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  1. I taped the final match... All I can say is that there was a battle of the shades of Purple! I taped the final match! Congratulations, 1. SweeTforU for 1st place! 2. Zigh for 2nd place! 3. ZDFire and Schuchty for sharing 3rd place!
  2. I think this video is a good start.... 3:10 - 20:28
  3. I should contact that lady bear more often! "Make @Bearminator a good dinner NOW!"
  4. Oh yeah, if the panda attacks anyone, I have panda spray as well! @Billla, beware!
  5. I sense someone's hunger, oh no, its @Bearminator! I am going to toss a cans of bear spray to @TheChampionMike, @Noad, and @Yohannovich!
  6. People don't hate you, they have a difference of opinion. I may disagree with some of your suggestions on forums, but your a very nice person to chat with in game (and even if I did completely dislike you, I would still be in the wrong to shoot you). Don't worry Xatu, when your applying for a gun permit, you HAVE to be level headed, so a nut would not be allowed to own a gun. I carry around a gun at home, so I think that it would be a sense of security. I was nervous at first, but then it is relaxing. Without a gun, I have a sense of fear. If someone decides to shoot you, then they can get life in prison, so you don't have to worry. I said this before and @KaynineXL took a screenshot of me saying it: "No matter if your black or white, rich or poor, janitor or doctor, you should pack heat when you have the opportunity to." If possible, not only follow @Noad's advise and stay in a safe place, but also hire a personal bodyguard, they are out there. I know it is expensive, but in San Diego, guns are heavily restricted, so you need a person to turn to when there is trouble. I know I sound even stricter than Noad, but safety is important and police don't arrive that fast, they try to, but they usually arrive late to the scene.
  7. One more tip, (if your in a red state), be sure you conceal and carry in case any danger arises. Police are usually too slow, so self protection is advisable. To be honest, I would rather arrange a meeting in Texas due to the soft gun laws there. (I am kind of like an old person sometimes as well)
  8. Good afternoon Gunthug, I hope your doing well. I am scared of P2W and I took out my concern on @Xatu and I apologise for it. I would like for you to hear my side of the argument, Xatu has been suggesting a ton of stuff for Reward Points and not all people are swimming in cash (and I may not be struggling financially, but I feel bad for people who are). @Matoka I also apologise for bringing you into this, but what you told me with the Comp Donor Status has kind of a lasting effect on me. I guess you can say, I am paranoid about Reward Point suggestions (I am not trying to be a victim, but I've seen this movie before "The Night of The Living Game Apps!"). If the devs are alright with it, they can throw that into the Gift Shop. I am very touchy about my pocketbook, please do not take it the wrong way.
  9. Since you love birds, let me shower you with scientific names of birds:

    1. Northern Cardinal = Cardinalis cardinalis

    2. American Robin = Turdus migratorius

    3. Eastern Bluebird (one of my favourite birds): Sialia sialis

    4. Mallard = Anas platyrhynchos

    5. Red-tailed Hawk = Buteo jamaicensis


    I hope you enjoyed my ornithology comment.

  10. I think this guy quit playing, I am sorry.
  11. Good evening Torin, I only know you from my tournament commentaries. It was a pleasure commentating on your matches. Best of luck!
  12. Why don't you apply? You have the talent and humour for the job.
  13. Good morning fellow players of PokeMMO, I could be wrong, but I feel that a lot of players on here go to college, so I figured that this YouTube channel might be of some help. Finals week is coming up and your trying to cram it in! If you need any studying tips, please visit Thomas Frank's YouTube channel! I used him a long time ago and he is quite an assistance to your college work! Since this is finals week, I am going to list four videos down below of what to watch before your final(s)... 1. The Most Powerful Way to Remember What You Study 2. How to Study Effectively: 8 Advanced Tips - College Info Geek 3. 10 Study Tips for Earning an A on Your Next Exam - College Info Geek 4. How to Be Lazy and Still Get a Ton of Work Done (hey look a Snorlax, don't play the Poke Flute!) I hope these videos helped someone prepare for finals week! If you need more tips college related, you can visit Thomas Frank's channel! Good luck on your finals!
  14. Before Xatu responds, let me respond for him. His counter claim might be something along the lines of: "but Kizhaz, there are things like Donor Status, Tickets, and Amnesia Braces!" and let me save you the hassle of responding: 1. Donor Status' benefits are watered down significantly to prevent a pay to win 2. Tickets are not needed, but some people want them. You don't have to spend real life cash on PC expansion, just organise your PC a little better (or make an alt and give the stuff to it). 3. Amnesia Braces use to be useful, but then the devs introduced level scaling for the Little Cup which rendered them useless, unless you want a perfect level 50 so you can go to the Battle Frontier. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kizhaz, I feel you have some expressed some great wisdom, but unfortunately, Xatu is stuck in this mode of "we need more stuff for the Gift Shop!" My main problem is that Xatu wants all this stuff in the gift shop and he does not realise if this is implemented, it would hurt the game more than help it. He is not looking at the big picture and he is stuck in his little Gift Shop echo chamber. I really do wish he can realise that this is not the way to go and hopefully he can be dragged out of it. I feel that he needs to realise that he is losing credibility with people and I really want to see him gain it back.
  15. For the third time, please stop touching our pocketbooks! I am trying my best to give you good advise which is about not suggesting stuff about the Gift Shop. I am going to repeat myself once again and hopefully you understand, the developers have the Gift Shop all figured out. Are you insulting the intellect of the developers? Your turning PokeMMO into an app from the App Store and I don't like this. You say your were homeless, shouldn't you be arguing against this stuff? I live in a stable household where stuff is not a struggle, but one question comes to mind, how am I more sympathetic with the majority of the player base than you? I am passionate about the community and your treating us as people from the royal family. I am not rich irl, but lets just say stuff is not a struggle for me. I am much more emphatic than you apparently and shouldn't this be reversed? You know what its like to be homeless, and you know that a pocketbook is a sensitive place for most people. I would rather let PokeMMO not be so reliant on if your rich or poor in real life and more on if you have the mindset to get the resources needed for the game. @LifeStyle said this in one of your RP suggestions: money =/= skill I want items to be obtained in game rather than by the Gift Shop.