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  1. @TJXD little reminder about our 400k bet, no hurry ign Axoa
  2. qlo pro
  3. IGN: Axoa GMT+1 Tiers: OU UU NU Busy summer and few weeks where It will be hard to have internet, I'll still try my best but I may disable your team more than anything if you expected alot from me and it will annoy me as much as you. You are warned
  4. 100k on epic destroying the pleb he is facing this week ps: fu @Toast
  5. also Jovi bets 3m that vale makes it to finals
  6. Rendiz bets 1m on vale winning psl
  7. @Lazaro23 Just to remind you the 100k you owe me from week5 (sejuani vs erayne), no hurry though
  8. Rendiz takes your bet against him and I take sejuani
  9. I'll take epic
  10. gamin