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  1. Good morning fellow citizens of PokeMMO, I hope everyone doing well. I have an announcement to make, from June 29th to July 22nd, I am going to take a leave of absence from PokeMMO due to a Three Week memorial period. Here is my schedule:

    1. Wednesday: One last headline video

    2. Thursday: Wrapping up things in game before I leave.


    I look forward to coming back on July 22nd at night, after my Three Week memorial period.

  2. Bestfriends


    Good evening Jerry, I hope you are doing well. I would like to thank him for telling me about this awesome game, if anyone is interested in playing with me, please contact me. My Display name is "PokeMMOBf"
  3. Bestfriends

    Pokemmo money 2018

    Good afternoon Chiefonse, my Mayor Council and I did a video on this exact topic. I hope this helps.
  4. Bestfriends

    The Devs Rn

    I can say that the PokeMMO developers are currently focusing making PokeMMO feel like a true Gameboy and could bring a lot of us back into our childhood. Let me bring a new picture to the discussion: As for the cosmetics, there is one guy that is assigned for sprite development on PokeMMO and for clothing in the gift shop. While the developers work on the Android application or what I like to call the "GameboyAdvanceSP 2018 version," there is an in game fashion designer working on stylish clothing for us.
  5. Bestfriends

    How do I farm with the skill theif?

    This technique still works even when you are level 100, but it could make things more complicated since you cannot knock out your target. You have to use the move and run away from the battle or catch the pokemon.
  6. Bestfriends

    Helping Out The New Generation

    Pokemon Donation Report: May 2018 This is my very first Pokemon Donation report. When I am given pokemon by generous players, I want to be transparent with the community about my efforts (if you want me to keep yourself anonymous, please tell me in game and I can keep your name private for next month's report).
  7. Bestfriends

    Arena Champions

    "What I mean from the beginning is that the Arena champions are useless once defeated so I propose to add a new function that is to say to be able to fight several times with the trainers that make up the Arena but in return we must pay them."
  8. Bestfriends

    Radio Stations

    Good evening redspawn, I feel that this suggestion is something you might enjoy:
  9. Bestfriends

    Network Delay

    Good afternoon, I hope you enjoy your experience on PokeMMO. PokeMMO is not responsible for establishing a good network connection. Good luck with your wireless network plan. 下午好,我希望你喜欢你在PokeMMO上的体验。 PokeMMO不负责建立良好的网络连接。祝你的无线网络计划好运。
  10. Bestfriends

    Question about donating.

    Once you donate 500 Reward Points or more, you can play the mobile client until the closed beta is no longer available.
  11. Bestfriends


    You may want to watch my Mayor Bestfriends YouTube video on this: 1. You can farm for Everstones because people need them for breeding. 2. I would try to do a bit of GTL flipping while farming so you can kill two birds with one stone and make enough money to support your breeding. 3. NPCs = 6 hours; Gyms = 20 hours; Elite Four = 45 minutes
  12. Bestfriends

    Is Unova Route 18 Dark Grass part disabled ?

    Good evening, I would like to make life easier for everyone by linking a video and the timestamps of me navigating this area. I hope this helps: 1:08:53 - 1:18:58
  13. Good early morning, I currently have two videos pending. One video is a headline video from 5/24/18 waiting to be released and the other is the closed beta android coverage. After my Sabbeth, I completed my headline video on the cutting room floor. If I can, I would like to release my closed beta coverage and the headline video together.

  14. Good early morning, I am going to be gone from 5/18/18 to either 5/21/18 or 5/22/18 due to religious reasons. I currently have some tournament footage waiting to be uploaded, so I look forward to that. I wish you all a nice weekend.

  15. Bestfriends

    Helping Out The New Generation

    MrGrangor, I love hearing other opinions on proposals I have and thank you for giving your viewpoint. There are some experienced players that may have unwanted pokemon in their boxes that may be released. Instead of releasing these pokemon, why not give them to newer players? As for the reason why there is a middle man, some players are very busy and cannot dedicate some time to give away pokemon. This account is all about PokeCharity work so there is more time allocated to this account. I would rather not see a pokemon be released back into the wild, but instead, finding a new home. As for helping people know the game, I can suggest guides and such to people that want to go the next level. If you have time to give out pokemon to newer players, then feel free to not give them to me. In fact, you can feel the impact you can make in these players' lives. At first, I was against the idea of giving out pokemon, but then @Winterclaw convinced me otherwise. She told me that giving pokemon away could make a person's day and when people leave the game, there is a chance that they may have fond memories of someone giving them a pokemon they enjoy, so they come back like a boomerang effect. We tend to remember the people that were nice to us in our lives, like that teacher that told you that "you can do it" or that time when people help you out on PokeMMO. It made newer players feel at home and they can look back with wonderful thoughts. I remember when I gave a Togepi to someone on PokeMMO that always wanted a Togepi and a few months later, he was no longer a newer player, but perhaps, a player who dealt with shinies. He never forgot what I did and thanked me for giving him this pokemon he always wanted, but the owner of that Togepi wanted to release it back into the wild.

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