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  1. well, I did not publish it on Monday, I had several problems, but hey. this is version 3.2 ... any error / comment / whatever, tell me I'll be pending shellos/gastrodon solved
  2. In this vacation I will look for the time, because I want to update this and I think I will try to add other ideas that I have (Inspi'GEN # is coming, FF, LoZ, Pokedex) but it depends on my time availability because even if I am on vacation the university, i will be working. but I want to update it, and get another icon mod
  3. Me podrías decir exactamente cuáles faltaban por favor? Could you tell me exactly which ones were missing please?
  4. "monster icons: All files in the /sprites/monstericons/ folder will be loaded as monster icons. They should be named 'ID-FRAME.png' You may use the 'Dump Moddable Resources' utility in settings to see what monsters correspond with what ids. Suggested size is 32x32."
  5. Updated to add alternate shapes and egg icons Added: -Egg -Manaphy Egg -Unown 'B' -Unown 'C' -Unown 'D' -Unown 'E' -Unown 'F' -Unown 'G' -Unown 'H' -Unown 'I' -Unown 'J' -Unown 'K' -Unown 'L' -Unown 'M' -Unown 'N' -Unown 'O' -Unown 'P' -Unown 'Q' -Unown 'R' -Unown 'S' -Unown 'T' -Unown 'U' -Unown 'V' -Unown 'W' -Unown 'X' -Unown 'Y' -Unown 'Z' -Unwon '!' -Unown '?' -Burmy Sandy -Burmy Trash -Wormadam Sandy -Wormadam Trash -Rotom Heat -Rotom Wash -Rotom Frost -Rotom Fan -Rotom Mow -Basculin Blue-Striped -Deerling Summer -Deerling Autumn -Deerling Winter -Sawsbuck Summer -Sawsbuck Autumn -Sawsbuck Winter And a new icon for mod 3.1. also a thank you to verdep for the index of alternate forms.
  6. Im think about change the chat background but i havent ideas xD Im working in that this weekend i gonna work con that
  7. update 2.P5: Mega: https://mega.nz/#!CcJWSQaY!Zwe8dkSDKBSSD1wZayQFXzyAy0KEGneOTDyo5FTILMw Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xzopz209c264pt8/inspi'P5.rar?dl=0 and error of learn movements solved
  8. I left the hospital (finally), I will publish the theme just correct the error of learning movements, I upload (today) but first I have to get to my house xD (give me a few hours) by the way if when i publish it someone sees some error, say it as soon as you can (it happened so much that I do not remember what else was missing from the theme)
  9. Cuando este en mi casa corrijo ese error n.n (ya lo arregle en el de p5 pero se me olvido hacerlo en el de sao así si no fuese así le pediría a mi hermano que lo publicará xD)
  10. estoy hospitalizado y en el hospital apenas puedo tener el telefono, se supone esta semana me dan de alta y iria a terminar el tema de inmediato, si no fuese por eso ya tendrian el tema literal solo me faltaban las tipografias o tipos de letra (hay algunas varias que son letra negra en fondo uguu y asi) ... en fin ... lamento la demora y no haberlo comentado antes jejejeje n.n I am hospitalized and in the hospital I can barely have the phone, it is supposed this week I am discharged and I would go to finish the topic immediately, if it were not for that they would already have the literal subject, I only needed the typography or typefaces (there are some several that are black letters on a black background and so) ... anyway ... I regret the delay and have not commented before jejejeje n_n
  11. I thought about making a theme for this mod, but then I remember that I do not have time, but I could do it ... xD
  12. X2 Thx! try it today but do not get anything xD (Google translate)
  13. do you know how make an animeted bg??
  14. A lot of this suit types!! (This but more pokemons)
  15. It could be a day that I have time, but for now, I do not think it can be xD
  16. aún falta la "trainer card", "Breeding image", la imagen de titulo, todos los iconos y todo lo relacionado al Pc, ademas cambie el fondo de blanco a uguu (me parece que se ve mejor, de pronto saco una version negra y una blanca segun si les gusta la blanca que esta en las imagenes) still missing the "trainer card", "Breeding image", the title image, all the icons and everything related to the PC, also change the background from white to black (I think it looks better, suddenly I get a black version and a white one according to if you like the white one that is in the images) translated by Google
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