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  1. this has caused lots of confusion for some young men in this game. If you send two messages back to back it shows it as "edited" and they will not receive the notification that a new message has been received.
  2. im just trying to hint at that you might want to consider if the fruit is worth the squeeze... off the top of my head I could think up of at least 10X diff. things u could do with ur tiem and actually make some money doing if ur into YT.
  3. im not sure how much time investment it takes to creat 5x or more? youtube channels. plus u have over 125m of vanities in game so there had to be some sort of investment on that end. most of ur channels have like ~125 views per vid, so most the same ppl are prolly watching all of them so no point in keeping them seperate. if u like pokemon and video production and recording why not record for at most 5 hrs per week and edit produce for at most 2... i dunno it just seems like u have to work super hard on this and i want to see u happy dude. like just produce ur best clips.... into one vid or have a playlist... I was admin on forum and owned youtube ~7k subscribers btw
  4. I think u should merge your channels into one for video SEO... also set a weekly limit as to how much time u can allot to pokemon.... speaking of which...
  5. yeah this would be the best "standard build" imo I have 3-4 like that.
  6. This generally is wrong. for tanky starmie you want to hit at least 160 hp for lefties recovery reasons... then some sort of split between speed and defenses... In this case, for timid IMO hitting 168 speed for flygon outspeed and doom rest hp and then sp atk would be best... I also have another starmie (I have over 12 of them) most of mine are modest/bold 5x29 more or less... this one has 31 speed so prolly do 252 speed rest hp Also... tbolt isnt as good as you would think. stab pschic hits hard... this is all based on when chansey was around but I doubt it has changed much yeah I have faced these late game and the extra speed helps. Also the full hp seems to allow it the bulk to act as a spinner while the reduced ev invest in sp atk seems to not really do much. In calcs lots of time a 4 hit was a 4 hit regardless..
  7. I got a really nice one of these... what do you guys think about the moveset and EV spread? I'm thinking max speed and hp... spin/psychic/surf/recover
  8. Title... lets move this bad boy Also got a jolly trapinch for LC too 31/31/24/x/26/31
  9. lol... some of these reasonings to ban chansey seem as if they come from another planet. Like... the things sited and reasoning doesn't even correspond to what happens in the game. Not that I care at this point, TBH I'm glad you banned it, though the ban was unwarranted.
  10. more delete :(
  11. LMFAO AT CHANSEY THREAD that got deleted.  ELITE!

  12. nice avy bro
  13. oh good shit. I just sent a message in the team thread, GL Migz
  14. when can we play ?

    my timezone is EST

  15. Today: Leg press - 3x40x163 Seated Calf raise - 3x50x120 Seated Leg Curl - 3x30x105' Still waiting to do upper body (wrist), will post some body progress pics in upcoming days. pretty cool to look at tbh. Also funny to look at the post were I did 14 sets of this minus the seated leg curl. My diet has been shit the last few weeks... this was somewhat intentional at the time because it is much easier for me to swing around between 16% and 12% then it is to cut below 11%... blah blah blah I'm going to go ham in the gym in the summer will be dope.