokeMMO. It emerges you in the experience, and if we condense it, PokeMMO could lose its charm. iPokeMMO would be portable, but I like PokeMMO's "dash board" look. Chatbox to the bottom left, information about the game's timezone and your in game net worth is on the top left, key item hotkeys are listed in the center, and menu icons are on the bottom right. With an iPhone, we won't have those luxuries, you have to make a separate menu to fit everything. 2. The movement is a bit concerning. I saw a guy with an Pokemon Emerald app and he had a keypad to help him move around. On PokeMMO, it would take away from the in game atmosphere. I would rather play on my laptop than an iPhone because the screen is bigger and I won't be limited like an iPhone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have some good news for @Toupi and @Yourmajestytx, the developers of PokeMMO have the mentality of Steve Jobs: "We will NEVER let anyone tell us we cannot do it!" The chances of a iPokeMMO being a reality is quite high in my view. As we are speaking right now, the developers might be taking breaks in their implementation of Unova and are probably learning about App Development for both Android and iPhone technology.
  4. Everyone here is quite entertaining. Did everyone here drank coffee before your comments? I like the amount of zip everyone has. You guys are Machampions and I am just a knight that goes on YouTube. Hopefully, I am available for tournament commentary for this official, if not, I wish everyone well! I hope the Pumpking does not try to attend your official though.
  5. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    No or I will be eaten. I am glad your looking at him and not me or I would be lunch. Mike, keep distracting everyone! Your doing great! This comment so purrfect! - I am doing this pun for @Noad's pleasure --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kyu the director, screenwritter, and producer introduces a new movie called: The Life of Michaelangelo:
  6. Hello friends

    Good evening Yourmajestyx, I hope your doing well. I do not think that a PokeMMO app would be a good idea because there are a ton of things that need to be addressed before the app even reaches the public: 1. How will we enable our FireRed, Emerald, HeartGold or Soulsilver (Optional), and Black or White roms? Only a PC has the ability to do such a thing as of right now. Although what I could do is keep writing letters to Tim Cook's (the current Apple CEO) house until he assigns his top programmers with the task of being able to enable roms. 2. Lets say that Tim Cook accepts my letters and is making a bold decision for the newest iOS systems. He wants to make rom enabling accessible to iPhones. The next question would be, how can I be able to fit everything that makes PokeMMO great into a more condense screen? I mean iPhone screens are getting larger and larger, but I do not think they will be the size of a laptop monitor otherwise it would be difficult to carry in your pocket. Why would a condensed screen be bad for PokeMMO? The answer is in my view, quite simple to grasp. Just log in, and you will see a ton of screen stuff. Chatbox, Key Item Hot Key buttons, Menu options to the bottom right, and the overworld. The problem is that you might be overwhelmed by all the activity going on in a small space. PokeMMO would a have a more crammed feel instead of a fun experience. 3. How do you move around when your on an iPhone? I do not see any key pads on the device that gives you all directions, although, you could argue that PokeMMO could implement a self made key pad in all directions in the app, but that would add to the problem mentioned in my second point about the features of PokeMMO being clustered. I listed a ton of things here, but I do not want you to think that I am fighting you. We have two different viewpoints, I do not think it is going to happen and you think that it is plausable, and I have no problem with that. Disclaimer:
  7. Hopefully, my schedule can be a bit kind and open up a time slot for me to tape this official. I am sure this tournament maid you happy.
  8. Good evening, I am going to be gone from Wednesday night to Saturday night for another holiday break (this is my last holiday break), I wish you all well!

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      New York, huh? That is actually where my immediate family currently resides ;o have fun ^~^

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      Thank you for the kind words.

    4. RealLifeAngel
  9. Counter to Venusaur?

    There are a lot of Venusaurs with Hidden Power Fire, so it is probably not a good idea.
  10. Counter to Venusaur?

