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  1. Hello suigin, this is a response video to the video linked.
  2. Good evening Cinthel, I hope you're doing well. Someone has alerted me to your concern on the forums, so I came out of the shadows specifically for this question. A lot of people overlook all the perks of the Donator Status like increased Egg Hatching and exp gain. The Breeders on PokeMMO that I had spoken with love the Donator Status Ticket because it makes their jobs easier as @Dibz alluded to in his response: For more of my take on the Donator Status Ticket, I would like to give you a video to watch with time stamps. -----------------------------------------------
  3. Bestfriends

    EXP Share Improvement

    Good evening LegDay, I hope you're doing well. This idea has some holes in it. For example, if a pokemon is doing all the work and the other pokemon is holding an Exp. Share, then why would all the exp be given to the pokemon that was absent from the battle? Even if you're pokemon is level 100, it still stands that the pokemon that was not present in the battle did not do the work to knock out the pokemon. Or better yet, it is like you hiring Bill Gates to do your Computer Programming homework for you. Yes, you can write your name on it, but Bill Gates also contributed to your assignment. In conclusion, you can only gain 100% exp if you do the work of knocking out the pokemon in question. If you feel that this number is too low, then I would advise for you to invest in Donator Status and using it to gain +25% extra exp.
  4. Bestfriends

    [Video] Mayor Bestfriends (The Official YouTube Thread)

    Good afternoon everyone, I would like to inform you about my current goal. Due to the Spanish population of PokeMMO making their voices heard on forums about a week ago, I would like to outreach towards players of all stripes. In an effort to do this, tournament discussions may be postponed so that we can figure out ways to represent as many people as possible on PokeMMO. I plan on asking some of my council members if they can help me in closed captioning my videos in other languages, but first, I have to close caption all of my self help videos that I did in English text form to make it easier for my volunteers to translate the content material from English to another language. I may not log in for a few days due to me wanting to accomplish this agenda as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any further ideas for outreach, then either PM me on forums, Mail me in game, or chat with me on Discord. PokeMMO Mayor At Your Service! - Bf
  5. Bestfriends

    Implement Zorou and Zoroark

    I would like to thank the development team for implementing this pokemon in the Lostlorn Forest. This Zorua was the first one I caught and it was in my Update Coverage for Feburary 7th 2019 video (time stamps = 3:37 - 5:01).
  6. I am going to translate what he said: English version: Remains are not objects that are manufactured, they can only be dropped, so they can not go down in price ... and to be honest they are not so expensive, you can go and look for them in the berry forest on the islands of kanto. On the other hand, as I said, if the objects in the trade become cheaper, in the case of the objects that are manufactured, those that sell and manufacture these objects, we will see the fact of selling them unfeasible and we would look for other objects that give greater gain in time / sale. What people do not understand, to put the same example of the Max.PP is that it does not matter if you put it in 43k or 45k (which for me is the standard price 45k) since it is going to be sold anyway, and neither is it an object that if you sell it super cheap, a single person will buy a whole stack. so if you sell it 2k cheaper than another seller, it does not guarantee an immediate sale of the product. (In fact someone explains it up here in English and he's right.) But well, as I say, it is curious to see that a person tries to lower the price (if that is his intention) of an object by putting one in one 1 zenny cheaper than the other, we will see how long it is doing and how much patience has. As for the economy of the game ... the truth is that it is not difficult to become "rich" (because 10 million you spend them super fast raising) at first it is difficult to start, but already holding the trigger to the game, it could be said that It is a walk in the park and something secondary is the fact of collecting money.
  7. Bestfriends

    A Spanish Mayor of PokeMMO

    Good evening sir, I had been silent on the matter due to me hoping that you would see that I had already appointed two Spanish Representatives to my council. @SecretDjinn and @Draak do a fantastic job at this. No need for any ultimatums and your post did not influence me on making this decision. I appointed Draak before you mentioned this topic and SecretDjinn on the day you posted this thread. This action has already been done. I appointed two Spanish Representatives instead of one and you should be happy. --------------------------------------------------------------- The next time anyone has a concern, please PM me on forums, mail me in game (same name), or chat with me on Discord. I hope you have a nice day.
  8. Bestfriends

    New player Question.

    Good evening PokeMasta95, I hope you're doing well. I am going to address your concerns: 1. I would say both. You can complete the story modes of all regions and have access to places thanks to your effort. Also, you can catch rare pokemon to complete your dex as well. 2. As for the simplicity of catching a pokemon, let me answer this question by giving you a suggestion. Make sure that you have a level 100 Smeargle with False Swipe and Spore in your party when in the wild. 3. Your PokeDex is a good place to look for the rarity of a certain pokemon under "Wild Locations." Once you've seen the pokemon, you will have access to the knowledge of all the locations spanning all of the regions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- As for after story content, there are different paths that you can take other than catching them all: Path 1: Engaging in the competitive scene. Path 2: Engaging in the shiny market. Path 3: Trying to build up your in game wealth by Berry Farming, Gym Runs, etc. For more details on this path, it would be advised to check out my Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel. Path 4: Becoming a YouTuber (which was how I got my start after the story). Path 5: Fooling around in Vermilion City. ----------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions pertaining to these topics, then you can PM me on forums or Discord, mail me in game (my name is the same in game), or leaving a comment on my YouTube channel. I hope you have a nice day, Bf
  9. Bestfriends

    Old school character sprites

    Older sprites are now extinct on PokeMMO, but you can buy a Classic Cap in the Viridian City Poke Mart to wear it on your sprite. As for asking for a mod, that is illegal to do. 5.) No request threads, if you wish to request a user make you something, PM them personally, or find a shop that fits the details of your wants.
  10. Bestfriends

    We need content.

    Good evening Parke, I hope you're doing alright. Before I had my cold, there were some talks in the Mayoral Council about starting tournaments. Thank you for giving us some ideas to consider for this project. You're a big help to the cause. For now, I want to upload some videos for the Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel. Once the Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel is on a roll, we can discuss tournaments and how to execute them. I do not want to go into further details due to this idea being in its early stages. Things may change from the time I am typing this post.
  11. Bestfriends

    Started the game, and farmed a decent pikachu? maybe?

    Don't forget to pick up the Thunderstone once you arrive at the Celadon Dept Mall so you can evolve your Pikachu into a Raichu. Also, thank you @RysPicz for giving some move tips.
  12. Bestfriends

    Any updates?

    I do not, but if there are any updates, then I cover it in my update coverage.
  13. Bestfriends

    Any updates?

    If there are any updates to PokeMMO, then I plan on covering them on the Roy Rogers News channel. Stay tuned for further developments.
  14. Bestfriends

    Extra XP weekend

    Good evening DarkTieru, I would like for you to consider an investment into Donor Status from the Gift Shop since it will give you a +25% Exp Bonus upon use.
  15. Bestfriends

    Least liked staff member

    Why would anyone hate you? Former PSL manager and witty comebacks. I do not want to partake in this poll. I may have a clue as to who may hate you. It is Pidgey of course! When I was elected as Mayor, there was a warning that I told on the Global chat about Pidgey ruling the world. All I have to say now is run for your lives!

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