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  1. Bestfriends

    Any point leveling past 50?

    1. Ranked matches only cap at level 50. If you have any pokemon under 50, then the pokemon will be that level when you battle ranked. You have to level it to at least 50 or above to activate the cap. 2. You can purchase the Name Change Ticket from the Gift Shop. $1 US Dollar = 100 Reward Points 3. In your dex, there should be a drop down list.
  2. Bestfriends has the most amazing About Me section on PokeMMO forums.

  3. The man who gave me the first endorsement to be the Mayor of PokeMMO. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Made some slight aesthetic changes to my forums profile and added a Mayoral Biography due to me wanting to make it easier for people to know me a bit better.

  5. Bestfriends


    If you want to join a guild, then you may want to look in this section on the forums: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/clubs/ As for joining a guild in game, you may want to PM someone that is recruiting new members to their team. Some teams may require a certain amount of experience (ie: good at competitive play, well equipped in shiny trading, etc) and there are quite a few teams that openly invite people.
  6. Bestfriends

    PokeMMO: Secret Base Basics

    Some people do and some people don't.
  7. PokeMMO: Secret Base Basics Hello fellow citizens of PokeMMO, I hope you're enjoying your experience here so far. In the general discussions on forums, I saw a resurgence in questions about the Secret Base. Due to the amount of questions the community and staff receive often, I made this guide so if there are any more Secret Base questions, players can then be directed to this guide. As the Mayor of PokeMMO, I felt like it was my duty to make this guide. Without further ado, lets talk about the Secret Base locations and the shops that you can buy the decorations from. Basics: Types of Secret Bases: Secret Base Locations: There are 75 locations where Secret Bases Can Be Made Route Type Layout Location Free Dolls: Shops: Pretty Petal Flower Shop Fortree City Slateport City: Lilycove City Battle Frontier Shields As for the shields, you need to win at least 50 consecutive battles for the Silver Shield and 100 consecutive battles for the Gold Shield (this only applies to any activities inside the Hoenn Battle Frontier). -------------------------------------------------------------- As for the Pretty Chair (6,000 Steps) and Pretty Desk (8,000 Steps), you need Volcanic Ash in order to acquire this glass furniture. For more details on this, please visit this guide:
  8. Bestfriends

    Thank You for PokeMMO! :D

    TheSensei, it was a pleasure in assisting you with your PokeDex. As the Mayor, I am happy that you joined the PokeMMO family.
  9. Bestfriends

    Add a little notepad in the bottom left.

    This feature will make it easier to jot down notes in the client. Sometimes, people don't have access to a paper and pen, so this is a great alternative. I will endorse this idea due to the convenience factor. I can see the community and staff enjoying this feature almost like a personal in game diary.
  10. Bestfriends

    PokeMMO Community Days

    I had a gut feeling that I was right on my question. Donor Status does increase your chances of bumping into a shiny compared to the conventional way. If I may, I would like to address your concerns: 1. Addressed this in the second sentence of this post. 2. A pokemon is different from an item. Items can be used over time like the premier ball you mentioned, but pokemon can't be used up, thus they remain. The problem is that there is no check on the increase in the shiny quantity other than rates so I would rather have a high rate than the old Calvin Coolidge saying "a chicken in every pot." You may feel that this is the extreme case, but it looks like you want this. 3. People randomly encounter shinies and put their own spotlight on the shiny. I like Kingdra and use it as my mascot on my Roy Rogers News channel because it is a fancy seahorse pokemon, so it fits my brand. Shiny Rapidash reminds me of a horse that gallops even in the hard times, so I use it as my mascot for the Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel. Everyone has their favourite shiny, so this feature is not needed. To keep this conversation honest, I have to disclose that I own shiny Linoone which evolves from Zigzagoon. I have no stake in the other shinies you mentioned. PokeMMO is a big place, so there is a good chance that there is someone out there that has a stake in Caterpie and Sunkern (or their evolutions). 4. PokeMMO is a popular pokemon MMO, so this could cause a lot of turmoil in valuations if we increase the shiny rate. We are not the only two people playing PokeMMO, there are thousands of people who log into PokeMMO. I am sorry, but I cannot standby and let you suggest something that could be financially detrimental to the citizens of PokeMMO. Before you post a response, please keep in mind that this is not a single player game.
  11. Bestfriends

