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  1. Maybe with couples yes. I noticed a bit more couples on PokeMMO lately. Thank you for making my argument for me.
  2. I am sorry about your situation, but this is the wrong place to post your problem. Here is the place to post it at:
  3. Good evening fellow players, since the community is growing larger, I feel that this suggestion is due for discussion. I feel that it would be great if people can communicate with their friends without breaking their DND status. If a staff member would like to chat with you in game about a certain thing, I do not want your DND status to be broken because of it. This feature could be programmed akin to how the Requests tab is structured: Also, if the devs want to make it more catered to other people, there can be a name bar that the person can type in that would be exempt from the DND rule. I would like this feature to be a form of secret communication.
  4. You did feature a pretty good idea, so let me add another branch of my suggestion addressing that topic.
  5. Wait a minute, your signature has a message on it "Save birds drink coffee." Why are you activating for tea? If I do drink tea, its usually Lipton Black Tea. You might want to read this article I found from PercisionNutrition about how Green Tea works... I am not aware about making your own blends of tea, maybe I should try that sometime.
  6. Good morning Munya, I hope your doing well. I am not really good in the kitchen, but I remember a chocolate protein shake I had a long time ago. Its been about 5-7 years ago since it was made, but I would like to recall the ingredients that was put into the shake.... 1. Chocolate Whey Protein 2. Bananas 3. Frozen Chocolate Yogart 4. Vanilla Extract 5. Ice Cubes I would usually have this before a long exercise. Hopefully, this helps, I do not know the exact teaspoons, but I did cite most of the ingredients.
  7. If I may, I would like to add to this idea, on YouTube there is a little checkmark beside the name of the content creator and if you hover your mouse on the checkmark, it should say "Verified." There are a lot of cyber geniuses with very nefarious intentions, perhaps sharing a forums link with a little cookie inside the URL. Unless your really good at cyber warfare like @XelaKebert or @Ronax, I don't feel that this is a good plan. The reason I would like the "Verified" feature on PokeMMO is so that the average joe does not have access to the forums, but only the well polished players like @KaynineXL can link forums articles and such. If staff want, they can revoke a person's linking power at any time. For more on this feature, please read this article: Politically speaking, I dislike YouTube's level of censorship, but the PokeMMO government is a lot more stable and they tend to listen to players. You all wanted Unova, so the devs are developing Unova. I trust the PokeMMO government to give certain people the ability to link forums stuff.
  8. Good morning everyone. I modified my 3 wishes on my wishlist, so that the devs would have an easier time implementing the features I would like in the next update: 1. Official PokeMMO Notepad (Same wish as before): 2. An "Abilities" tab in the PokeDex: 3. Official Tournament Spectator's Chat (credit to @Kimikozen for the idea)
  9. Good morning fellow players, I see Unova arriving soon, so I feel that this would be a good time to introduce the "Abilities" section in the PokeDex. There will be more pokemon implemented in Unova, so it is going to be difficult remembering all of those abilities. I feel that this would be necessary, so we can avoid confusion. I know that there are a lot of people who still use their old laptops, and they want to research an ability that the pokemon in question has. -------------------------------------------------------- Person A: "What was the ability Ferrothorn has again?" Person B: "You stupid newb, everyone knows Ferrothron's ability, do some research man!" Person A: "Okay fine! (3-5 minutes later: Google pops up and asks Google the question; 3-5 minutes later: Ferrothorn has "Iron Barbs" as its ability) In Total, it takes about 6-10 minutes to answer one simple question. ------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Got my headlines sorted (for now), I look forward to logging on so that I can go on the airwaves once again!





    When I cover the PTS part, I would rather not show any video since I need permission to be able to save that video into my Headline file to show. Instead, I would rather read the dev blog, but I am going to go as fast as I can and try to help you digest the information.


  11. Thanks, I look forward to coming back stronger than ever! Also, I am really excited about my upcoming headline video!
  12. I am back, although I do have a vacation planned from Aug 2nd to 8th. I hope I can have some gaps in the plans so that I can catch up with the times. Man I miss PokeMMO, glad to be back!

  13. I am back! I miss PokeMMO, but I am going to have the Roy Rogers News channel catch up with the times and hopefully be back on track! I have a minor announcement to make, tomorrow, I have a vacation booked from Aug 2nd - 8th. When I get free time in between the vacation, I would like to scan the Forums for the latest headlines! When I was logging back onto my YouTube channel, a video popped up and it was a PTS that was released (I might want to watch some pre existing videos to get the general picture of the progress on the PTS that was just released). I hope to catch the update when it arrives!
  14. I have an announcement to make. I am going to be gone for 3 weeks starting on July 11th and ending on August 1st due to a memorial service. I wish you all well.

    1. ReddoKun


      See you soon :D

    2. AshisCatchin
  15. Good evening Kay, I kind of do that on my Tutorial channel with the "Donald Trump" character. My co-host @queenjeanne was dressed up like a butterfly, but I wanted to make the tutorial more entertaining, so I called her a moth and even attempted to use my fictitious fly swatter on her near the end of my tutorial.