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  1. RyuujiHit

    [GUI] Theme Inspi'Collection

    estoy hospitalizado y en el hospital apenas puedo tener el telefono, se supone esta semana me dan de alta y iria a terminar el tema de inmediato, si no fuese por eso ya tendrian el tema literal solo me faltaban las tipografias o tipos de letra (hay algunas varias que son letra negra en fondo uguu y asi) ... en fin ... lamento la demora y no haberlo comentado antes jejejeje n.n I am hospitalized and in the hospital I can barely have the phone, it is supposed this week I am discharged and I would go to finish the topic immediately, if it were not for that they would already have the literal subject, I only needed the typography or typefaces (there are some several that are black letters on a black background and so) ... anyway ... I regret the delay and have not commented before jejejeje n_n
  2. RyuujiHit

    [MOD] Zelda-Style Pokemon Music

    I thought about making a theme for this mod, but then I remember that I do not have time, but I could do it ... xD
  3. RyuujiHit

    [Tutorial] How to edit GUI

    X2 Thx! try it today but do not get anything xD (Google translate)
  4. RyuujiHit

    [Tutorial] How to edit GUI

    do you know how make an animeted bg??
  5. RyuujiHit

    [GUI] Theme Inspi'Collection

  6. [Español]



    Soy fans de tu creación el Pokemon Shuffler Icon MOD para PokeMMO. Solo tenia una pregunta, sabes si se puede hacer una actualización en el MOD para que se pueda ver los Pokemon Shiny?










    I am a fan of your creation the Pokemon Shuffler Icon MOD for PokeMMO. I just had a question, do you know if you can do an update in the MOD so that you can see the Shiny Pokemon?



    Thanks You


    1. RyuujiHit


      La verdad, es posible pero actualmente no cuento con los icons version shiny y hacer un recolor de los normales tomaría mucho tiempo y actualmente no dispongo del tiempo.

      Pero algún día q tenga el tiempo lo haré (pero lo veo lejano)


      The truth, it is possible but currently I do not have the icons shiny version and make a recolor of the normals would take a long time and currently I do not have the time.

      But some day I have the time I will (but I see it far away)

  7. RyuujiHit

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    A lot of this suit types!! (This but more pokemons)
  8. RyuujiHit

    [MOD] Shuffle Icons MOD 3.0 (Unova/Sinnoh)

    It could be a day that I have time, but for now, I do not think it can be xD
  9. RyuujiHit

    [MOD] Last Gen Monster icons (Gen 5 Support)

    I have the same problem in my MOD xD Good MOD
  10. RyuujiHit

    [GUI] Theme Inspi'Collection

    aún falta la "trainer card", "Breeding image", la imagen de titulo, todos los iconos y todo lo relacionado al Pc, ademas cambie el fondo de blanco a uguu (me parece que se ve mejor, de pronto saco una version negra y una blanca segun si les gusta la blanca que esta en las imagenes) still missing the "trainer card", "Breeding image", the title image, all the icons and everything related to the PC, also change the background from white to black (I think it looks better, suddenly I get a black version and a white one according to if you like the white one that is in the images) translated by Google
  11. RyuujiHit

    [GUI] Theme Inspi'Collection

    added preview of the Inspi'P5
  12. RyuujiHit

    How to create Fonts?

    Some of them know how to create new text fonts for the themes of the game, because now I want to improve the theme (s) I am working on (I plan to do thema e FT, improve the SAO and create one of P5 and one of Pokemon Shuffle, that for now), I had the intention of asking in the customization forum, but there is no way (you can not ask how to customize), so I wonder if some mod or someone in general, knows how to create fonts (. fnt) that are for all languages. If someone answers me thank you in advance.
  13. Theme Inspi'Collection 1.Inspi'SAO A theme inspired by the style of the SAO interface Sreenshot 2.Inspi'P5 A theme inspired by the style of the P5 interface preview Downloads 1.SAO: Mega: https://mega.nz/#!TZpAkbgT!BkQVk-XW67DQ9gMWS2S3iVa2UpyhvYq5L19J6oJrbRc Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h1tf5jygd7nhjeh/inspi'SAO.rar?dl=0 Instructions + Extract Folder to PokeMMO/Data/themes/ + Restart or Open PokeMMO + click Menu + Go to Settings + select Interface + in Theme select Inspi'SAO
  14. RyuujiHit

    Happy New Year 2018!

    Happy new year!!!! 2018
  15. RyuujiHit

    [Tutorial] Customizing UI using XML

    How do I move this icon 4 pixels up (I've been trying for a while)

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