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  1. DewyPie

    IM BACK :D

    Well.. i still have the gift Cyruss Gave me xD
  2. DewyPie

    IM BACK :D

    Im not actually back for a long time. i just wanna check around PokeMMO. Probably none of u guys know me/remember me. and i see PokeMMO has grown Alot ever since i left :) New People i never knew are here :o
  3. hey uh im sorry i didnt have time to say thanks XD i dont go online on forums very much Also this new sig is so BADASS! Makes me want to get another one a super duper thanks to u xD
  4. Character: Shiroe (Log Horizon)Name: DewyPie Team: Dont put anything here cuz. if i change team i gues that means i need a new sig ^_^ Good luck, :)
  5. DewyPie

    Im Back!

    Just got it fixed.. i can play again after i updated my graphics card although my old friends are inactive .-. which is kinda sad... also still havent got my own shiny OT xD
  6. DewyPie

    Im Back!

    Im back but i cant play This really sucks cuz i really wanna go back to the game :p
  7. May i Request a Mega Gallade Theme pls xD
  8. im wondering when my sig is gonna be finished ;/
  9. what u can do for 10 minutes... would take me 4 hours to do...
  10. No Problem! Im sure you'll enjoy it aswell as im enjoying it :)
  11. its already complete ... he just needs to fix some bugs... im using it right now xD
  12. um so ur saying u traded ur starter? arent starters untradeable?
  13. found another problem xD Venusaur has no backsprite. but it has a frontsprite though
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