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  1. Make Money... The current economy has tanked... buy high sell low... Haven't played in almost a month... 500m is enough I would think.
  2. @Coge - treachery is a major crime within the NWO... how do you plead?
  3. If you don't mind me asking... what do you think I look like? Do you think Im upset now? or perhaphs holding my sides becuase im laughing so hard because you are such a good friend and gaming partner? Sometimes I wonder what you think I look like and who I am... simply because the way you respond seems so "not from earth" Regardless, I actually like you man, players like u make pokemmo great for all. its ok geni u can comment on my posts w/o worries, ur fine dude dw dw ^NVM**** MurcielagoSV has declared WAR with AURA
  4. @RysPicz ^Hey bro. Wanted to give you a quick shout out, and to team AURA!!! DOPE TEAM RIGHT HERE. I know there has been some talk of me quitting the game, but with friends like you, I cannot. You are such a good friend man, bring me such joy and fun. I know you love TT I'm sure you'll be playing for years... MAN we are going to have so much fun togther.
  5. Im saying he is good but claiming he is best is a smurf answer and not really true.... if he didn't log in last month is he really the best? MB??? MB not we cannot know because he isnt even playing...
  6. going to change with the meta... i would think someone who won 2x tourny last month would be more so a "best player" than someone who won a lot but years ago... lots of wins in a game much different in a galaxy far away type shit... base your opinions on fact and current info not some dated fucking propiganda
  7. May, June July? @LifeStyle not to derail or double post but if there is any recent trend in this... I think this would be cool for your thread.. "currently most rellevant threat"... then u can just send ppl there no matter wnat...
  8. depends on if u look at it like "who achieved most of all time" ... then sure, u at least have a leg for the argument, he aint been all that active last I checked so someone who isn't even online really cannot be your #1 concern going into a tourney... which is another legit, and valid interpretation of the question, and if nothing, more accurate and less biased.
  9. if u actually think that ur a fool... These threads are nothing but braggarts and noobs... they are as irrelevant as annoying
  10. Trust me man, your quite good at making ur points, trust me.... I have zero issues with communication with u as an individual... I get u and where your coming from 100%
  11. Ayyy.... @DoubleJ @KingBowser - Alright lets see the summer "before pics" here is mine.... not really flexing here tbh just touching the back of my head and a light squeeze my android camera is such shit if it shakes even a tiny bit it gets blurry AF. "Back gains strong" LMAO Also, Im pretty sure dom is smaller and less cut that I am.. pretty funny...
  12. Don't worry, I won't let that "MOMONMAKINGMOFO" give you a hard time. He has import work to do transmuting pokemon into young girls.
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