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  1. Corsola has the red shard as a held item. You can either frisk the pokemon and use thief or catch it. Red Shards are held items from some wild Corsola.
  2. What a beautiful masterpiece. I am going to add this to my ItemDex Guide since this is an excellent Particle Encyclopedia.
  3. This is directly from the October 30th 2020 Update Changelog:
  4. You cannot trade gift mons, but Hitmonchan can be caught at Kanto's Victory Road.
  5. Thank you for enjoying PokeMMO throughout the years. I wish you a life of joy and happiness from here on. If you come back someday, then feel free to PM me either in game or on forums.
  6. Ah I assume there is because she is here when you revisit her house. Try to wait 18 hours just like Gym Rematches and maybe she could respawn.
  7. Additional Information Do I get more money for fighting one team as opposed to another? No. All Cynthia battles will give the exact same amount of PokéYen regardless of which of their teams you defeat. What's the difference between a Pokémon with ??? for their item or ability as opposed to -- or an actual item or ability? -- means that the Pokémon doesn't have an item. A Pokémon with ??? for its Ability, item, or move has an unknown Ability, item, or move. Why do the Hidden Powers have (Type?) after them?
  8. Beginner Cynthia (Only First Battle) Payout Without Boost: $18,480 With Boost: $27,720 With +75% Boost: $32,340 With +100% Boost: $36,960 ------------------------------------------------------------ Cynthia 1 Cynthia 2 Cynthia 3 Cynthia 4 Cynthia 5 Payout Without Boost: $16,560 With Boost: $24,840 With +75% Boost: $28,980 With +1
  9. If you see any graphical issues with the pictures, then try to refresh the guide and the pictures should be restored. However, if the pictures still do not upload correctly, then please notify me and I can see what I can do. The information stated in this section is mostly the same as the Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Morimoto guides (except for the speed stat. Since you can infer what speed stat most pokemon are, ie: Walrein looks a bit slow or Jolteon looks a bit fast). Thank you RedactedColour for writing up the Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Gym Guides! Formatting
  10. Ah yes, that is a carryover from Kaynine's original guide, but the items you documented can be in bold. Thank you for letting me know.
  11. Kaynine allowed for me to caretake for his guide, so your Leftovers find will be documented in this guide.
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