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  1. I have now added those items to the list, thank you for the contribution.
  2. I shudder at the very thought of Nasty Plot + Draco Meteor Hydreigon.
  3. In other very important news, Kyu is a strong guy. Find out more on the Roy Rogers News channel.


  4. If you would of caught that legendary, then there would of been an event spawned from said legend. Good luck with the task of holding onto Mewtwo if you get in this situation again.
  5. You will need to know surf prior to receiving this item. Once you know surf, then you can go to the right side of the forest and use surf when you see the body of water.
  6. Bestfriends


    Welcome to PokeMMO Mika, I hope you enjoy the experience here.
  7. You can change the account's email address and it can be as if you made a new account. Keep in mind that not all accounts are eligible for an email change. https://pokemmo.eu/account_change_email/
  8. I would like to thank Sethsen's Vullaby for protecting our in game eggs. That Vullaby should be rewarded with the PokeMMO Medal of Honor! On a more serious note, good luck to all of those who are participating in this event.
  9. If your client is not opening correctly, then feel free to file your issue in the Support Request section of the forums.
  10. All the items listed here have been documented. Thank you for your contribution.
  11. 1. No comment 2. PokeMMO already hosts seasonal events. Stay tuned to the Changelog section as to when these events hit. 3. PokeMMO has released Sinnoh back in January of this year, so this region is very fresh.
  12. If you feel that a bug is found, then you can post your concern in the Bug Report section.
  13. Welcome back to PokeMMO @vgpeaches, I hope you enjoy your experience here once again. If you have any questions to ask, then feel to contact me.
  14. Thank you for your art. It makes my Headline videos more artistic.
  15. White is trying to give me nightmares, the horror. Good luck with your UU Tournament.
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