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  1. as long as its posted here (on forums) its fine. I have a completely different machine for forums than for game.
  2. @TheChampionMike Once the bracket is drafted mind posting it on forums? My windows 98 machine has difficulty opening links in game and often results in crash >3 minute lag sperts.
  3. @KaynineXL - In American English may ~= might + should ^Technically both would work but may would imply that I should look into my English skills (more-so than might) @cchiovitti527 In regards to your/you're there is also another short hand version of the word "ur" commonly used in English and implies that the poster has a big D and gets with hot chicks, I will start using the later.
  4. I can play for the axis, I can end this event real quick. 5 matches, I will link you teh teams im using first and encourage you to use a counter team as well. Then we can move onto the next player created unofficial.
  5. @OrangeManiac - your like the #1 thread derail-er though dude. Like you make this thread to mock what is seemingly "attention seeking" behavior, yet by creating this thread you are exhibiting the exact behavior you pretend to be above.
  6. I think your on to something but let me give you my thoughts. Re #1: No, No, and NO. >> Trust me DoubleJ you do not want to be playing vs. ~500-575 ELO players every month... If you want to truely understand what I am talking about here just create an alt with 500 ELO and start doing ranked. It won't be fun for someone like you. Re #2: I disagree here as well. I think the BP system as is, is actually really good. A dedicated PvP player who plays and wins a lot can net ~10mil /week in the equivilent of BP. This of course, requires you play at a high level, win a lot, and also understand the pokemmo economy. I dont think increasing the barrier to entry (double bp requirements) will really help us much. Re #3: IMO from a financial motivation aspect... thsi isnt a good idea, however, its worth a try to get the format more competitive. Re #4: I really like the concept of this. Essentially using ranked match making as a "gateway" to more prestigious tournaments. I think this is the best idea yet. If someone is unable to get into the top 100 on the ou leader board they have no business even signing up for any tournament IMO. Re #5: The shiney prizes as is are meh IMO... if your playing to win at a high level do you really want to use 2x31, 4x25? If the prizes are untradeable might as well make them 2x31 4x25+ customizable hidden power for every single tourney, hell make them 6x31 i say. My own idea that I would really like: "Pre-registration" for tournaments. The thing that turns me off the most about officials is that I often don't get in. I have been knocked out of officials by FAR and large the most by the registration window. I can find no downside to giving ranked players a "5 minute" per-registration window for officials. This would give incentive to good players to play ranked. (if your good at ou you can go from 500 ELO to ~625 easily in a week, no excuses) and also increase the competitiveness of officials.
  7. the top teams already have huge advantages. some examples of real "buffs" already available to certain teams. * Having team of 200+ members who scout and work with you to help you win *Having tournament brackets be >25% of your team roster, if these players are on your bracket they instantly surrender to you so you advance. ^this shit is a big deal. Really no need to add additional advantages to established teams in the pvp area I do think that something like this could be cool for the PvE teams or "shiney hunting teams" like that might actually really help draw that kind of player in, but for pvp, would be a bad idea (in practice)
  8. I would like to congratulate @OrangeManiac for being my biggest fan and most loyal supporter. I do it all for the fans, I LOVE U GUYS. I am just a normal guy like the rest of you, just blessed with a gift. I am very fortinate to have such a wonderful and supportive fanbase. You guys make the dream, the legend, possible. It can be hard being the best at something, there it lots of pressure, the feeling, the need, to achieve more. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you guys, thanks again and god bless!
  9. Its true. We literally have a server full of players and yet, no one has been able to set up a squad to stop Aw in OU. This shit needs to change.
  10. Dude, if you cannot handle a candid response to how I as a player perceive you, as a player. by watching your matches, spectating you, and generally noticing the leader board trend that you occasionally breach into the top 100-90 then fall back down again... well you shouldn't refer to me as a "random who achieved nothing blah blah blah" BTW... I have heard rumors that you have been eating lots of steaks and lifting weights and can now easily do over 85 pushups. Very impressive man, keep up the good work :)
  11. @DoubleJ - I agree that at most there are 20 good players in ranked. But if you play 100's of matches vs these players.. It certainly means something.
  12. @KaynineXL - Thats fair. Not sure why your so mad about this... and you think your good but you personally cannot get above rank #75 to save your life... IMO: Beating frags 3x in a row as he intentionally ques against you with counter teams and has Aw back him to force the match (in ranked) >> winning official 6 mo ago. Winning official event w/o any help >> Winning official event with the backing of established team. At the end of the day: Superior player = smashes inferior player It shouldn't matter the format. If you actually read my posts you will notice I make no claim (in this thread at least?) who is actually good at the game. Certainly, in the past, I have not censored my beliefs that i am better than many of these "top ou players" but this should be neither here nor there. I am of the sincere belief that @LifeStyle is doing us all a favor by putting this list together. But thats all it is, a list. Just like Ranked leader board is just a list. In order for it to mean anything you need to take its pulse and understand the players and who is doing what...
  13. what universe u live on? ou officals fill up.. chock full in <0.5 secods.
  14. @gbwead nah, the old players are not needed at all... its true. Many of the "known good players" as the small forum echo chamber crowd refers to them as... are not even that good. It has been postulated that they only were ever considered good because back in the day no one good actually played.
  15. I'm not defending anything or on a crusade orange. look up the following words in the dictionary: wrong, incorrect, misinformed they all apply to your statements regarding matchmaking. Im simply pointing out the statements u made about mm that are wrong....