    PokeMMO Community Days

    Hello Bolt, even with this suggestion, this will still break the market. If shiny rates increase by a few points on a certain hour on a certain day, then it will still have negative consequences. Also, If you lower down the shiny rates for an hour or two, it will still have repercussions. If you don't let the shiny Pikachu market break, but yet we break the Dratini market, this will still not make this right. I would like for you to take home this point, this is not a single player game. Shiny rates should not be increased because this will cause more shinies to be in the market place. Owners of shiny Dratini will be angry that their pokemon is not as valuable as before due to this mechanic. There may be a ton of complaints like "why Devs did you make my shiny easier to obtain? I am losing a lot of money!" and the responsibility will lay on you if this feature does take place. Full Disclosure, I do not have any ownership in shiny Dratini market, but I own some shinies In conclusion, I have a question to ask, why are you making a lot of shiny suggestions? I assume that the reason is a personal one. If I am right, then buy Donor Status from the Gift Shop and start using it while you search for the shiny you want. We should not break the shiny market because of you wanting a shiny yourself at the expense of others.
  12. Bestfriends

    Pokemon Daycare Centers - Pokemon Eggs

    Hello LeotheKitsune, I need to enlighten you a bit about why we have this fee. Some citizens think that is unfair to be taxed on breeding, but the American Public doesn't usually complain about the Fed raising interest rates. Why is this? I have one answer for you, to prevent inflation. As for this not happening in the original games, these games only have one player. PokeMMO is a server with a lot of people almost like a country, hence we have countermeasures to prevent inflation. If we did not have these measures or "money sinks," then we would have a troubled economy on PokeMMO. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- PokeMMO is not stealing 21k from you when you log off, so you're not being robbed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- In conclusion, PokeMMO has to take these measures in order for the economy to stay stable. If PokeMMO got rid of all the money sinks tomorrow, then things are going to be extremely expensive on PokeMMO because the currency is not going to have much leverage anymore. We may have to rely on hard assets like Lucky Eggs or shinies to hedge against an actual PokeYen Recession. Money sinks although painful to some are needed to maintain a good economy.
  13. Bestfriends

    [Video] Its a Roy Rogers Walkthrough!

    Good afternoon everyone, I am sad to inform everyone that the Roy Rogers Walkthrough channel is going to be discontinued. This was a hard decision to make, but I want to allocate more of my time towards making the lives of the player base of PokeMMO better as the Mayor and the RRW channel needs a lot of time for it to be revived. Thank you lVlario, @Jerryzoo, and many other stars for being a part of the Roy Rogers Walkthrough channel. Announcement in video form:
  14. Bestfriends

    Should we face inflation?

    This is such a complicated situation to address, but I am going to give my response on the matter. In the past, the development team has been fighting inflation by 2 for 1 breeding, fees to breeding the right pokemon, tax on GTL, etc. ------------------------------------------------ As for the rapid increase of PokeMMO's Chinese Population, fellow citizens state that we should just "ip ban china." This would be counterintuitive to PokeMMO's values. Some people may think that protectionism is the way to go, but we should try to figure out ways to work with the Chinese population rather than walling them off. (I usually pull up Google Translate to solve the language barrier) ----------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone does a crime like RMT or botting on PokeMMO, regardless of race or ethnicity, then that person should be punished by the GMs and SGMs. ------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your input sir. It is always nice to hear from someone that has seen this situation first hand. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ In conclusion, I feel that we should be empathetic of the citizens of China entering into PokeMMO's community. As the Mayor of PokeMMO, I look beyond race and ethnicity and acknowledge that we are all just players trying to have a good time. Lets stand united as fellow players! - Bf
  15. Bestfriends

    OK team(s) for Gym rematches?

    Hello JustAsking23, it seems like you're having a bit of trouble with your gym runs. The Mayorship has tackled this issue head on with gym leader commentaries based on my experience. Feel free to watch my gym runs: Team A: Team B: Team C: Kanto Gym Run: Hoenn Gym Run: Unova Gym Run: I hope this helps. As the Mayor, I want to serve the community in the best ways I can. -------------------------------------------------------- If you want to stick with the eeveelution method, then @ThePrettyPetard would be the person to consult with. Personally, if I had to pick an eeveelution, then Jolteon or Vaporeon would be a solid choice due to the abilities Volt Absorb and Water Absorb which would allow me to heal them with a predictable water or electric move.

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