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  1. [NORE] NoRematch Players: Axoa BlueBreath DrTylerGrey EYL iMat kiwikidd lachidrago MeCyma MendeeZ NikhilR ORBFLUX Pablobacas QuinnW tMoi TTVZeknShooter UmbraMol xLuneth xSparkie YettoDie Zymogen Captain: iMat
  2. Team NoRematch [NORE] Players: Luke Pablobacas NikhilR UmbraMol LeJovi DocPBC kiwikidd EYL Mendeez Quinn iMat xLuneth Frags Rendi tMoi BlueBreath iJuliantFNT LifeStyle Zymogen xSparkie Captain: Luke
  3. [NORE] Players: Drayyton BlueBreath iJuliantFNT Lotus Umbramol Titinn Axoa Luke abstractt xLuneth Lazaaro Butler xSparkie YettoDie Rendi ZeknShooter Axellgor stairway Zymogen LifeStyle Leviatharian EVLGOON Suigin aftershocker Team Captain: iJulianFNT
  4. [NORE] Players: Drayyton Axoa LifeStyle xLuneth iJuliantFNT abstractt Lotus Lazaaro Rendi Zeknshooter NecroskullDark stairway xSparkie UmbraMol LeJovi Team Captain: LifeStyle
  5. [NORE] Players: LifeStyle, Axoa, xLuneth, iJuliantFNT, Drayyton, Umbramol, Lazaaro, abstractt, Rendiz, Lotus, stairway, EVLGOON, Butler, ZeknShooter, NecroskullDark Team Captain: Drayyton
  6. [NORE] Players: Lifestyle, Axoa, xLuneth, Drayyton, UmbraMol, iJuliantFNT, Lazaaro, stairway, abstractt, Rendi, Lotus, aftershocker, ZeknShooter Team Captain: Axoa
  7. [NORE] Players: Lifestyle Rendiz Umbramol Drayton iJuliantFNT xLuneth Axoa Lotus Butler DoctorPBJ stairway Zymogen etc Team Captain: Rendiz
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