    You mentioned a good point. If you want to kill Venusaur and it has already used Growth two times then a suicidal team mate is also an option as well. Liquid Ooze is in my view, one of the best abilities to counter act Giga Drains. Crobat is usable, but if you really want to eliminate Venusaur with little to no work, then Tentacruel is a good option for that. I guess you can say, it is a poor man's Destiny Bond. Crobat is nice, but Venusaur is likely going to switch out and then it is still going to be running around. Knock out the Crobat and your in for a world of hurt. As for Tentacruel, you can use it as kind of a wild card. You can bait Venusaur to use growth one to two times and then you can pull the rug on your opponent by switching into Tentacruel with Liquid Ooze.
  11. Counter to Venusaur?

    I would like to ask, how about the Liquid Ooze variants? I noticed in your calculations that you did not cite Liquid Ooze variants of Tentacruel. Even if Tentacruel faints, you can still do a ton of damage to Venusaur's health. Crobat is a good alternative as well, but I think that Tentacruel is also a viable option as well.
  12. Counter to Venusaur?

    If you want to make a good counter to Venusaur, then I would suggest for you to make a Tentacruel (make sure you give it Liquid Ooze as its ability so that Venusaur can hurt itself every time it tries to giga drain). You can run Tentacruel any way you like, but I would prefer the special attacking variant: Tentacruel: Nature: Modest/Timid IVs: HP +25/Attack X/Defence +25/Sp Attack +25/Sp Defence +25/Speed 31 EVs: 252 Sp Attack/252 Speed Moveset: Ice Beam/Sludge Bomb/Giga Drain/Surf Ability: Liquid Ooze Item Held: Special Choice Band/Swift Choice Band If you run those types of Tentacruel, then your 80% Venusaur proof. I rarely see Sword Dancing Venusaurs since Power Whip is not implemented yet otherwise I would worry about physical Venusaurs carrying Earthquake. Typholosion is decent, but it is kind of frail and takes neutral damage from sludge bomb. Tentacruel for now is probably the best counter for most variants of Venusaur.
  13. Portable PC

    In my suggestion, I would like to eliminate the healing properties of a PC so that this suggestion can be implemented. As for the people that want to heal their pokemon on the go, they have to go to Nurse Joy. I want pokemon to remain how they were before taking them out. I think we can settle on 10k or higher. I don't want people to abuse it. 10k or higher would give people second thoughts and I might disable it to go over to the global trade link because that would be too overpowered.
  14. Portable PC

    What would your cost suggestion be? I would like to know.
  15. Portable PC

    Portiable PC Good afternoon everyone, I have a suggestion I would like to purpose. It is the "Portable PC" key item that could go in your bag. My goal with this feature is to be efficient while making it not so broken. Lets say you have an official tournament to attend, but you changed your mind and want to replace Tauros with Metagross or you travelled a long distance trip away from the PC and you forgot to bring the pokemon you want to level, then I have a solution for both of those situations. I know that having a Portable PC right now is kind of broken, but I think we can change that just a little bit to make it a little more reasonable. Here is a minor change I would like to purpose to our PC to make this suggestion a possibility: 1. Eliminate the Healing ability for our PCs when we deposit a pokemon into our PC system Lets do further modifications and talk about how you would obtain this item: 1. You have to complete all the regions: Kanto, Hoenn, and Unova 2. After you completed these regions, you would chat with the Kanto Game Freak people, Hoenn Game Freak people, and Unova Game Freak people. They would give you pieces to this Portable PC and you can put those pieces together. 3. (This step in my estimation is going to nerf down the broken aspect of this feature) Charge a fee for using the system, perhaps a 10k fee and the rates are going to increase if you use this feature on the same day by +10k. Your using your own PokeMMO wifi, so you have to foot the bill. If you want a free PC system, then you will have to make a trip to the Pokemon Center and use those PCs. 4. When you click on the Portable PC icon, I would encourage the developers to have a box pop up saying, "Are you sure you want to use your Portable PC? If you do, you will have to pay a fee of $10,000." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This idea was given to me when I was using my MiFi system on road trips. I figured that PokeMMO could have the same system, but putting in some limitations to this system so that this feature does not become broken. If you have any additional suggestions or if you have any criticisms about my proposal, then feel free to make a comment down below.

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